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Chapter 1


Axel led a very happy life for the past one year. Why not? He got everything he ever wanted, a wonderful love-life, a great paying job, a beautiful house, a great look, a healthy life—basically he's complete and perfect. However, there's really nobody that's prefect, right? Yeah, Axel's far from perfect as of now. He's literally distressed, frustrated, and miserable even with all that happiness around him. Sure, he had a big house which he had to pay for the rest of his thirty years in the bungalow residence over at Hollow Bastion—which is one of the residences where only wealthy people can live in. Yup, he had a great paying job and is currently aiming for self employed by opening a small business and yes, he got a freaking great look. You should see Axel and you'll be amazed and rendered speechless. He had this spiky natural red—really­ red—hair and he's tall, a bit thin maybe, but he had gain some weight ever since he lived with his boyfriend and he was looking ever so perfect.

Axel's a man and he's got a boyfriend. Don't be freaked out. It's perfectly normal—well, maybe not, since Axel was kinda freaked out when he found out that he fell in love with his one best friend of the same gender. He got through that phase eventually and had come to enjoy and accept it. He didn't care about what other people think as long as he had his blond lover with him—Roxas was his name and Roxas is the only and will be the last male that Axel had ever fallen in love with. Axel was no romantic person but he had dedicated himself to the little blond named Roxas. In addition, Axel was not patient at all but for Roxas, he'd do and endure anything. That's just how special Roxas is.

To say it precisely, Axel was sexually frustrated. Before he started going out together with Roxas, Axel was always known as the player. He at least got himself laid for four to five days a week. He's been together with Roxas for two years. A whole two years of relationship without sex—sex would be going off too far though. Axel was lucky if Roxas even allowed Axel to briefly kiss him. Axel didn't really know the reason. In fact, he had no clue at all. He was allowed to touch Roxas in certain intimate areas that no one could touch but really, if the redhead thought about it again, it wasn't really that intimate at all—just up until Roxas' chest and Axel was ashamed about it. Sometimes, the red head wished that he would stop getting any sudden urges whenever he saw his lithe blond. Well, maybe not.

This morning, Roxas was being an ass again about the whole thing. Axel was irritated to no end. Luckily, he could hold anything in like usual and pretend like nothing's happened. He didn't think he could stand another minute of this and he's barely surviving but he continued to struggle on. The redhead woke up early morning to go to work with Roxas as usual. Downstairs in the kitchen, Roxas was already up and preparing the breakfast. Axel took his bag and put a laptop into it then set the bag on the chair. After that, he walked into the kitchen, approaching his blond who was moving around the kitchen with that sexy little body Axel loved but was never allowed to touch more than he wanted.

When Axel stepped inside the kitchen, he moved directly to Roxas and hugged the lithe blond, preventing any other movement. Roxas was surprised and he yelped. He snapped his neck, looked behind him, and found out it was Axel. He sighed in relieve in the redhead's embrace and put a sweet smile on his face. "Morning Axel," he said sweetly, turning around so he could face Axel.

"Morning, sunshine," Axel replied happily. "What's for breakfast?"

"Waffle. Good?" Roxas grinned, cerulean eyes bore into emerald.

"Sounds great," Axel purred, about to lean in and kiss the blond in front of him.

Roxas panicked slightly, his eyes went wider than usual while Axel closed in on him. He drew back a little but realized later that it was rude to do so. So, he put his hands on Axel's chest, grabbing the front of the redhead's shirt, taking care as to not touch even a single strand of Axel's hair, and shutting his eyes tightly—as if a single kiss could kill him and he was expecting the worse. Swallowing down the lump that had formed in his throat, he leaned in closer and gave Axel a peck on the lips.

However, Axel wanted more. When Roxas was about to draw back, Axel forcefully tugged his blond closer and kissed Roxas harshly, not wanting to separate the contact. Roxas yelped at the sudden aggressiveness of Axel. He tried to push the red head in front of him away but was in vain. Axel was a lot bigger and more importantly, stronger than him. His heart raced as the kiss deepened. He was a bit terrified at the images forming in his head—not that he was disgusted with Axel. He actually enjoyed it but needless to say, he's still terrified. He squirmed when he felt the sudden intrusion in his mouth for the first time in the two years he had his relationship with Axel. It's not like Roxas had never make out before. He had made out a couple of times. However, this one with Axel felt so right for him yet the images formed in his head felt so wrong.

Finally, for the very first time in two years, Axel was able to stick his tongue inside Roxas' mouth. He felt pride swirling in his body as he's doing that. He continued to ravage the blond in front of him out of pure pleasure. With his skillful tongue, he ventured every single crevice he could find. He was snapped back to senses when he realized that Roxas didn't return the kiss at all—in fact, the blond was squirming and trying to get away from him. With a loud and very unhappy growl, Axel finally ignored the tingling sensations that had built inside his body and let go of Roxas.

