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Summary: Harry leaves his two lovers after discovering some hard truths. Mpreg.

Pairings: Snape/Draco and Harry/Severus/Draco

Things had started to become more and more hectic as the day of the party came closer. There were just so many things to do, Harry did not even have time to think about Andromeda's story and what she could have possibly meant by it, though he was sure she was trying to tell him something important. Pushing it to the back of his mind, he had started working on the preparations for the party. He was the godfather of the birthday boy after all, all the responsibilities were his to shoulder.

Harry had the entire manor scrubbed clean, the menu set, the band, the clown and all the other things needed booked and fixed. The only thing remaining was the invitations. Harry would have never thought that invitations were the hardest of them all and perhaps they would not have been. If only Teddy hadn't requested the presence of the two people he did not want to see at the moment, it wouldn't be so hard. However, it was Teddy's birthday and he would get whoever and whatever he wanted. Harry lived his childhood through that little boy and he was going to make sure, Teddy never lived his. That was a promise he had made when he had first held the little one in his arms.

As soon as Harry finished his fire call with the manager of the entertainment crew, Harry heard the childish squeal of laughter getting closer and closer towards him. If that wasn't noise enough, soon it was joined by Andromeda's shriek of "Stop, stop right there Teddy, or you'll be over my knees before you can say sorry". Even before she had stopped with the chastisement, a small bulldozer slammed into Harry legs. Harry quickly hid him behind his back, protecting him with both hands. Very soon Andromeda came into view, out of breath and very tired. "Harry, you step away from that miscreant" were her first words, as she stood there trying to catch her breath and straighten up.

"Meda, does Teddy even know what over your knee means?" Harry asked with a laugh. With these two around all his tension seemed to evaporate.

"You know what?" Andromeda waived her finger, her fist held loosely, as if a light bulb had gone of in her head, "No wonder that threat doesn't work." And then with an extremely sad expression, Harry knew she was just as much of drama queen as her sisters, she continued, "Unfortunately, Harry, I'll have to fix that. Come here you." She said looking at Teddy who was now peeking out from behind Harry's legs.

"Give it up, Meda, you are never going to hurt a hair on his head and he knows that. You should just think of a new threat, which will hopefully work. Let us go have lunch, I am famished." Harry took one of Teddy's hands into his own and proceeded towards the dining room.

On the way, Teddy looked up at Harry and said "Unca' Hawwy, can I help wiw the invi – invit – the thingy for my party?"

"Its invitations Teddy, and I'd love to have your help. We can work on it after breakfast. That way every one will have plenty of time to get ready."

"Yay! Thank you, Unca' Hawwy"

" Okay, then let us get breakfast out of the way and we'll get right into it." Harry said leading the way to the dining room.


As the cuckoo cock struck twelve, Harry sealed the last invitation. Harry couldn't believe it had taken them three hours to get through all the invitations. However, this was one chore that he would happily repeat again, as long as he had his little angel by his side again. Teddy had selected all the things that would go into the invitations – the type of parchment, the colours, the pictures, everything. The letters were even phrased as if it was Teddy inviting everyone and not Harry. Which worked out perfectly for Harry, as he really did not want to invite some people.

They had selected a sweet smelling parchment that was once purchased by Draco – though Harry chose to not remember that little detail – which was charmed to be baby blue. There was a big cake in the centre of the parchment with a small teddy standing on the top waving his wand, that wrote out the invitation. Once it was done little Teddy would turn around give a toothy smile. Harry loved this invitation. It clearly represented Teddy.

Harry couldn't help but imagine what would it be like when he was sending out invitations for his twins' first birthday party. Will he be as proud of them as he was of his little monster: who had so charmingly offered to help and then proceeded to pester him to make it perfect.

Looking at lovely boy with a smile on his face, Harry asked "what do you say Teddy, we take these to the owlry and send them off?"

"Okay" Teddy said jumping off the of the table and running on towards the door. "Chase you to the owlry?" and he was off. Harry ran after him, keeping in mind to stay behind him. Though he soon found himself slowly down due to lack of breath.

