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Chapter 3

Your Bright Red Hair

After his math class, Roxas decided to drag Zexion along to the mall. He hated going alone to the mall. Axel never knew about that. Whenever he's walking alone in a crowded place, people always looked at him. He's not sure whether it's a look of pure disgust or pure lust but he's very sure that he didn't like it. To tell the truth, he had been molested once too. Someone grabbed his butt in the bus and he'd been freaked out because of that and never took the bus to college anymore. He'd rather use his skateboard than use the bus. Axel seemed to notice that so one day, the red head suddenly offered to drive Roxas to college. Roxas couldn't be happier.

When Roxas got out of his math class, Zexion was already waiting outside for him. The lilac haired male stood beside the door with his back leaning against the wall, his arms folded, and his head looked down on the floor. His hair covered half of his face beautifully. Roxas almost jumped a feet high when he stared to his right and found Zexion there. He chuckled nervously and scratched the back of his neck, calming down his beating heart. "Hi. How long have you been waiting?" Roxas asked.

"Half an hour," Zexion answered and walked away. Roxas followed closely from behind.

"So, you're up for the Downtown Mall, right?" The blond asked, making sure of Zexion's decision since he hadn't received one when he called that best friend of his.

"I wouldn't be waiting if I'm not." Zexion said sternly, still walking ahead of Roxas.

"Okay," Roxas smiled. They walked together silently to the Downtown Mall which was just ten minutes away. Zexion took out his cell phone and dialed Demyx's number. He thought he should let Demyx know that he won't be coming back home soon since he had to accompany Roxas.

A bright cheerful sound could be heard from the other side of the phone when the call was answered. "Zexy!" Demyx squealed causing Zexion to remove his cell phone from his ear. A few seconds later, Zexion put the cell phone on speaker mode. Roxas just watched from the side while still walking and catching up with Zexion. The blond hated himself for being so short. Whenever he walked with people taller than him, he almost always had to run just to catch up. Zexion used to be shorter than him. Roxas didn't know what happened but Zexion had been growing in height for the pass couple of years not to mention Sora was also taller than him now.

"Demyx," Zexion began, trying to start a normal little conversation with his lover.

"Zexy, listen," Demyx cut Zexion short. "I can't come home early tonight. Axel thought of some project and we have to work overtime because of that. I'm really sorry but I have to help Axel on this one," the dirty blond explained with pleading voice.

Zexion blinked a couple of times and Roxas watched Zexion's expression carefully while listening in the conversation. "What kind of project?"

"Well, uh. It's confidential," Demyx chuckled loudly.

"Confidential?" Roxas narrowed his eyes into slits and couldn't hold himself from asking. "I'll have to ask Axel about that. Huh? Wait, does that mean he won't be coming to the supermarket with me?"

"Eh? Roxas? You there?" Demyx sounded nervous all of a sudden.

"Yeah, I'm going to the mall with Zex," Roxas answered calmly, wondering why Demyx didn't sound very comfortable with him.

"Thus, I can't come back early too," Zexion added.

"Shit! Roxas is really there?!" Demyx shouted.

"Um—yeah," Roxas laughed, still a bit confused.

"That's not good. Wait, wait, wait! Am I on speaker?!"

"You just realized?" Zexion asked, smiling lightly because of his boyfriend's dumbfounded-ness.

"Argh! Axel's going to kill me! Sorry Zex, gotta go. Bye. See ya tonight."

The phone ended abruptly. With a small pout, Zexion tucked his slide cell phone back into his bag. "Wonder what's up," he mumbled.

Roxas furrowed his eyebrows with his eyes glued to the floor, wondering what happened but couldn't find any possible answer. He smiled a while later and dismissed all his deep thoughts. "Maybe Axel just got some really good idea for his project that needed to be done. I'll just phone him. If he's not coming, we can hang out in the mall then. Is that alright?" The blond eyed his best friend for approval.

