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Sakura was fourteen years old when her family died in a car crash. She was at home, not wanting to join them when they went to the movies. The worst part was she didn't get to say goodbye. Not in any 'goodbye ill never see you again' way, but she was mad at her family so when they left she never said bye see you later. She always regretted her decision to stay home. She had always wished she was with her family when the accident happened. She loved her mom; she was her best friend despite the age difference and the 'un-cool' mom affect. Sakura was never good with making friends, so she rarely went outside with other people unless it meant going to school. So she and her mother were always together. As for her dad, he was rarely home. He worked as a highly respected bank owner, and usually stayed at the bank to make sure no one was stealing the money. Besides this he was a sneaky man who did business behind the banks back. This was actually the way the Haruno family became rich. Finally there was Sakura's older sister. Sakura admired her. She actually left the house, she had friends, boyfriend, and besides the style that Sakura was not a fan of, Sakura loved her shoes. So when Sakura found out her parents and sister had got in an accident, she didn't know what to do. She had no friends, no relatives that would even think twice about allowing her to join their family, and she wasn't old enough to live alone. All she had was money, which wouldn't give her happiness. So an orphan Sakura became. Her family's belongings packed up in boxes, waiting for Sakura to be adopted so they could be gazed upon once again.

Sakura's first interview for parents didn't go so well.

"Hi we are the Johnson family, and I'm Mrs. Johnson." Said a young red headed lady to Sakura.

"…." Sakura didn't like her. She was wearing a blouse that Sakura could fit in, and a short skirt with very high, high heels. She also wore too much makeup. Sakura judged people very easily.

"Well, I'm Mr. Johnson." He was a fat man, maybe a couple years older than Mrs. Johnson. Sakura thought he looked friendly.

"Hello." Sakura said in the sweetest voice she could muster, with no smile on her face. "I'm Sakura Haruno."

"Tell us some things about you Sakura. For example, I enjoy cooking any buying clothes." Mrs. Johnson encouraged.

"I enjoy making Ho's like you cry."

That's where this Interview ended. Actually this is about were all of Sakura's interviews ended. It wasn't until the end of august that Sakura finally met the family she was going to join.

Sakura got settled into her chair waiting for the next family. She didn't get to comfortable for she knew they'd be gone soon. Four people entered the room. It was a mother and father with their two sons.
Sakura was curious what a family with kids wanted with her.

"Hello you must be Sakura. It's a pleasure to meet you." The Father of the family took out his hand, which Sakura rudely glared at, until the man put the hand back in his pocket.

"So, sweetie, what do you like?" The mother asked, breaking the silence.

"I enjoy making rich bastards like you pay for making poor people look bad." Sakura was low on insults to use against people.

Laughter was heard from the family except the younger son, who looked extremely bored.

Sakura looked at them strangely. "I'm sorry did you not hear me correctly? I said I enjoy-"

"No need to repeat yourself. Disrespecting us can't cause any good." The father said cutting her off.

"I like this one." The older brother said to his parents.

"I do too. She has humor." The mother giggled back to her son.

"What's your name's anyway?" Sakura asked annoyed that people actually liked her.

"Well I'm Mr. Uchiha and this is my wife Mrs. Uchiha." Said Mr. Uchiha.

"And I'm Itachi." The older brother smiled. "And this boy who hasn't mentioned anything since we got here is Sasuke. He's the same age as you."

"Well it's nice to meet you all. The Uchiha family." For the first time in three months Sakura smiled. "Thank you." She said before leaving the room.

A Couple days later Sakura was informed on a family who wanted to adopt her. She decided this would be good for her, shed have a family that was nice to her. WRONG.


I was drove to the Uchiha mansion as soon as possible. After all school was starting soon so I need to be settled in. I walked down the cement sidewalk that went through the nice smelling grass. I paused in front of the door. I wasn't sure what I would say or do. I mean they sent a butler to get me. They didn't even come personally. I knocked lightly hoping no one was home. To my surprise no one opened the door. I was so relieved, I decided to just sit on my suitcase. Wait, when did I bring my suitcase? I looked at the car to see the butler unloading all my things and bringing them to the door. When he finally finished he opened the door and gladly welcomed me to their home. I was not pleased about this. There were four more butlers waiting at the door. They nicely pushed me aside and brought my things up the stairs. I hope they were bringing it to my room or else I'd have a problem.

"Excuse me." I said to one of the butlers that had returned from upstairs. He looked at me confused. "Where are Mr. and Mrs. Uchiha?"

The butler walked right past me and picked up more boxes.

"Uhm, maybe it's not my place to ask but that's my stuff, and if you're going to take it and not tell me where your taking it then I should no were the parents of this house are." I rambled on. I do that when I'm unsure of things.

"Iano speaka anglais." The man said continuing his travel up the stairs. I stood their feeling ridiculous. Who was this family, and why weren't they here? I felt even more alone then I did when I was at the orphanage.

"Usually, people are nice to people when they do things for you." I looked around to the mysterious voice to see the older brother. What was his name again? I decided just to glare at him. I had never thought being adopted had happened like this.

"Your not going to talk?" The boy asked again. "Fine, whatever." He said turning around.

