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Summary: Harry leaves his two lovers after discovering some hard truths. Mpreg.

Pairings: Snape/Draco and Harry/Severus/Draco

Chapter One

In Scotland, a magical castle houses children between the ages of eleven and eighteen. These young adolescents are the new generation of witches and wizards that will grow up to live among us muggles. They are the students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, this story is not about these adolescents, this is a story about their teachers: Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy, and their world's savior, Harry Potter. We'll begin with the latter two.

Severus Snape is the potions master at Hogwarts and the young Malfoy heir, Draco, is his apprentice. After graduating from Hogwarts a year after the death of Voldemort, Draco had applied to become the Potions Master's apprentice. It was custom that the Master and Apprentice, in order to establish a solid learning bond, live together to promote not only an amicable environment between the two, but also to allow the Master to monitor his Apprentice's health during the apprenticeship.

Draco had known Severus since childhood, but it was only during their close interactions at Hogwarts that led Draco to realize that his feelings for Severus were not that of a child for a father, but that of a lover. After finally acknowledging his feelings, it still took him months before he gained the courage to offer himself to Severus. After a single passionate night they became lovers, and in no time Severus found himself falling for the boy as well.

The two had made a blissful life together. Severus doted on his apprentice, and Draco just became more and more enamored with his surly teacher. Life was great.

Six months after they had announced their relationship, Harry Potter was invited to the castle to sign the documents that would officially entitle him as the Lord of both the Potter and the Black estates. The headmaster, a dear friend of Harry's invited him to stay at the castle until the paperwork was pushed through and he could move into one of his properties. As soon as all the formalities were complete, Harry decided to visit Draco Malfoy.

You see, during the war, Draco and Harry became quite close. Harry had also managed to grow close to Severus Snape. Snape had been Harry's key instructor and one of the main reasons he was able to fight the Dark Lord on even ground.

Harry's close relationship with Draco came about largely due to Snape. In one of Harry's numerous lessons, Draco came barreling into the dueling chamber. He was crying, large tears and bloodshot eyes marring his beautiful face. He collapsed into Severus's stunned form sobbing so hard his entire body shook. From across the room Harry was able to make out Draco's stuttered speech. Apparently he had just come from his manor. His father disowned his only heir after Draco decided he would rather die than become a Death Eater and bow down to a madman. Lucius was enraged enough to try and kill Draco. Better a dead heir than a traitorous one.

Severus did his best to comfort the distraught young man. He canceled his lesson with Harry with a single look. Harry gave an understanding nod and left the room. He understood that Draco had switched sides and he understood that Severus's priority was calming the teen. Severus finally had to drug Draco with Dreamless Sleep when the boy started hyperventilating. It was the first time Draco had ever woken in Snape's bed. Snape had stayed by his side the entire evening. It wasn't the last time the welfare of Draco Malfoy trumped the defeat of the Darkest Lord in decades.

For the next few days, Draco acted withdrawn. Harry knew it was hard for the former Slytherin Prince to be a pariah in his domain. Harder still was the fact that Draco had forsaken everything he had ever known. After watching Draco's misery from a far for only two days, Harry befriended blond. He soon found that they had many things in common and it was easy for him to get along with Draco. It was also a bonus that seeing them together brought a grateful smile to Snape's face. When such brilliance was directed at Harry he could feel his heart melt.

In the beginning, he didn't know what that warm feeling was, as he had never felt it before but soon realized that he had a crush on his once despised Professor. Harry knew there was no possible future relationship to be had with his professor, no way would the surly Potions' Master look twice at his scrawny self, so instead of pining away for a man he would never have, Harry turned his attention on the miserable blond who was in desperate need of cheering up. He redoubled his efforts and as days turned into weeks and weeks into months, Harry and Draco became closer than ever. They started doing everything together. They ate together at each other's tables, did homework together each other's common rooms, and were each other's constant companion. Soon rumors began circulating about Harry and Draco being a couple. Draco would always deny such ridiculous accusations, and Harry would always secretly wish that Draco would one day make them come true.

That day never came, however. Instead one day Draco confessed about his own crush on Professor Snape. He then proceeded to tell Harry his plans to apply for the apprenticeship in order to get closer to the object of his affections.

That was the first night Harry cried himself to sleep because of Draco Malfoy. He could have used the extra rest, because the next morning, Voldemort attacked Hogwarts.

The final battle of the war only lasted a few hours; hours that stretched themselves into an eternity of screams and pain. Many lives were lost in the final fight. In the end, luck saved Harry once again. The Dark Lord died because his own killing curse the bounced of off Harry Potter once again.