After having got loose from Axel's embrace, Roxas collected himself, drew in a huge breath, and smiled sheepishly up to his lover. "Umm, the waffle's ready," he scurried away back into the kitchen where the waffle was and never took another glance to Axel again. He busied himself with the waffle, took the chocolate topping, and set it down on the table where Axel was already sitting. While Roxas was at that, Axel was watching intently with his emerald eyes. His eyes narrowed into slits when he noticed that somehow, Roxas was avoiding eye contact with him. He watched his blond even more, hoping to draw intention by doing that. It was awkwardly silent in the house and none of the two inhabitants liked it.

Roxas swallowed another lump in his throat and sat down on the chair across from Axel. He took a brochure and read it. Axel began to munch his waffles while Roxas tried his hardest to strike a conversation, "Hey, there's a sale at the supermarket. We need a new frying pan and—"

"Yea, alright. We'll go there tomorrow," Axel cut Roxas short with a stern voice.

Another five minutes of silence went by and Roxas tried to cheer up the situation again. "So, how's the waffle?"

Axel glued his attention to his waffle and answered, "It's just plain waffle."

Roxas' jaw dropped open at the answer. Axel was obviously irked and Roxas felt guilty. "Axel, look. I'm sorry about just now. I really am." Roxas swallowed again and tried to search for Axel's eyes. He chewed the inside of his mouth and waited patiently until Axel threw a fit at him or just plain hit him. Axel had always been patient with him but he was almost sure that Axel's really irritated.

Axel took in a deep breath and finally met his gaze with Roxas'. He bit his tongue hard so that he could keep his anger in and he finally replied, "What's your excuse this time?" Axel smirked, trying to joke around with it a little bit.

"I'm really not ready…" Roxas mumbled those words incoherently, inaudible for Axel. "I—I mean, the waffles will burn if I don't attend to it and we'll be late for your job and my class?" He grinned, answering uncertainly, hoping that Axel would buy his reasons.

"The waffles done and I think we have ten minutes to spare." Axel answered easily and stood up, approaching Roxas.

"What? Axel…" Roxas quickly jumped up from his seat too and hastily backed away. He quickly found himself ran up against the wall as Axel continued to approach him. "I-I'm not ready!" Roxas shouted as Axel was one step away from him.

"We've been going for almost two years now." Yeah, almost. Axel remembered exactly when he and Roxas first met. He'd never forget that day. August 13 and today's July 26.

"I know Axel… But…"

"Alright," Axel growled and forced a smile on his face. "Alright, I understand. Let's just—let's just go. I'll go get the car ready."

"I'll be—coming soon once I've done the dishes."

Axel hummed softly and took his backpack, going away through the door near the kitchen into the garage. The drive was silent and Roxas felt even guiltier.

Now, said red head was in his big office, sitting and just day dreaming and fantasizing his blond. He got some urgent project up his sleeves but he just hadn't got the motivation to do it for now and a whole team was waiting for his instruction. Axel wouldn't budge from his seat. He's worried that Roxas had lost all feelings to him while he's really infatuated with the blond. He couldn't stand the idea of living without Roxas and he couldn't come up with a plan that would surely make him win and at the same time make Roxas happy. For Axel, as long as Roxas didn't dedicate himself to Axel on the bed, Roxas wouldn't be his. After all, wasn't sex meant that you love someone? That's why it's called making love.

A small knock on the door snapped Axel back to his senses. After a while, a male with blonde Mohawk hair came into the office with a grin. "Hey," he called.

"What, Demyx?" Axel asked, irritated.

"Whoa, someone's sure not in a good mood today." Demyx gave his usual huge grin. Axel's eyes narrowed into slits to show how irritated he was. "Uh, okay." Demyx sweat dropped. "Roxas again?"

"Do you need to ask that every single time?" Axel growled and bumped his forehead on the brown wooden desk, hard.

Demyx chuckled nervously. "Umm—your forehead's bleeding," he grinned awkwardly and rushed to take the box of tissue that's on the table across from where Axel's sitting. He offered the tissue to Axel but Axel ignored him.

Axel took a deep breath. "He's driving me crazy and I'm not trying to sound like some freaking Britney Spears."

"You don't need to mention that you know. Now that song's stuck in my head again." Demyx laughed. "Anyway, you should really go outside. The whole team's waiting for you, dude," he pointed his thumb outside the room. "No need to worry about Roxas. It's the same thing with me when I got together with Zexion."

"I'm not worrying about it." Axel growled.

"No really. I mean, Zexion's really stiff about those stuffs too. I'm not allowed to touch him or anything—you know, when I desperately wanted to." Demyx tried to meet his gaze with Axel's. Axel just nodded without saying anything, gesturing him to continue. "Well, I suppose Zexion was just really shy with me. We got around fine after two months when we talk—have a heart to heart," the dirty blond smiled. "He said that he just wanted to take it slow."

"Two months." Axel grunted. "We're talking about two years here, Dem."

"Uh yeah. Well, just be patient. Roxas will come around eventually. Now, we've got a whole team waiting."

"Fine," Axel took a deep breath and finally stood up from his seat, walked pass Demyx to the door, and briefed his team about the project.


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