Bella and Edward watch Shark Week.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or Discovery Channel. AT ALL. Only, geniuses can think up those kinds of things!

Summary: Bella and Edward watch Shark Week. One - Shot. REVIEW PLEASE! 2 POV's!!


I watched in silent horror as a mans arm was ripped off by a shark. I shivered. This was so gross, yet interesting! I have never seen a shark up-close. Except for at the aquarium, but I don't really count that as an encounter. But, I have heard stories about people getting swallowed whole. I shivered, again.

"Bella," Edward sighed. "if you are going to keep spazzing, I should say, then why don't we just turn the television off?"

"Because, Edward. The Discovery Channel (a/n: in case anyone is wondering. I AM watching Shark Week right now) is very entertaining and highly educational. You wouldn't know. You already know everything."

"Yes, but not everything." he sighed.

"Speaking of everything, Edward. Have you ever came encounter with a shark?" he could probably hear the curiosity burning in my voice. That is the most likely why he answered, or else he would think I was too scared. Pssh.

"Aaah, yes. Once in 1946, I was swimming from Florida to Australia. It swallowed me, not very pleasant in a shark's stomach." he threw a glance at me to make sure he hadn't scared me.

"Continue." I said, I wasn't scared, but I was in shock.

"I busted through its cartilage and finished my journey." he chuckled, "I must have scared off all the other sharks."

I laughed at that. But, sharks really should be afraid of Edward. Edward. Cullen. E.C. I started getting distracted. Edward was my everything. He looked straight in my eyes when he saw me get distracted.

His eyes totally dazzled me, it was unfair. I broke his hold and turned back to the screen just to see a dolphin be slaughtered by a great white. I quickly turned off the TV. NO MORE SHARK WEEK FOR ME!