"Wait, where's Mr. and Mrs. Uchiha?" I asked.

The boy started laughing. "Not here." He said

"Well, why not?" I asked.

"There rarely here, and when they are it's to be with each other not you or me." He said walking towards me.

"Then why was I adopted." I was now utterly confused.

"They wanted a daughter." The boy said bending down to be eye level with me. I didn't like that. He makes me feel short, even though I am. "They have these spur of the moment things, were they want something so they get it. And they wanted you." He said giving a wide smile and poking my nose.

"…" I couldn't say anything. I felt as if I was useless, just an object to place on a shelf and look at.

"Oh just in case you forgot I'm Itachi." The Itachi boy said. Oh that's his name.

I nodded with a frown plastered on my face.

"Come on let's get ice cream." Itachi grabbed my hand and showed me to the kitchen. When we got there I sat down and he got out party cake ice cream, and two spoons. "Here." He handed me one of the spoons and began to eat. I took the spoon but wasn't sure if I should eat the ice cream.

"So, Lil Sak." Itachi said in between bites." Want to meet your other brother from another mother?"

I nodded and glared at the nick name. He patted my head and put away the ice cream. But not before I stole a scoop on my spoon. I followed him to the stairs that the butlers had climbed earlier with my 

things. There were five doors down this long hallway, two on each wall and one at the end. We walked up to the second one on the left. Itachi didn't even bother to knock which was a bad idea. He opened the door and their stood a half naked boy. I turned away as quickly as possible, not wanting to see more. Note to self: Knock before entering any room.

I heard the door slam shut behind my turned back, along with some giggles from tall man Itachi. I turned back around and smiled awkwardly to receive another pat on the head from Itachi.

"You'll knock when you enter my room right?" I couldn't help it I had to ask.

"We'll see." I was amazed. Being that honest, man this man is evil.

Finally the door reopened to reveal another brother, although this one looked very grumpy and not happy to see either Itachi or me.

"What?" He asked harshly.

"I came to introduce you to Sakura. Sakura this is Sasuke." Itachi announced proudly.

"Just another person to suck dry until their broke and we kick them out." Sasuke said glaring at the wall.

"Huh?" I asked confused.

"Nothing." Itachi said. He then pushed me towards the door next to Sasuke's. "This is your room, Lil Sak."

"Oh, really?" I asked surprised. Which is weird because, why wouldn't I have a room?

Itachi just opened the door, and we were greeted by boxes.

"Wow." I was amazed. The room was big. Bigger than my other room. I walked in and noticed a door. I walked up to it, not sure whether or not to open it. When I did I saw it was a bathroom, with another door leading into a closet. "This is amazing." I whispered.

"Yeah, well I'm gonna go. You should robly start unpacking." Itachi left my bedroom, leaving me alone in the dream room.


When Sakura finally finished packing her room, she looked around. The room was pretty empty. She had a desk with a computer on top in the corner of her room, with two bookshelves a couple feet next to it. Her bed came out from the center of the wall facing the door, with two nightstands each holding a lamp. She also had a trunk in the corner next to the bathroom door. She had so much room in the middle of her room that she could do gymnastics without worrying of hitting something. So Sakura decided to happily explore the house. She left her bedroom and entered the hallway. She turned towards the stairs assuming it was rude to enter other peoples bedrooms. As se walked down the stairs she saw someone 

walk by, and it wasn't someone with raven colored hair. Sakura stopped mid step and glanced around. No one saw her so she resumed walking down the steps.

"Okay, I saw Temari today, and I swear I saw brown roots. I mean isn't it obvious!" Said an annoying high pitched voice.

"Of course it is." Said a sarcastic boy's voice.

"Yes, it is!" The girl continued. "She dies her hair blonde, too copy me!"

"Oh my god! It's a miracle!" Said a different sarcastic voice. This one more upbeat.

Sakura walked into the living room in which she saw five kids. One she recognized as Sasuke.

"Oh, this is Sakura. She my new adopted sister." Sasuke explained to the room staring at Sakura.

"Ugh, hi." Sakura smiled, while giving a slight wave towards them. There was four boys and one girl. The girl was a blonde, which Sakura knew by the girl's story. Then there was another blonde boy, who was grinning foolishly. There was a boy lounging on a side chair with his eyes half closed, and is Sakura didn't know better she'd think he had a pineapple on his head. The final boy also had brown hair but he looked more up and running, he also was holding a dog on his shoulder.

"So your parent bought her as a maid or something?" The blonde girl asked Sasuke.

"What! No way she's too pretty to be a maid!" Said the blonde boy.

"She's just an adopted kid who happens to be our age." Sasuke 'explained'.

"Wow." The boy with the dog didn't take his eyes off of her for even one second.

The boy who was lounging on the chair got up and walked over to Sakura. "I'm Shikamaru, The annoying blonde girl, is named Ino, and the annoying blonde boy is Naruto. The guy with the dogs named Kiba." Shikamaru then walked back to his chair and sat down.

"Oh this is exciting!" Ino exclaimed. "There's finally another girl to this group! Oh you have no idea how these boys don't care about my problems. Sometimes it's like I'm talking to myself."