"I won, I won. Unca' Hawwy, you loss, I won." Teddy bounced all over the place excitedly, while Harry smiled, discounting the stich in his back.

"Yes you did young man. I must be getting old. Now lets get these done." They started attaching the invitations to the numerous owls in the owlry, Harry was really glad to find out that the house came with a fully fleshed owlry, with at least forty owls. Though at that time, he had wondered why anyone would need this many owls. Now he had the answer.

Soon they sent all of them off and headed back downstairs, Teddy running off to cause havoc and annoy Andromeda, Harry thought fondly. Harry was really grateful that Teddy didn't talk about Severus or Draco. That would have been painful. Harry wondered whether the young boy missed his uncles, he hadn't seen them in a while. Though, when they were together, they were not with Harry all the time. They would visit often and they really did love Teddy. If they knew that Teddy was there they would have visited, that is if they were still together. Harry just hoped that they will be there for Teddy's birthday party.

Harry had decided that for Teddy's sake he should invite them, even though they were the last people on earth Harry wanted to see. However, Teddy really wanted them there and Harry would do anything to make him happy. He made sure that Teddy wrote the letter too, so they would know that it was Teddy inviting them and not Harry. He hoped that that would make their attendance more likely.


Later that night, Harry found another reason for inviting them. Though, he would have been happier if he hadn't known it. Cheryl had come knocking on his door, she apparently had something really important to discuss with him.

"Harry, I've been meaning to ask you something. That is if you don't mind." Cheryl was very hesitant. Harry had never seen her this nervous, she was usually very outgoing and blunt.

"Ask away."

"It's a little personal." She continued.

"It's alright Cheryl, say whatever you need to."

"Harry, I have been with you for quite sometime now and still haven't seen the babies father around" she comments.

This was something Harry was and was not expecting. He had wondered, why she hadn't asked about the father yet, though he didn't think she'd come ask him about them. At least not like this. She could have just dropped it in a conversation, casually. He had to wonder at her motive for this discussion.

"They are not in my life anymore Cheryl" he said and turned away, not wanting to see the pity on her face.

Cheryl didn't say anything for a while. Deep in thought, when Harry turned towards her. The situation became strange when she started squirming in her seat, contemplating whether she should say it or not.

"Say it Cheryl. You can speak your mind. Thats what I like about you." Harry encouraged.

"Harry that is not good. You need their father in your life"

This for some reason made him really angry. He stood with a shout "I don't need anybody, especially those bastards in my life", and before he could think or even process anything, he had already shattered the flower pot on the east window.

Cheryl too, quickly stood to defend herself. "No Harry, you misunderstood me. I mean medically you need him in your life, or it is not good for the babies' health." Seeing the lost look on his face, she rushed "In magical pregnancies, the father secretes an essential chemical that is required for the babies' growth. In magical pregnancies, the carrier needs constant love, constant touch from the father or he and the baby will not survive the pregnancy."

As she was talking, Harry's mind strayed to all those times when Sev was extra careful with Draco and rarely ever touched Harry or allowed him to touch Draco. That made a lot more sense now. Through all this Harry didn't once think of what would happen to him and his baby now that he had no father in sight. He was brought back to earth and the conversation by Cheryl's' screech.

"Are you even listening to me Harry?" Cheryl asked extremely annoyed. Harry was not paying attention by that point. Deep in thought, contemplating his life with the fathers of his babies.

"Harry, I am serious, you need to talk to him. You really need his support through this. You may get rid of him once the babies are born but for now you need them." Still no response from Harry. Cheryl was not even sure he heard her. She turned and left.

Harry remained seated going over all the instances that he had been really mad at Severus for ignoring him and lavishing Draco in love. If he had known, if only someone would have told him what was going on, he might not have been this heart. Although come to think of it, he might still be, after all the things they had said about him. But if he was more understanding, would they still have thrown him out?

He did not want to think on this anymore. He was glad he had sent them an invite, the party maybe an excellent opportunity to talk to them. Though just to be sure, he decided to send them a note asking them to come and informing them of an impending talk. It was important!

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