Crown Prince

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Operation # 3: Getting rid of her (part1)

Hi there, my name is Sakurazaki Setsuna. I used to have a normal—well, being chased by fangirls every morning is not your normal daily routine. Okay, let's use another word. Hmm... how about single? Yes, I used to be single. You know, not being committed to someone or something like that...

Well, all of that changed when I open a door. Yes, I just opened a door and what do I get?

A Princess...


It happened this morning, and as usual, my daily routine...

Setsuna's Daily routine:
1. Wake up early
2. Eat breakfast
3. Brush my teeth
4. Change clothes
5. Hide from fangirls
6. Get caught by fangirls
7. Saved by Kagurazaka-sempai
8. Go to daily club meeting(Student's Council)
9. Go to class

Pretty messed up, isn't it?

Well, guess what happened today?

What happened to Setsuna today(mm/dd/yy):
1. Wake up early
2. Eat breakfast
3. Brush my teeth
4. Change clothes
5. Hide from fangirls
6. Get caught by fangirls
7. Saved by Kagurazaka-sempai
8. Go to daily club meeting(Student's Council)
9. There's a knock on the door...
10. Opened the door
11. Glomped by a girl
12. Thought she's cute
13. Got confused
14. Yukihiro-sempai said "She is now you princess"
15. Got more confused
16. Blushed
17. Fainted

What a blast! I would add ten or more, only if I wasn't unconcious the entire time!! And yes, I'm being sarcastic here.

The only good side of this is when I woke up, Miyazaki-san is the first to came to view. I always wanted to wake up and see her smiling face every morning! If that's the case, I wont have a care in the world even if a mob of fangirls chase me every time I go out! That would be the greatest... Well, if only Kagurazaka-sempai didn't beat me to her!

Kagurazaka-sempai is soooo lucky!

I have a confession to make, I have a little crush on Miyazaki-san. I would like to have a flashback about the first time we met, but that's enough about my sappy unrequited love! What's important right now is what the heck happened this morning!

I don't want to start on what's already listed above, so I'm gonna start when I woke up...

- - - - - -


Ugh... what in the world happened to me?


What a soothing voice...



I suddenly sat up upon hearing my name. I guess that its in my instinct to run away as far as I can whenever I hear my name being shouted, squealed or other things in a very girly manner.

The first thing that came into my mind...

Warning: FANGIRL!

But as I sat up, a shock came over my body, sending me backwards. My head landing on something soft.

I sigh as I open my eyes and the first thing that I saw (as seen above) is non-other than Miyazaki-san. Her face is completely uncovered, cute face, mouth slightly agape, those sapphire eyes...

I shut my eyes instantly.

I'm in heaven...

"Nodoka-chan, is Setsuna-chan awake yet? I know she just sat up and all but I think she still in dreamland."


"Yes, Makie-san. I think she's awake already."

I'm not in heaven?

"Ohh... I'll tell the others then."

And with that I heard footsteps going away from my current location.

I sighed again. Oh, well...

"I fainted, didn't I?"

I heard a squeal from Miyazaki-san, so cute.

"Y-yes, we're in the Student Coucil's guest room."


Everything's fine, my head on Miyazaki-san's lap, laying here on the--


"What is it?"

"Why are we on the floor?"

"Umm... I asked Asuna to lay you on the couch, but she just dropped you on the floor saying that your heavy, so I just..."

That's just typical for Kagurazaka-sempai, did she just said I'm fat?!

The door opened and someone came in...

"Oi, how long do you intent to lay on the floor like that? Can I get Nodoka back now?"

Hmpf... its your fault I'm on the floor! Miyazaki-san was just being polite and offered her lap as my pillow since she can't carry me to the couch!

I puffed my cheeks and turn around hugging Miyazaki-san's waist with my arm. I don't usually act so childish, but with a sempai like her... well, you get the point.

Kagurazaka-sempai started tugging me roughly, away from Miyazaki-san. I could tell that Miyazaki-san's blushing by the way she stutter incoherent words.

"I get it, just give me a minute."

There was silence for a few seconds. After that, I heard a 'Hmpf', stomping and the door slamming.


"Sorry about that, Setsuna-san."

Why are you the one apologizing? Man, I'm in a really bad mood right now!

"No... its okay. By the way, how many minutes have I been past out?"

"I think for about ten minutes..."


I have been the bodyguard of the dean for five years and for that I recieved a scholarship to this school. Once you get to high school, you need to undergo the HIME system, I know that very well. A lot of girls have been anticipating for me to get to high school, and now that I'm a sophomore... they have been chasing me ever since.

I know that in one point I need to get myself a princess but this is just too much! A person that you just meet--not knowing anything about her, except that she's the dean's granddaughter--and saying that she's your princess? She may be cute, I may like the way she said "Set-chan~!" and she looks totally hot in that pink kimono that she's wearing but I will never give in!

If only Miyazaki-san's still available...

I opened my eyes again and saw the most breathtaking site ever, Miyazaki-san's face--and no purple fluffiness to hide her eyes either.

This truly is heaven!

"Setsuna-san!! Are you okay? U-umm, please open your eyes... W-w-why are you d-drooling?!"

Her words became incoherent again and after a few seconds there was silence...

"I know that what you're in right now is very tight and you might lose hope, but whatever happens I'll support you all the way, Setsuna-san."

Such sweet words... and such a cute face...

I sat up and face her, beaming with inspiration.

"Miyazaki-san, thank you for believing in me! You'll help me get rid of her, right?"


That's the start of our plan on how to get rid of my princess...

...and by the end of the day, I just know its going to fail.

The story's rush... even though its our vacation here in the Philippines, I still have a lot of things to do. Oh, I'm shipping a new pair, Nodaka X Setsuna (NodoSetsu?), but this fic is KonoSetsu so no worries. If I still have some typos, just say so.

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