"Sure, we haven't hung out together for a long time," Zexion nodded.

The two continued their walk to the mall while Roxas was trying to call Axel. The blond was getting more and more impatient and worried every time Axel didn't pick up the phone.


Axel was sitting in his office plotting his plan. He smirked when he realized how genius he was for thinking up of said plan. Suddenly, Demyx came into his office abruptly. He glanced up and his eyes were met with a pair of blue. Seeing that worried look on Demyx's face spelled everything bad for Axel. Nothing would turn up right if Demyx came in like that and Axel was correct. "Axel, Roxas knows!" Demyx squealed with a worried look on his face.

"Know what?" Axel snapped, not looking very happy.

"Uh well—" Demyx scratched the back of his neck, smiled sheepishly, and threw his gaze to the floor, a little bit intimidated by the looks Axel threw at him. "I was talking with Zexion," the dirty blond eyed the redhead carefully, wanting to know what Axel's expression looked like. Axel seemed quite furious but somehow was able to calmly wait until Demyx was finished with his explanation. "I didn't know Roxas was there and I somehow—" Demyx trailed off.

"So, Roxas knew everything?!"

"No, no, no, no!" Demyx quickly interrupted before Axel could go into anymore outburst and he succeeded in saving his own life by doing that. "He just knew about our secret project. I didn't tell him anything. He couldn't have found out."

"Dem, Roxas—" Before Axel could continue with his words, his cell phone that was set on the desk vibrated violently. The screen blinked furiously (in Axel's point of view), showing the familiar name of Roxas. "Roxas is calling me now," the redhead growled.

"Oh no, he couldn't have guessed it, right? That would be no fun," Demyx pouted and grinned.

"Fun? That's all you think of?" Axel growled. "Just go make your phone call, Dem."

"Sure," Demyx giggled. "I'm sure you can handle Roxas."

Axel pulled his hair out of frustration and scratched his head furiously, abusing his scalp. His red hair was messier than ever in fact if people didn't know, people would think that he was jolted by electricity—that or maybe he was trying to turn his hair Kusabi-style. He sighed in relieve when the phone stopped vibrating. That moment of relief didn't last very long since the phone was soon vibrating again—another call from Roxas. Axel was considering of whether he should answer the call or just leave Roxas be. Roxas wouldn't be worried about him anyway, he thought. Third ring and Axel was still hesitant. Fourth ring and he finally made up his mind to just go through with it and picked up the phone.

"Yeah?" he said ignorantly, slumping down on his chair, spun it around, and dropped his long lanky feet on the desk.

"Axel," Roxas sounded worried and Axel already felt guilty. "I was calling you and—"

Axel quickly racked up his brain for excuses and finally he came up with one. "I left the phone in the office."

"Oh, alright," Roxas sighed. "I heard from Demyx that you had some project? Are you still coming tonight?"

Axel looked around his office, hoping silently that somehow the wall or the ceiling will give him answers but none came. "No," he answered uncertainly.

"Okay. I'll go with Zexion then. Meet you at home."

"Yeah, sure," the redhead chuckled awkwardly. "I think—I need to change my strategy," he mumbled, running a hand through his messy hair and bumping his forehead to his desk.


"That was weird," Roxas mumbled after the call ended and went ahead to inform Zexion that Axel's not coming. Zexion nodded as an answer and the two walked to the mall silently. For two hours, they browsed the mall. Roxas had bought the frying pan and some groceries. Zexion didn't buy anything but he helped the blond carry the bags. Roxas was the one who was tired out first and said that he had to go home. It was already seven and he hoped that Axel's on his way home though he's quite sure that Axel would be home really late. On their way out of the mall, Roxas noticed a very strange pink. The pink headed man came straight up to him and the blond quickly took cover behind Zexion. He was pretty sure that the man was a molester, holding a bouquet of flowers and all.

Zexion frowned. "Can we help you?"

