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He wonders when it was that he stopped being Warren Peace, and became Barron Battle's son.

He remembers when he was little, no more than six or seven, playing in his front yard. A nice family had just moved in across the street. One of his neighbors was talking to the new woman when she noticed the small boy tossing a ball against the side of his house.

"Who's that boy over there?"

"Why, that's little Warren Peace. Such a sweet boy."

He remembers smiling at them. And why wouldn't he? They were nice to him, and that was all it took to get on his good list.

But then, his father had gone and torched half the city. Banks, federal buildings, any place with money his father got into. It had gone on for awhile before The Commander and Jetstream stepped in, putting his father behind bars for good.

After that, his mother had moved them to a different part of town, hoping to ease some of the discretion on her and her son. But it was no use, it was all over the news. Barron Battle was a villain. And a powerful one, at that. Warren clearly remembers playing in their new front yard, so eerily similar to their old one, when a mother and her young son walked past his house. The boy, curious as most were, looked up at his mother.

"Who's that, mommy?" The mother sent Warren a cold look before speeding up to widen the distance between them. "That's Barron Battle's son."

The words shook Warren to his core. The way the woman had spat out the name as if it were he that had hurt all those people. Why was he suddenly bound by his father's actions? He would ask himself this question many times in his life, never being able to come up with a decent answer. He eventually developed his powers and went to Sky High, where he noticed it even more, how he was always "Barron Battle's son". It ate away at him until he was beginning to wonder if anyone even knew his name or, more importantly, if it even mattered.

Then one night, as Warren was leaving his job at the paper Lantern, he noticed a couple of guys mugging some kid in the back alley. He knew he couldn't use his powers, but he could still help. He sighed and ran over and tackled one of the guys who was kicking the boy to the ground. They both landed with a hard thud. The others quickly turned their attention to Warren and charged him. For once, Warren was a bit grateful for coach Boomers outrageous exercises he made them do. He was able to fight them off pretty easily before they finally decided he wasn't worth it and ran off. After brushing off some of the dirt on his clothes, we walked over and helped the other boy up.

He looked to be about the same age as Warren, maybe a year or so younger, with light brown hair that went a little past his ears. He had a split lip, and a couple other bruises, but other than that didn't look to bad off.

"You ok?" Warren asked. The kid seemed a little shaken up, but still replied "yeah, I'm good. Thanks for helping me out." Warren just shrugged. "No problem." "I'm Will, by the way." Will held out his hand and Warren took it hesitantly. He then gave a small, brief smile before he turned and started walking away. Will called after him. "Wait! Who are you?" He stopped in his tracks and thought about it. He found it a little sad that he couldn't even think of an answer to such a simple question. He shook his head and continued walking.


So yeah, this is pre-movie, hence how he doesn't know who Will is yet. Just a one-shot for now unless I'm pushed to continue.

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