The halls hung heavy with a thick silence that was almost tangible. The only sound was the quiet thumping of my two dainty feet against the floorboards. Alright, so they aren't very "dainty" but they're small and girly for feet. I sighed to myself, this job is so boring. It's not like anything ever happens. Why does the chairman insist on having three prefects monitoring at once? Does it really take three people to send a couple of obsessed fangirls back to their dorms? Heh, if they knew the beautiful people they idolized were a bunch of civil vampires I'm sure their view would be different. I sometimes wonder what would happen if the famed Night Class showed the weak, human Day Class their true selves. Instead of respectfully accepting their gifts and compliments, they decided that life without human blood was too bothersome and massacred the school. The vampires mesmerizing red eyes and piercing fangs would engulf the human souls with ice. Before they could fully comprehend what was happening the vampires would strike, ripping out their throats and gulping down every last drop of blood in their pitiful bodies. If only they knew…

"Tsuki," suddenly a man's voice shot through my reverie like an arrow. A hand placed itself on my shoulder and my reflexes kicked in. I sprung into action, spinning around to face the mystery man while unsheathing my dagger and pointing it in his general direction. He gasped, obviously not expecting my reaction. My eyes focused in on his face and I dropped my dagger as if it burned me, it flew from my fingertips and collided with the ground making a loud clanking sound unwelcome in the silence.

"Kaname!" I half yelled in surprise. "What were you thinking?! You know better than to sneak up on me! I could've killed you!" He was clutching his throat with a tight look in his eyes. Then I smelled it; blood. The blood of a vampire. Vampire blood to me Is the equivalent of human blood to vampire, except my attraction to it is a bit stronger. If I'm exposed to too much I pretty much go insane. I'm no longer in control of my actions. The "vampire" inside me is. Fortunately, Kaname was barely bleeding. I instantly sucked in my breath and held it.

"Maybe now isn't the best time," he said warily. I shook my head in reply. Kaname knows me better than anyone at this dysfunctional school. I've known him since I was eight, when my father adopted him. It feels like he's been my brother the entire time, though. "If you see Yuuki tell her I'm looking for her." I rolled my eyes, she'll be ecstatic. Ten years ago Kaname saved Yuuki from being killed by what's called a Level E vampire. It was deranged, blinded by its thirst. It's only thoughts were of blood and how it could get more. In other words, very dangerous to little girls. Ever since then Yuuki has had feelings for Kaname. She's sickeningly jealous that I got to spend all of my time with him. It's pathetic.

I nodded and darted off in the other direction. I hated that I was so weak for his blood. I've spent seven years trying to become immune and barely gotten anywhere. I'm impatient. When you're surrounded by vampires for around eight hours a night it would be nice if you didn't have to resist the urge to kill them every second.

The silence was back as I ran through the halls. I couldn't risk running into another vampire, I wasn't sure I could contain myself. I hadn't fed in a while. I found the stairs and quickly made my way down them, dashing for the front door. Stepping outside I sucked in the deepest breath I could manage. The feel of cold, crisp air rushing in and expanding my lungs exhilarated me, clearing my head. I leaned against the big double doors and closed my eyes. Right now all I needed was a nice, long sleep.

"Hantsuki, what are you doing?" My eyes shot open, a short figure with brown hair approached me. Yuuki. "Just finishing up patrol," I replied. She chuckled, "You look awful." "I've had a grand total of about five hours of sleep in the past three days. I have a reason to look 

awful, I'm exhausted." I glared at her. "I was just making an observation," she said looking a little confused. She hadn't meant to insult me. "I'm sorry," I sighed "I'm a little cranky. Sleep deprivation does that to me." I stood up straight and stared crossing the bridge that leads to the gates out of the Night Class building. "Kaname was looking for you, you should see what he wants," I mumbled not looking at her. "K-Kaname?" she stammered, even without looking I knew there would be a blush coloring her cheeks. "W-Why would he be looking for ME?" "That's what you're supposed to find out," I sneered under my breath. Why was this making me angry? For some reason it was like her annoyingness went up a level. I really do need sleep.

The walk to the Day Class dorms was peaceful and uninterrupted. I felt like if I really wanted to I could curl up on ground and pass out. Finally, I reached the door to my room. I opened it, grateful that the chairman decided it would be best if I didn't have a roommate. I didn't want to have to concentrate on resisting the warm blood in their body. If I did it wouldn't have been that hard, though. My attraction to human blood is immensely less than vampire's. It's like comparing a fountain of chocolate to an apple. I dragged myself over to my bed and collapsed into the warm, cozy covers. It was bliss. Smiling, I drifted off to sleep in a matter of seconds.