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Rule Number 1

21, 36

I opened my eyes and sat up. I yawned and stretched. I looked to the side of my bed, and saw Sasuke sleeping sitting on a chair, leaning on my bed.

I gasp and tap his shoulder, "Sasuke… Sasuke?" He stirs and sits up.

I laugh at his disoriented form. His eyes were half-open, one side of his face was red from sleeping on his arm, his hair was crazy, and he looked so darned cute!

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Rule # 21: Don't call him cute.

Haha, I made that one yesterday!

But you have to admit, he is so kawaii!

He glared at me and groggily spat, "What?" He obviously does not like to be woken up.

I pout and say, "You're in my room."

He rolls his half-lidded eyes and says, "So?"

I shook my head and poked his, "Why the hell are you still here?"

Sasuke got up from the chair and stretched. Then, he sat on the bed next to her. He leaned on the head rest and retorted with one of his own questions, "Why would I leave?"

I kept quiet, knowing that if I didn't this conversation would go on and on forever! I glanced over at the clock. 3:47. I sigh. "So, are you sleeping over?"

He nodded, "I guess…"

"You can sleep here, but… nevermind." I said quietly. I lay down on my bed and let my back face him. I heard him move a little and then the lights went out.

I listened to his light snores. Once it became a steady rhythm, it lulled me, and soon I fell asleep.

Then, I was in a really scary dream.



"Sakura, don't do this to me! Wake up, wake up!"

My body started to be shaken. Then I felt someone laying their head in my neck, and holding me up by placing their hand in the small of my back. Then, that person started shaking and whispered in my ear, "Wake up, Sakura. You have to." That person shook me, "Wake up, come on!"

I tried to open my eyes, this time. I wanted to see who wanted me to wake up so bad. I wanted to see what happened. So I did. My eyes opened to see Sasuke hugging me close to his body. And just then, I felt a horrible pain.

"Sasu… ke…" I barely managed to say that.

He jumped and looked at me with glassy eyes. "Sakura!" he held me tight into his chest and whispered in my hair. "I thought you were dead… are you okay? Do you need medical attention?" He let me sit up by myself.

I looked down and saw blood staining my clothes and my hair. "Wha-what happened?" I realized I had a gash on my stomach, back, and leg.

Sasuke looked down and clenched his fists, "Orochimaru."

I nodded knowingly. We sat in silence, listening to each other's breath, and staring at the ground. I closed my eyes, and then I heard a gruff, "Watch out!"

My eyes snapped open and Sasuke was blocking me from a sword. I blinked and tears fell from my eyes, "Sasuke…"

Orochimaru was holding the sword in his hand and laughed. "Pathetic." Then he disappeared by sinking into the ground.

Sasuke fell into me. He coughed out blood and smiled. "Sakura, are you alright?"

I nod and sobbed, "I'm fine, but you're not." I took my glowing hand and placed it on his gash. Gently I pulled the sword out. He winced and mumbled, "I'm not gonna make it."

I furrowed my brows, "You will." I closed up the wound and let him lean on me. "Why wouldn't you?"

He gulped and smiled sadly at me, "It was poisoned."

I gasp and try to find the poison in him, and there was. But, it was way to complicated and too much of it for me to cure it. I cried and hugged him this time. "Sasuke…"

Weakly he hugged me and said, "I love you Sakura, I love you with all my heart." I nodded and replied, "I… I love you too, Sasuke."

He didn't reply.

I shook him, and he still didn't reply. My lip quivered. My palms got sweating, and my body shivered violently. I shook him again screaming, "BASTARD WAKE UP!"

No reply.

He was dead.

I hugged him and screamed.

My eyes flew open and I screamed. I sobbed and then Sasuke started talking to me. "Sakura, it's okay, it's okay."

I shivered and didn't say anything.

He wrapped strong arms around me and whispered, "It's alright, go to sleep."

I closed my eyes, let him hug me, and tried to sleep. But, I couldn't. I thought Sasuke was asleep until he starting talking to me. I remained still.

"Sakura?" He took a strand of my hair and twirled it around. "Sakura."

What is he doing?

Pretending to talk to you, obviously.