The Boy-Who-Lived became the "Man-Who-Conquered."

The media backlash was terrible. Harry found himself hard pressed to make himself go out into public. People swarmed any area he entered. People forgot that he wasn't some hero, he was just a boy forced into a man's role. People forgot that the ones who should be honored are the ones that never got to see the end for which they were fighting.

Remus and Dora who had just had a baby, Harry's godson, Teddy, had not survived. Fred Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Seamus Finnegan all fell to the Death Eaters wands, joining countless others Harry wasn't personally familiar with. The grief and survivors guilt plunged Harry into a severe depression. The fact that he had no one close enough to him emotionally, no one to pull him back out of it was largely his own fault. He had had numerous opportunities to tell both Malfoy and Snape about his feelings for them. Now, because he decided to put off acting until after killing Voldemort, he had lost the chance forever. He could only hope they found happiness together if they could not be with him. Harry decided to leave soon after graduation.

Now, a year and half later, he was back at Hogwarts, standing at the door to Severus Snape's personal quarters, shared by Snape's apprentice Draco Malfoy. He knocked on the door and waited silently for it to open.

Instead he heard a loud snarl accompanied by the words "Go away!" in the voice that definitely belonged to Severus.

"It's me Professor, Harry. Can you tell me where I can find Draco?" Harry called back.

Suddenly sound of things falling and someone swearing came from the other side of the door. Soon the door was opened by none other Draco Malfoy himself.

Harry savored the sight of the blond looking as healthy as ever. The bags that had once lingered underneath Malfoy's eyes had dissipated and only pale alabaster remained. Harry had never known Draco not to slick his hair back, now it hung around his shoulders, not a dollop of gel to be seen. Draco's silver eyes reflected his joy at seeing his old friend once again.

Draco swung the door wide and jumped in to Harry's arms, giving him a long hug. "I missed you so much! Where did you disappear to?" asked Draco as he dragged Harry forward into the quarters.

Upon entering Harry noticed that the rooms were decorated in soft tones, so very unlike Severus's exterior personality that Harry took several moments to marvel the difference. Severus was such a hard man to get through. They were constantly going one step forward and two back in their relationship. Harry never felt like he understood the Potions Master before, but here, in this room, he felt like he was seeing Severus for the first time, and he relished every moment of the experience. He spied several pictures on the mantle.

"When was this taken?" he asked, spying a picture of him and Draco sitting near the lake, their backs supported by a large tree trunk.

"I think this was in May after the Quidditch match." Draco replied after glancing at the picture. He walked to the sofa and made himself comfortable, allowing Harry to continue perusing the memorabilia.

Harry noticed another picture. In this one, Draco was sitting on Severus's lap, kissing him on the cheeks every once in a while. Draco was smiling and as Harry examined the picture closely, he noticed a small upward tilt of Severus's lips when Draco was facing the viewer. His heart clenched.

"So, you guys are together now?" Harry asked.

Draco blushed in a way that made Harry's heart flutter, "Yeah, um, we started going out about six months ago," said Draco.

'He looks so beautiful,' Harry thought seeing Draco's blushing face. His eyes slowly traced Draco's lithe body. Draco was wearing a light blue bath robe that showed a bit of Draco's chest and the soft curling blond hair. It struck Harry that he had interrupted something. A spark of jealousy shot through him at the thought of the two people he wanted most shagging each other. Feeling left out and sad, he sat down to listen to what Draco was saying.

"If you are done sharing our personal life with him, you can lead Mr. Potter out of my quarters," A dark sultry tone drifted into the room, sending a shiver down Harry's spine. He looked up and watched as Severus Snape entered the room with the same flare he used when he, Harry, was a student.

Both of them stood up upon hearing the strict professor's voice, albeit for different reasons. "These are my quarters too, Severus," Draco said. The smile that lit his face when he spotted his Master was one that Harry had often dreamed would be directed at him.

"They are the Master's quarters Apprentice." Severus replied with narrowed eyes.

Draco started to say something when Harry interrupted, not wanting his friend to be in trouble because of him. "It's alright. I can let myself out. Sorry for intruding." He made his way to the door. However, before he left he turned back to the Potions Master who had once been one of his greatest confidants, and added, "It was nice seeing you again, Professor." That said, Harry walked out with the intention to never return and make a spectacle of himself again.

That evening, before he left the castle, Draco approached him. How Draco found his rooms in the maze that was Hogwarts he didn't know, but he was glad that Draco came to say goodbye before he left.