The pink headed man smiled and shoved the flower to Zexion. "This is for you, beautiful," he purred.

"O—kay..." Roxas nodded, confused and came out from his hiding. With a soft smile on his face, the blond approached the pink headed man and without warning, laid a kick right to the man's groin. The man hissed and doubled over in pain, the bouquet of flowers dropped together with him to the cold mall floor. "Let's go, Zex," Roxas took Zexion's hand and dragged his lilac haired friend away.

"I didn't know you can do that."

Roxas smiled sheepishly. "It seems—I can protect others but not myself."


"Okay, Plan one failed." Demyx giggled. He was standing in the corner of the mall with Axel, watching as the scene took fold and Roxas and Zexion walked out of the mall. "Marluxia's gonna be feeling that in the night," he added.

"Well, that, at least proved one thing," Axel grimaced and put on his black hoodie, shielding his face.

"Hmm?" Demyx quirked an eyebrow and ran to catch up with Axel. "Prove what?"

"Roxas lied to me about his feelings."

"What?" Demyx was about to ask what the redhead had meant but he had walked away. He helped the pink haired man up and followed after Axel soon. "What about plan two?" he asked out of curiosity.

Axel grinned weakly. "We don't do that because I don't have a plan two."


"Well, I don't really have a plan to begin with, Dem."


Zexion had decided to walk Roxas back home what with all the bags of groceries that he's sure that the blond wouldn't be able to handle them all alone. They were taking the bus even though Roxas had protested and said that he'd never take the bus again. However, the blond was soon convinced by Zexion that it would be okay with him there—little do they know that there were two black hooded strangers following them. The bus was unusually full and crowded. Zexion and Roxas had to stand. One of the black hooded one came close and stood behind Roxas. The stranger reached out and grabbed Roxas' butt. Roxas yelped and jumped, bumping into Zexion's body. Zexion was caught off guard and had no other choice than to hug Roxas close so the two didn't end up falling down. Roxas blushed deeply and quickly stood straight, stepping backwards to give Zexion some space.

When they were about to find the culprit, the two black hooded man already got off the bus at the bus stop.


Demyx laughed lightly after getting off the bus. "So, you did have a plan two!"

"That's not a plan," Axel rolled his eyes.

"But it sure came out well. Roxas was blushing madly. They were so cute."

"What?" Axel's eyes narrowed.

"Well, they are best friends."

"They're more than that, Dem."

"Huh? I don't understand. Were you trying to pull a prank on Roxie?"

Axel didn't answer; he remained silent which confused Demyx even more.


When Roxas was home, he put down all the bags down on the kitchen floor. He leaved it be and stepped into the dining room, throwing his backpack on one of the dining chairs. He sat down and sighed, images of his embarrassing moments with Zexion sprang up in his mind. He didn't like being that close to someone. He would blush madly and more so since Zexion was his best friend. He silently cursed the person who had grabbed his butt, hoping that the molester die a slow and painful death. The blond will never take the bus again. It was dangerous and that's last—no matter who convinced him or no matter how convincing it was.

It took him some time to get back home because one of the grocery bags suddenly tore apart and they had to pick up all the groceries. Zexion went home after they've arrived in front of the residence. Roxas reached out for the chips that ware sitting on the table in front of him. He took a bag of Doritos and began to munch. He shouted and jumped up from his seat when he felt a presence behind him. He snapped his head only to find the very familiar redhead. "Oh, Axel. You're home," he smiled, hiding his surprise. He sighed when he realized that he had made a mess of the dining area. The bag of Doritos had miraculously fallen out of his hand and went scattering on the floor. "Ah, I have to clean that up," the blond mumbled. He was about to head into the kitchen to get the towel but a hand gripped his arm and held him back.

Roxas soon found himself in Axel's embrace. He looked up behind him to find his lover's face but Axel was hiding his face in Roxas' hair. "Roxas..."

