Pillow Talk

Team 7 sat around the camp fire, tired yet satisfied smiles, smirks, or eye crinkles adorned their faces. They had just finished a difficult training session, and would return home tomorrow afternoon. Sakura yawned widely before standing and walking over to her pack. She struggled with it for a moment before returning to the group holding a large pillow. She sat down, and cuddled the pillow to her chest softly squealing in contentment.

"Sakura. What is it with you and that pillow?" Everyone paused what they were doing to turn and stare at Sasuke. It was evident for the look on his face that he hadn't meant to voice his opinions out laud.

"Nani, Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked carefully.

"Your pillow – why do you always bring it along on missions? It's bulky; it takes up too much space in you pack, and is unneeded weight." By now, Naruto and Kakashi had completely abandoned what they were doing. They were also curious as to why Sakura had the pillow, but they never bothered ask.

"Ah…ano…when I sleep, I like to cuddle. At home, I cuddle with my dog, but I can't bring him on missions. Also, my mom and dad bought this for me when I was little, so I feel safe with it near me." Sakura explained, a blush slowly engulfing her face. There was a pregnant pause as then men digested this new information about their new teammate.


Later that night, the team made its way to their tents. Naruto and Kakashi would share one tent; Sasuke and Sakura would use the other. Sakura was sitting up in her sleeping bag reading when Sasuke walked in. she glanced up at him, cast him a quick smile, and then when back to be book.

"She has a pretty cute smile" Sasuke started; surprised that he was even capable of thinking like that. He slid in his sleeping bag next to her, thinking about what she had told them before. "I should say something to reassure her that she's safe with us, or it's not wrong to have something for comfort, we all do it."

"Sakura," he called softly. He waited a moment for an answer. Not receiving one, he tried again. "Sakura." He raised his voice a little, "Sakura!"

Sasuke frowned, could it be that Sakura was ignoring him? He turned his head away, only to have it snap back. He stared at her, completely paralyze by what he saw.


Sakura was currently reading a difficult text on chakra control. Her lips began to move silently as she read; it was an old habit of hers from the academy days.

All of the sudden that book was snatched from her hands; she looked up at Sasuke confused. She opened her mouth to ask what he was doing, but was quickly cut off.


Sasuke pushed her backwards, and held her shoulders down. Then he crushed his lips to hers. The moment their lips touched, Sasuke let out a moan, the vibrations sent shivers down Sakura's spine. Slowly, Sasuke licked her lips earning himself an enticing moan. But that wasn't enough; he licked her lips again, begging for entrance. When she didn't yield, he bit roughly on her bottom lip, making her gasp. He took the opportunity to explore her mouth; they both groaned at the contact. Sakura buried her hands deep into his hair, pulling him even closer. Sasuke ran his hand down her side, grinding his hips into her. Soon, they broke apart, panting.

"Sakura," Sasuke gasped out as he nibbled along her neck. He rolled off her, onto his side. "Your not to bring you pillow on missions anymore – got it?" Sakura smiled, and buried her face in his chest, nodding. He smirked satisfied. He then rested his chin on top of her head, and the new couple fell asleep, feeling a peaceful sort of happiness.