"he he, yeah." Sakura said walking a little bit towards the group unsure of what to do.

"Oh, come sit here." Ino pushed Kiba off the couch and motioned Sakura to sit down. Sakura did so. "So like I was saying there is this really annoying girl who keeps copying my every style! Like for examples my hairs blonde, and she has brown roots!"

"You said this already!" Kiba complained.

"Well It's very important."

"No. It's not!"

"Yes, actually it is. If people thought I copied her, I'd be at the bottom of the social ladder! We'll, Okay that's not true, because I'm extremely gorgeous but I'd still be embarrassed."

"You're gorgeous?" Sakura asked confused.

"Why, thank you for noticing!" Ino responded twirling her hair in her fingers.

"Oh I meant… Never mind." Sakura decided it was best not to get on this girls bad side.

"Well, I have to go walk the dog. Besides my mom's cooking chicken and mashed potatoes tonight, and what can I say. I'm excited." Kiba said leaving the house.

"Yeah I'm always here. I think I'll pay a visit to my mom too." Naruto said before leaving.

"And that leaves four." Shikamaru said beneath closed eyes.

"Actually three. I'm going to get my hair done. There's a new shampoo boy, and apparently he's amazing. So he's pretty booked and this is the only time I could get him, so bye guys." Ino Said. "And welcome to Mist Mint(1). Where a small town. But also an amazingly boring one." And with that Ino left.

"How long are you staying Shikamaru?" Sasuke asked after being silent for quite a while.

"I guess if your inviting me then, I'll stay for dinner." Shikamaru responded opening his eyes to make sure it was okay. Sasuke just nodded and turned on the TV. Sakura got up and went to the kitchen to see if there was anything to munch on. She felt too awkward to stay with the boys in the living room.

"Woah, paink thang. Get yo butt outta ma kitchen." Sakura turned to see a woman that she assumed was the cook at the Uchiha house. "OUT NOW!" The lady took out the spatula and started waking Sakura into the living room.

"Ouch, hey do you mind?" Sakura finally being released from the slapping of the spatula stuck her tongue out at the lady who responded with a.

"You stick da tongue out ana cutit off."

"Yikes." Sakura said keeping her tongue in her mouth. She turned around to see the boys watching her.

"Word of advice?" Sasuke asked.


"From the times six AM to seven AM, eleven AM to twelve AM(or is it PM?), and seven PM to nine PM, stay out of the kitchen."

"Well thanks for the warning." Sakura said sitting back down on the free couch. The three began to watch George Lopez. Why, because I love that show.

"Poor Ernie, he never can get a girl." Sakura said sympathetically.

"Really?" Shikamaru asked. "He's a little… much. I mean I'm not surprised no girl wants him."

"Well I'm not surprised either, he's just so lonely."

"Hook him up with the grandma." Sasuke said, Receiving disgusted glares from Sakura and Shikamaru.

"Eww. New subject please." Sakura pushed.

"What are we having for dinner?" Shikamaru asked.

"The usual." Sasuke said.

"Nice." Shikamaru said with a grin.

"Whoa, wait what's the usual?" Sakura asked confused.

"Your choice of pork or ribs, with a vegetable salad and mushrooms." Sasuke replied with a grin also on his face.

"Wow, that is nice."

"Especially when you get it for free." Shikamaru added.

"Yeah, about that. How come you're always eating here? How about your family?" Sasuke asked.

"Oh they're on a trip."


"Some place that grows food better." Shikamaru's parents worked on a farm.(2)

"When are they coming back?"

"What's with the questions?" Shikamaru said leaning back on his chair and closing his eyes. "They'll be back."

"He only asks because he cares." Sakura inputted.

After a long pause, Shikamaru decided to respond.

"He doesn't care. He cares secretly." Shikamaru said catching Sasuke's evil glare.

When the cook finished the dinner everyone gathered to the table; Sasuke, Shikamaru, Sakura, and Itachi. When they finished Sasuke asked Shikamaru.

"So you want to stay in the guest room?"

"Neh, I should go home. But I'll be back tomorrow don't worry." He motioned towards the door before turning around. "Oh and see you later Sakura. It was nice meeting you." Then he left.

"Night" Sasuke said jumping up the stairs to his bedroom.

"Well, how was your first day?" Itachi asked Sakura.

"Well I met nice people, even the girl was a little eh. I found out when to stay away from the kitchen, and I get to go to sleep in a comfortable bed. I'd say its pretty darn good!" Sakura grinned.

"Well good for you. Now g'night." He messed up her hair and headed up the steps.

"Night." Sakura said smiling while walking slowly up the stairs. She was sure tomorrow would be harder than today. She hadn't not thought about her family for this long before, and it was all coming back now. She curled up in her bed after taking a shower and doing the necessary things before bed, and tried to sleep before too much pain came.

So it wasn't depressing! Which is good because the original first chapter was VERY depressing and I just had to re-write it. I hope you liked it and don't forget reviews make me happy. :

(1)- I made it up. It's the town they live in. ;)

(2)-I don't know what his parents really do. Care to inform me? :D