Prairie Dogs Gone Wild!

By futbalfreak18 (a.k.a. baka ranger red)

With help from baka rangers blue and yellow

Guess what! Yeah, still no claim.

As soon as Rose's feet touched the ground, she felt dizzy. Yes, there was much, too much blood in her head. She stood still for a moment, and slowly her sense of balance came back to her. She desperately wanted to rush to her Doctors, but instead Rose sprinted straight into the TARDIS. K-9 followed soon after, along with the Doctors and their bag of stuff.

The fourth Doctor went straight to the TARDIS counsel and sent them traveling again, as the ninth Doctor went to Rose. She was sitting on the floor, her back against the counsel.

"How are you feeling, Rose? Are you all right?" the ninth Doctor asked, worried.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She paused. "But you knew that the tree was what they'd want, why didn't you just start with that? And why did it glow? And does that bag of your work like the TARDIS? And why was only one of you talking? An-"

Rose was cut off as the ninth Doctor leaned in and kissed her.

"I think there's still too much blood in your head" he said.

Rose just smiled, happy again. So what if she'd just been a prisoner to prairie dogs and hung upside down for too long? She was with her Doctors again.

The fourth Doctor joined them on the floor, sitting cross-legged.

"So now, to answer all your questions as quickly as possible" the ninth Doctor continued. "First, good stuff looks better after bad stuff. Glow? Those weren't ordinary trees; they're distant cousins of the more civilized brand we met when we saw the end of the Earth remember? The 'Great Tree' was lonely, so we brought it another lonely tree, and they were happy so they glowed. Yes. I lost at rock, paper, scissors. And?" He stopped, a little breathless having spoken without pausing or breathing.

"And?" Rose replied.

"You had one more question, right?"

"Oh. Actually, I have two." She smiled and held up two fingers. "First, why wasn't there a chase scene? Or a battle? I feel kinda let down…"

The fourth Doctor spoke before the ninth Doctor. "Not every adventure has an exciting conclusion. Diplomacy can work. Sometimes. On occasion. Maybe."

He smiled.

She pouted.

"Ok, ok." The ninth Doctor broke in. "How about this. Since this adventure didn't fix your action addiction, we'll go to Barcelona next. Y'know, dogs with no noses." He grinned broadly. "You can't go to Barcelona and leave without having some action. Maybe a chase scene in hot cars. Or-"

"And your last question?" the fourth Doctor interrupted.

"Well, its not so much a question as a demand" Rose replied.

Both Doctors had questioning frowns splayed across their faces. She kissed them both lightly, got up, and disappeared further into the TARDIS.

The two Doctors looked at each other.

And raced off after their beloved.

It wasn't until much later that anyone ever noticed the words, "Bad Wolf", carved into the base of the tree the Doctors had brought to the prairie dogs.