But, that is so stupid.

But he loves you, love makes you stupid.

He doesn't love me. He doesn't care.

Yes, he does, open your eyes and see it!

He thinks he loves me, but in the end, will he be with me forever?

I don't know, find out yourself.

"Sakura, why don't you realize I love you?" He hugged me closer and rested his face in the crook of my neck. When he spoke, his breath tickled my neck, "I love you, Sakura, I love you so much."

He pulled me close until my body filled his, and then he spoke again. "Why don't you believe me?" He kissed my neck, and I tensed, "What do I need to do to make you love me back?"

I didn't answer, thinking that he thought I was still sleeping.

He blew onto my neck and whispered, "What do I need to do, Sakura?" he repeated himself, "What do I need to do…?"

"Answer me, Sakura. I know you're awake." He let his lips brush against my bare neck.

I sigh and reply, "How long did you know?"

He chuckled and pulled away from me. "Ever since you woke up from that dream."

I turned to face him and poked his chest, "How did you know I was dreaming?"

He laughed again and let his forehead touch mine. He smirked, "You were saying my name a lot."

I blushed and averted my eyes away from his face, "So?"

He continued laughing and said, "You think about me… how nice."

I stuck my tongue out at him and rolled my eyes, "What if it was a nightmare?"

He retorted quickly, "You were saying 'Sasuke I love you.'" He smiled and leaned in to kiss me.

I pull away and snorted, "That's why I said it was a nightmare." I crossed my arms and glared at the ceiling.

He poked my head and mumbled, "That hurt my feelings."

I ignore him and just close my eyes. I hear him chuckle.

"You know Sakura, you changed." He started. He twirled a piece of my hair around his finger. "I remember… back then." He whispered. "When you loved me…" he dropped my hair and let his hand rest by my face and stared at the ceiling with me.

Rule # 36: Don't think about the past.

"You loved me before… right?" He asked without looking at me.

He's pissing me off.


He's talking about hurtful times so easily! Ugh! It's just… it's so like him!

I nod anyway and bit back tears that seriously want to fall. "Yes. I did."

Sasuke's voice softened, "I'm so sorry, Sakura. Thank you." He paused, "I'm serious. Thank you for everything."

I allowed myself to think limited of the past and in a strangled whispered I replied, "Is…is that what you meant on that night… is that what it was?"

He sucked in, "When I left, I said 'thank you' to you because…" he turned to me, and I did as well, and smiled, "Thank you for loving me, Sakura."

I saw his eyes. They were sincere, full of meaning. And they were glassy, like he was about to cry. I turned away to escape his meaningful eyes. "Did you really mean what you said to Naruto earlier? That you lo-loved me all this time?" my voice was quiet.

He murmured, "Yes." I could tell he had a faint smirk on his lips. "I always did, Sakura, this will be the only time I saw it out loud, but, when we were younger, I thought of you as my annoying little sister that needed constant attention and care." He chuckled.

Even I cracked a smile. I turned back to him and laughed along with him. "Little sister!"

He nodded, "It was as if Kakashi was out father, I was the eldest brother, you were the little sister and Naruto was a toddler." He smirked, "We were a family."

I nodded, "So for you it was 'sibling love?'"

He smile, "Yeah, little sister." He quieted and became serious again, "What was it for you?"

I averted his eyes and stared at his lips, "I loved you, more than anyone could know Sasuke." I saw his lips part to talk, but he quickly shut his mouth, "I cried like crazy when you got hurt, or fought with Naruto, and especially when you left."

Sasuke looked down too and apologized again, "I'm sorry."

I ignore him and continue with my banter, "I even made Naruto promise me to bring you back. I was so selfish." I shook my head, "I weighed everything on Naruto, I'm a monster."

Sasuke pulled me into his chest, and I didn't resist. He mumbled into my hair, "So you don't love me because of Naruto?"

I shake my head, "No."

He clutched me tighter, "Why then?"

My head swirled and my eyes drooped close. I even said something I didn't mean to say, "I don't love you Sasuke…"

His lips brushed against mine and he whispered, "You're lying."

But I was too tired to reply.

"Good night again, Sakura."

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