"Did something happen?"

"Just tell me if you don't like me."

"Eh? What?" Roxas blinked and quickly jumped out of the embrace, standing face to face with Axel.

"The one you really have feeling for is Zexion, right? You wanted to go with me because you know that Zexion already has Demyx."

Roxas frowned deeply. "Where'd you got that idea from?"

"If I'm wrong then why are you always avoiding me?" Axel demanded, pretty sure about his guesses. "I saw you in the mall, you took his hand. In the bus, you bumped into his body and you blushed."

"How'd you know? Wait, were you?"

"Yes, I was the one who grabbed your butt on the bus."

"Axel, it's not like that!"

"Not like that?! Then, what is it, Roxas?!"

Silence. Roxas couldn't find the right word to tell Axel. Cerulean eyes met desperate green. If you keep everything hidden, it will be the end of your relationship soon, Roxas. The words that Zexion once said to him suddenly sprang up to his mind. "Axel..."

"It's been two years, Roxas."

"It's not like that... I was... I didn't like to be kissed and be touched by you because—because..." there was yet again a long silence. Roxas took in a deep breath. When he opened his mouth to speak, he found that his voice was gone and his throat had gone dry. He swallowed and tried again, clearing his throat a bit. "It was because—I'm afraid that you were—umm..."

"What?" Axel cut out of curiousness. His anger had all disappeared when he saw Roxas' nervous expression.

Roxas finally eyed Axel. "You know—" he trailed off with a sheepish smile. "That hair," he pointed to Axel's bright red hair, "you bright red hair," the blond swallowed and played with his own fingers. "It..." Roxas paused again and Axel was growing more and more frustrated that ever. He folded his arms to his chest, tapped his foot on the wooden floor, waiting for Roxas to spill the beans. Five minutes passed and nothing came out. Axel pulled his hair out of frustration and Roxas's face paled while watching the gesture. "No, no, don't do that," the blond pleaded, raising his hands in an attempt to stop Axel from pulling said hair but his hands were gripped by Axel's.

"What's wrong with my hair?!" Axel asked desperately. He would kill himself if Roxas answered that it stunk. He wanted eye contact with the lithe blond in front of him but Roxas was obviously trying to avoid the pair of emerald eyes. He didn't struggle and just let Axel held on to his hands while his face stared away to the floor beneath him. "I wash it and hair dries it everyday, Rox," the redhead growled.

"It's not that," Roxas whispered.

"What?" Axel growled.

"It doesn't seem real."

"Huh?" Axel's expression depicted of someone who had just gotten jolted by thunder.

"Well, uh—I was afraid that you're bald."

"What? Bald? Where'd you get that idea from?"

"It's—I... Can we sit down and talk about this, Axel? I'm really scared that your hair might... fall?"

"You're just making up excuses, aren't you?" Axel narrowed his eyes into mere slits.

"No! You see..." Roxas released a huge sigh. "You know the last time I went to Sora's? Well, I accidentally stepped in on him making out with Kairi. You know how making out is—um... so, Kairi was on the hot and pulled Sora's hair and so did Sora. When Sora pulled though..." Roxas paused and bit his lower lips. "Well, Sora pulled all of Kairi's hair down and I saw it—Kairi was—she's bald. Oh my god... I don't want to know that you're bald too, Axel. Please don't tell me that you're..."

Axel's face grimaced but suddenly the redhead was laughing wildly, doubling over, releasing his grip on Roxas' hands, falling down, holding his hurting stomach firmly. He couldn't believe what he just heard and the mental images that were forming in his head. Several minutes after, Axel had finally calmed down. He stood up and eyed the blushing blond. "Roxas, you're unbelievably delusional."

Roxas pouted and looked away. "Well, sorry about that."

"Come here."

"What?" Roxas blinked.

