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I've always found night time to be very gorgeous. The moonlight cascades over Earth, giving a majestic silver glow to everything it touches. It is haunting. When I was a little kid I would sneak out of the house at night just to look up at the sky. Technically it wasn't "sneaking out" for my father always caught me. He is a vampire after all.
Right now, gazing upon the formations of stars, I felt at peace; serene. The moon is high up in the sky at the crescent stage. Unlike most "mythological creatures" that receive strength from the full moon, I gain it from the crescent and half moons. It was just another thing to set me apart from the rest.
Suddenly my senses were alerted. Zero was coming. The leaves crunched noisily under his slow moving feet as he walked over towards me. Lying down, he put his hands underneath his head and closed his eyes.
"May I help you?" I muttered.
"You looked comfortable. What were you thinking?"
"Nothing, just about the moon."
He opened his eyes and turned his head toward me asking, "You have a crescent moon charm, don't you?" He picked up my wrist and inspected the bracelet on it. "What does it represent?"
I pulled my hand away and looked back up at the sky. "My vampire side." I stated morosely.
Instead of saying anything he reached for my hand again and placed a soft kiss upon it. I was about to lean in for a kiss of my own when something interrupted us.
"Ugh, for the love of God, do you have to do that in public?"
Pocky Boy was back.
I swiftly jerked away from Zero and stood up.
"My, my I didn't expect you to be so improper. Instead of fooling around why don't you do your job." He taunted.
"Do you see any other Day Class students?" I retorted. "No? Then my job is done and I'm going to sleep." I started walking away; I wasn't going to listen to his disrespectful rantings.
Akeno wasn't going to have that, though, and instead he insisted on adding to his banter. "I see, you have just added another to the list of adjectives describing you: inconsiderate, stubborn, impudent, and now lazy." That put me over the edge.
"Listen, Pocky Boy, if you ever say one more insulting word to me I'll rip your throat out before you even have time to think." I turned around and stared him straight in the face.
"What does a puny Day Class student," he chuckled and dug his fingernails into the cloth of my shirt and lifted my feet off the ground, "have against me?"
Hatred and rage flared through me. How dare he say words like that to me, the daughter of a pureblood. If he knew what I could do to him he wouldn't be committing such a bold act. My teeth are mere centimeters away from his throat; one move and I could silence his tongue for good.
Akeno's piercing scream filled my ears. He relinquished his grasp on me and I fell to the ground. I tried to get my bearings and strike his throat when I realized something. I never bit him. Why, then, did he scream so loud?
"Tsuki, run!" Zero's voiced rasped. I smelled it then: Pocky Boy's blood. Where was it coming from, I never touched him. I scanned Akeno's body, searching until I found the source. My hands flew to the sheath at my waist, confirming my thoughts. The dagger was gone. It was lodged in Akeno's foot. Zero had stabbed him.
"Tsuki, what are you waiting for?!"
I threw a worried glance at zero and tore myself away from Pocky Boy's blood, darting as fast as my feet would carry me in the other direction. I mindlessly ran in blind rage not noticing where I was going and cursing Akeno along the way. Gah! Why do I have to be so responsible?! The bugger's been nothing but a nuisance to us all since he got here. I could've ended it all right th-
Cold engulfed my senses. I felt like I was falling. Upon opening my eyes I saw nothing but black. I tried to take in breath and a liquid substance, not oxygen, rushed into my lungs. I'm drowning. Panicking, I frantically flailed my arms and legs, desperately clawing for the surface. Which way is up? For all I know I could be pushing myself further into sorrow-filled depths. My searching fingers touched something coarse. Sand. I got my answer. With all of the strength left in my oxygen deprived body I pushed down on the sand and catapulted myself closer to the surface. My lungs burning, screaming for relief I ripped through the water with all of my might shooting myself upward until finally I broke free from the abyss. Fortunately I was near land and swam the short distance coughing up my lungs on the way. I clutched onto the grass trying helplessly to pull myself up. My weak arms protested as I pulled myself onto the stable ground. Coughing up enough water to fill a small pool, I collapsed. Closing my eyes, I welcomed the sleepy darkness covering me when I heard one of the last things I needed right now; footsteps.
"...You just fell into a lake."
I reluctantly opened my eyes to reveal captain obvious. "I realize that, Kain." I steamed giving the best death glare I could.
He had no reply so we sat there in silence. Awkward silence. I debated whether I should stand up and act like nothing happened or lay here and wait for him to leave until a voice I'd know anywhere interrupted our lovely conversation.
"Are you alright?! Tsuki..Hantsuki!" Takuma was jogging towards us.
"Kain, what happened?" He asked as he helped me sit up.
"She fell into the lake."
He gave Kain a disbelieving look. "Why, how could you FALL into a lake?" he questioned. "Here, you must be freezing, take my jacket." He removed the piece of clothing from his body and placed it on my. His arms remaining at their place on my shoulders he helped me up. Why couldn't cheez-it head over there have done this?
"Get your hands off of her, Ichijou." The other voice I'd know anywhere demanded, Zero. I really should've just gotten up and left when I had the chance. Wait, why is he here? Shouldn't he be with Pocky Boy?
"He was just trying to help, Zero, it's alright."
"I'll take it from here." He started walking towards me and Takuma released my shoulders. Zero snatched jacket off me and threw it, insultingly, at him. I gave Takuma an apologetic look as Zero held my hand to lead me away from them. When we were out of earshot it was question time.
"Where the hell is Akeno?! What did you do, finish the job and dump him in the lake?" I growled while we were laughing. I wonder what I would've done if I had seen his pale body next to me amongst it all..
"Speaking of lakes, why are you so wet?"
"Alright, once you left Akeno attacked me. He used your dagger against me and started slashing at me relentlessly. I tried fighting him off but without a weapon I really didn't have a chance," I shuttered at the thought, "When I had an opening I took it and darted in the direction I thought you went. Luckily, he didn't follow me and I found Ichijou hanging off you pretty quick."
I sighed, "Why did you cover for me, Zero? You should have let me rip his throat out so you wouldn't be penalized. Do you realize how much trouble you'll be in?"
"The chairman will understand. It's better for Pocky Boy to have a hole in his foot that's probably already healed than a gash in his throat that will kill him."
"Since when do you call him Pocky Boy?"

Zero ended up getting "suspended". He was to stay in his room and think about what a bad boy he's been for two weeks. It's basically an extended time-out. Since the chairman thought we handled the situation appropriately, even though it was reckless, and is only giving the punishment because Akeno would him fire if he didn't, he agreed to let me go talk to Zero in his room after a week into his sentence.
It was awkward to say the least. I didn't know to act around him now. He sacrificed his freedom for mine. While I probably would've been put behind bars for what I would have done it didn't make me feel any better. Akeno could've killed him!..Hold on.
"Where was bloody rose?"
"Huh?" Zero mumbled awakening from some daydream.
"Where was your gun when all that was going on? You could've threatened him instead of risking your life."
"What does it matter? I probably would've gotten the same punishment anyway."
"Maybe not, you've threatened the other vampires before and received no punishment. You were only doing your job. Also, what if there hadn't of been an opening for you to take? What if Akeno had gotten the upper hand and stabbed you. You're not indestructible, Zero."
"I can take care of myself, Hantsuki," he defended, "You don't need to worry about me."
I looked down at my hands. He was being very dismissive; all I wanted to do was get some answers. Maybe I shouldn't overreact he was probably just caught up in the moment.
"I'm going to ask for a weapon change. I figure a dagger isn't the best weapon for me to fight off vampires with if I am addicted to their blood."
He nodded in agreement.