"May I come in?" Draco asked after seeing that Harry was still staring at him. To be fair, Harry had never had a visitor in these quarters, even Dumbledore had stayed away. Seeing Draco here was a shock.

"Sure, come in," Harry said, moving from the doorway and walking to the small dining table just off from the tiny kitchen. "Have dinner with me?" he smiled, hoping Draco would accept and he could have a little more time with the blonde before Harry left and never got to see him again.

"No, I just ate, but you carry on." Draco replied noticing the sad smile. He wasn't sure why Potter was so disappointed but he had other bridges to mend before he tried to puzzle out the enigma before him. In all their years of friendship, Draco had never been able to quite figure Harry out.

He coughed to clear his thoughts, "Listen, about today, I am sorry. Severus didn't mean that and he was very apologetic once you left."

"It's okay, Draco. Besides you don't have to apologize for him. I shouldn't have come anyways." Harry said, putting his fork down. Suddenly his appetite had vanished. He didn't want to talk about how pathetic he was.

"Dolly," He called the elf Dumbledore instructed to look after him, "You can take the dishes away. Can you also see to it that the carriage is ready in half an hour?" The House Elf gave a frenzied nod of her head and popped away.

Harry turned back to his guest and gave him a sad smile, "Really, don't worry about it. I won't be intruding in your lives again." Harry said.

"Harry you don't understand. Sev was just, just..."Draco couldn't find the words. He couldn't explain it to Harry, he didn't quite understand himself, but he couldn't handle his friend looking so dejected. Harry had had enough sadness in his life.

"Just the way he always is." Harry smiled again, "Really, Draco, you don't need to apologize for Professor Snape." If Draco noticed Harry's use of Severus's title instead of the name, he didn't mention it.

"Off course I don't need to apologize! It's him that needs to apologize! His behavior was unacceptable! I don't know what he was trying to demonstrate with that display, but Harry you are always welcome in our home, especially since both of us like you."

"He said that to you?" Harry asked, not understanding what Draco was telling him. The thought had passed his mind, but there was no possible way either Draco or Severus could like him, scrawny Harry Potter, in any way romantic.

"Yes, he did. Both of us like you, and both of us want you." He moved faster than Harry's eyes could travel and in a matter of milliseconds, Draco's lips were on his.

After a passionate kiss, Draco dragged Harry back to the dungeons where Severus was waiting for them. Once in their domain, Draco and Severus both proceeded to devour him.

That was the beginning of their threesome. It had been two years since that night. Harry started spending as much time as possible at Hogwarts. Every summer, when both Severus and Draco were done with school, they moved to Harry's flat in Diagon Alley.

It was four months until the end of the term, and Harry couldn't wait to show his lovers the place he had got for all of them. Once the school year ended, Draco would be done with the apprenticeship and Harry knew he could convince their eldest lover to leave school and move in with him and Draco. They could make a lot of money from just making and selling potions. Harry made sure to get a big enough house for everything they could possibly want, and with Malfoy standards, there needed to be a lot of space for that to be true. Well he hadn't really bought the monstrous house, but had fixed it up. It was a manor, because Draco had missed living in a manor since his father had disinherited him. It was in a magical community near Fife, Scotland.

The manor was big enough that Harry had a potions lab installed in the lower levels as a surprise for his lovers. Harry also asked for a green house so he could grow all the herbs and potions' ingredients his lovers could want. There was also a dueling arena, where he would love to learn more from Severus and teach it to Draco as well. Another thing he loved about the house was the private Quidditch pitch out back, where he really looked forward to playing Quidditch with the children Malfoy and he were carrying, as well as Malfoy himself.

Draco discovered his pregnancy about a month ago. When Severus heard the news he transformed into a devoted, frantically worried soon-to-be father, looking after Draco's tiniest need. The intensity he did this made Harry feel left out much of the time. There was simply no time for Severus to look after him and cater to Draco. Now he was more excited than he'd been in a month just imagining how Severus would react to his news that he was also carrying, and they would soon have more than one pair of little feet running around they're household.

Harry had just received the good news today and was on his way to the dungeons to share it with his lovers.

Upon reaching the door, he slowly pushed it open and peaked inside.

Draco was sitting in Severus's lap kissing and licking his face. Harry decided to watch, knowing very well where this was going. Sure enough, Severus started biting Draco's neck and was trying to unbutton Draco's clothes at the same.

"Gods, Sev, take me! Take me quickly before Potter comes barging in! Gods can't he leave us alone at all? He always has to be part of everything." Draco trailed off into a moan that overwhelmed the sound of Harry's choked sob.

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