"I said, come here." Axel stepped closer and pulled the blond into a crushing hug. He released the blond later but with one arm still around Roxas' waist. With his other available hand, he took Roxas' and lifted it to his head. "Try to pull or tug it," the redhead said softly with his calming voice. He laughed again, "Don't worry, it won't get tugged of. I'm not bald."

Roxas narrowed his baby blue eyes, still a bit hesitant. Axel's hand went off from Roxas' and returned to putting it around Roxas' waist. Roxas swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat. He shut his eyes tight, memories of Sora taking off Kairi's hair and images of Kairi's bald face came springing into his mind. At last, at a slow motion rate, his hand arrived at the edge of Axel's hair. Axel waited patiently all the while impatient with his burning urges to just ravage the blond in front of him. It really didn't help any with Roxas being that close to him. Seconds after, Roxas was pulling at Axel's hair. First, it had started softly and slowly and Roxas opened his eyes carefully, taking in the image, not fully mentally prepared to see the image of a bald Axel. The hair remained intact.

Roxas was still unsure. So to satisfy his curiosity, he pulled Axel hair, hard. Axel hissed at the pain of his abused scalp. He thought the mass of hair Roxas was gripping were going to be pulled off. Luckily, it's not. Roxas found it funny and he pulled again. A satisfied smile tugged on his lips and he finally let go of the Axel's poor hair. He sneaked his arms around Axel's neck. "You're really not bald, right?" Roxas asked, making sure.

"Well, what do you think?" Axel grinned.

"Umm—" Roxas grinned sheepishly, leaning up to put his forehead on Axel's. "Maybe you stick it real hard that it won't come off?" he laughed lightly.

Axel rolled his eyes. "You seriously think that?" he held the blond up and Roxas hooked his legs around Axel's waist.

Roxas combed Axel's hair and whispered, "Hmm—I don't know," he said in a singsong.

"You're freaking teasing me, Roxas."

Axel couldn't hold his growing impatient. Without asking for any permission, Axel closed the distance between their lips. This time though, Roxas received the kiss openly, also leaning in and pressing his lips on Axel's. The kiss started off needy and soon, Axel stuck his tongue out and poked at Roxas' closed lips, asking for permission to enter. Roxas eagerly parted his lips and let the tongue in. He greeted the tongue with his tongue and the tongue battle began. Axel mostly won the battle and he began groping and ravaging the inside of Roxas' mouth. They parted when they found out that they needed to breathe. Axel didn't stop though, he walked to the dining table and put Roxas down on said table. Dinner was served—and he travelled down from Roxas lips, kissing the blond's jaw, and down to his neck.

Roxas moaned and Axel smiled into his trail of kisses. That was the first time he heard the moan and it sounded like heaven to him. God, I love Roxas so much! He shouted inwardly to himself. The blond tilted his head to give Axel better access. He loved the pleasure that Axel's giving him. He never thought that it would that enjoyable. If he'd known, he would have gotten rid of his illogical thoughts sooner—but that was a phobia though and he could do nothing. He gulped when Axel's hand was about to get inside his pant. He smiled deviously then and held Axel's travelling hands, stopping them completely.

Axel stopped with his ministrations and eyed his blond with confused expression. "Not now," Roxas spoke with a sweet smile that almost melted Axel.

"Well, when?" Axel swallowed and asked impatiently. His growing need was already shouting at him for release but for Roxas, he'd be patient.

Roxas sat up on the table with his legs hanging on the side. He cupped his lover's face and whispered silently, still a bit needy and breathless from their previous activity. "You remember when we met?"

Axel frowned and thought for a bit, wondering where the conversation will end up to. Of course he remembered it, he'd never forget—the day he met the special blond. "August thirteen, why?"

"Only a couple of days from now, right?"

"Yeah... that would mean twelve years of us meeting each other and becoming friends and two years of our on going relationship."

"Wow, I never thought you'd memorize it that well," Roxas grinned.

"What can I say, I've got it memorized."

"Great. Now, what do you say if we celebrate our two years with..."

"What?! No no! I'm already growing impatient, Rox!" Axel protested with a pout on his face.

Roxas giggled, feeling guilty all the while amused. "Well, I'll give it to you. I'll give my virginity to you on August thirteen. It's a promise. Won't that be special?"

Axel went silent for a while. He knew he couldn't win with that look on Roxas' face. He finally sighed and nodded. "It would be special, I guess. Then, that's one thing I've got to memorized. Alright, August thirteen. Got it memorized?" Axel grinned.

"Got it." Roxas pulled his lover down for another kiss.

"By the way, why do you believe that I'm bald anyway?" Axel asked, curious, hugging the blond that was sitting on the table, giving small kissed to the blond's neck which elicited small moans and pants from said blond.

"Well—" Roxas giggled, tickled. "Namine kept saying that you're obviously bald—since there's no way that anyone could have a hair like yours. I mean—Axel, your hair is like, bright red... I couldn't believe it the first time I met you too. So, Namine kept scaring me and I came to this conclusion that maybe she's right... And she advised that I'd better not touch your hair if I want out relationship to last... and you know that kissing and—umm, making love involves pulling hair..." Roxas trailed off.

"You're so cute, Roxas. I love you," the redhead purred and Roxas flushed deeply. "She's jealous." Axel mumbled, still licking Roxas' delicious neck.

Roxas moaned softly and replied, "Well, what's she jealous about?"

"You really need to ask?" Axel rested his forehead on Roxas' shoulder.

"Well, it's not like she likes me or anything. I and Namine had been best friends forever."

"Oh, and you think we're going to be BFF too, right?"

Roxas gaped. "You're not serious... Namine likes me?"

Axel laughed. "You're so innocent."

There was a long silence before Roxas spoke up. "Dinner?"

"Yeah." Axel stood straight, held Roxas, and put him down on the floor. "August thirteen?" he grinned, already looking forward to the day.

"Yup, if you behave, Axie," Roxas teased, pressing his index finger on Axel's lips. "I love you—and your bright red hair."

"I love you too." Axel smiled softly.

And so, the couples had dinner happily that night. The awkwardness that was always haunting them for the past year disappeared just like that. Both were eager in the coming of August thirteen. They didn't know what will happen but they're sure that they will be happy. Problems will surely come around them but they're sure that there's no problem they couldn't handle. They had a steady relationship for two years and twelve years of friendship. They would never let anything separate them.

Demyx was having a fun night with Zexion. They had questioned each other about the recent events and had come to an understanding of what's happening between Axel and Roxas. They decided that they would phone and ask about the couple's relationship tomorrow while—Zexion continued with his lecture to Demyx about how Demyx should start growing up. The dirty blond never listened—he's too occupied to stare at Zexion's thin lips which he wanted to ravage so much and Zexion's small body which he would happily be on top of but not tonight since Zexion wanted to continue with his lecture.


On the other side of town, in a peaceful house, there sat a pale girl wearing white overalls. She was inside the bathroom with bright golden light. She smiled to herself in the mirror then proceeded to pull off her blond silky hair, leaving her head naked and bald. She took the comb and began combing her wig while thinking of ways to get Roxas away from Axel. She was well aware that Roxas was bald-phobic—if there's one and she's not about to let Roxas knew about her secrets. It's a girl secret.

And you guys had better remain silent too, kay?


For those who didn't know (I'm sure most don't :D) Kusabi is the big bad guy in Fatal Frame II. He had some shocking hair anyway. I was terrified when I encountered him in game and was touched to death by him causing the dreaded game over screen to show up in front of me. Now that I think about it, Kusabi's kinda funny. :D I have to admit, this started off pretty jumbled up, I'm sorry for that and I'm really thankful that you guys kept reading on and--see, I said it was simple. XD Got this idea while I was watching Rush Hour 3. :D

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