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Whispers in the snow



1. Chapter






1. A drop of the saline, watery fluid continually secreted by the lachrymal glands between the surface of the eye and the eyelid, serving to moisten and lubricate these parts and keeps them clear of foreign particles.

This fluid appearing in or flowing from the eye as the result of emotion, esp. grief.


"Bwah, cold…!" a quivering voice sounded through the light night, as bare feet strolled over the cold wooden deck of the Thousand Sunny, not even knowing where to bring themselves to stop the cold from seeping up through them. The strong moonlight reflected in the dark hair of the boy, who searched towards the ship's biggest mast, arms clasping around his skinny body, a fragile movement to keep it warm, as a freezing wind swirled around him. Nami had been right: the next island they where heading at would be a winter island.

He stopped up for a moment to look up at the big, white moon there dominated the star-full heaven. Dark clouds threatened to take over the sky, threatening to hide the moon behind them, and enfold the world underneath them in darkness instead. Then something climpsed in the light of the moon. Luffy blinked as he watched white spots of snowflakes, long away up there on the dark heaven, slowly dancing down towards the earth, for soon to gently land on his face, and slowly melt away. He sighed and closed his eyes; letting the cold flakes cover his hair, his shoulders, his body, as the temperature within him slowly dropped, letting the snowflakes to cover him in their cold cover. He didn't care, his mind wasn't there to register it, it was far away to register the danger of the body's temperature dropping, of the cold snow covering him, as it thought, remembered back.

Nami… Zoro… Sanji… Usopp and all the others had been more than royally pissed at him this evening, even sweet Chopper had been and still was very angry at him. None of them didn't even want to look at him. But that was okay, he could understand them; he did almost burn down the entire library, just because he wanted to look on one of Nami's new-created maps. She had written something on it too, but it had been too small to read it, so he had taken the magnifying glass… and it looked very funny as well how it could make everything so large, just looking through the glass! Then his eyes had caught up an interesting object in the other end of the room and he had just laid down the magnifying glass on the table, right in the middle of the burning sun. After a while he started to could smell something, something burned… And the next thing he knew of, the entire table was on fire.

Luffy sighed again, he could very well understand their anger towards him; Nami had used so much time on those maps… it was her dream, for crying out loud! Sanji's sampling of new and old cooking books from every place they had visited in the Grand line, his own collection of recepts that he created himself, written down to pass over some day, all had almost been lost in the fire. The same counted for Robin's history books, Usopp's books of brave warriors and Vikings in all times, Chopper's treasures of medicinal books from all those places they had visited, and even Zoro, Brook and Franky had some books standing between the shelves. They all hated him now… he was pretty sure about that. They didn't even talk to him the rest of the day, just letting him take care of himself, didn't even glance his way, and when he suddenly had caught a glimpse of their faces, they were all twisted by anger and disappointment.

He turned his back to the mast and let himself slide down along it, didn't even care about the cold snow underneath his thin boxers and bare skin on his legs. He was freezing, but didn't even care about if he should catch up a cold or even a fever. He didn't care about anything at all. This time he really had landed in the deep shit. His first thought had been to climp up those ropes, up to the crow's nest where he knew the cook would be sitting. He wanted or needed to be comforted by someone, course of that terrible nightmare he just had woken up from; it even had scared him so much that he hadn't dared to fall asleep again, and instead had run out in the cold night, wearing nothing ells but his boxers.

He hadn't dared to wake any of the other crewmembers up, something told him that that would have been a very bad idea, so talking with someone who already was awake would be a lot safer. And he knew that it was the chef's watch tonight, but the young captain wasn't that sure about if the blond haired man ever would see him again… he had, after all, lost three of his books in the fire, so he could pretty well understand if the cook didn't want to know anything about him.

Therefore Luffy now sat all alone out in the freezing cold wind, knees pulled up underneath him, arms clasped around them, and slowly his eyelids became heavier as the white flakes was now covering his cold body with icy snow. Slowly he slid into a dangerous sleep, the world around him was drifting away… the warm light deep inside in his mind was so terrible tempting to follow… nothing mattered any more…


What was he thinking? Luffy shook his head and stood up imediately. He shouldn't think like that, he couldn't let himself drift away in his thoughts like that, what had that been? He opened his eyes and looked up at the crow's nest, shivering, not even sure if it was from the cold, or the thing that he had had those creepy feelings og giving up everything. Eyes blinking the snow away.

Sanji would understand, wouldn't he? It wasn't like that he had burned down the whole ship or something. 'No, but you pretty well could have done that!'said an irritating voice in his head. Luffy once again shook his head and clasped his palms against his cheeks. Teeth chattering he took a hold of himself and clambered up at the ladder, until he reached the door to the crow's nest and pushed it open. He surveyed his surroundings, looking for the cook. 'Ah! There he is!' He climbed completely inside and locked the door after himself, stiffening as the door made too much of a noise, he glanced quickly towards Sanji, who was sitting on the long bench, staring out at the horizon, lazily holding an unlit cigarette between his lips. At his side laid a bunch of old papers. Luffy mentally sighed in relief, glad that the blond hadn't noticed anything yet.

He stood there for a moment and dusted off the snow from his boxers and his shoulders, and at last he shook his head so the snow now laid everywhere but on him. He shivered through his whole body and ran his hands up and down along his cold arms, another futile movement to make himself warm again; he hadn't realised before now how much he actually had been freezing. It was so nice and warm up here in the crows nest…

"What do you want…?" Luffy did a jump of surprise when he heard the chef's tired voice suddenly speak –a side of him had honestly thought that the chef never would speak to him again, though another side of him knew that that was a stupid way of thinking. Of course he would speak to him again, they had to speak through stuffs somewhen, Luffy was just surprised to hear the chef speaking to him already now.

The raven haired teen scraped his bare foot in the ground, watching it making circles in the snow, there was slowly melting away. His heart was galloping like train running wild. "I-I just,"

"Get the hell out off here…" The cook cut him off irritated, biting harder down in his unlighted cigarette. Sanji didn't want to see that fucking idiot of his captain ever again, that dick-head was the main reason to that three of his best cooking-books now was nothing else but a bunch of old, crumbled, burned paper! And he was the very main reason to that he now owe that shitty swordsman a big dept! But unfortunately the window showed a perfectly picture of the half naked teen, who was just standing there and staring down on his own, blue feet. Wait, blue feet? Why the hell had that idiot not even taking on a pair of shoes before he went outside? Nami-san had told them that they soon would reach a winter island… Not only shoes, why the hell had that kid not even bothered himself to take on some clothes? Oh well, who cared anyway? Why the hell did he even care about that shit-kid of a captain?

Sanji closed his eyes; that fool didn't even make a move to clamber back down and go back to the awaiting bed there once had been warm... perhaps if he just didn't say anything, he might become too bored and leave him alone again. Being alone was much better than staying around with him. But Sanji could only keep on dreaming that: course the young captain remained on the same spot, head still staring down on his half-blue feet.

"Go back down and bother Zoro or something." He finally said, waving his hand at him.

Luffy clenched his fist but didn't look up… He was too afraid to look him in the eyes; when the chef was mad or angry, his one visible cobalt blue eye could feel so icily cold to look at. Even now when the chef had his back turned towards him, he still could feel that icy look… the look he normally only would give his enemies. …Did Sanji really hate him that much now? He clenched his hands, curled his toes and gritted his teeth. What an idiot he had been. What a stupid idiot! Everyone had turned their backs towards him, even the little fuzzy reindeer, and now a little root of fear to his dearest friends was even starting to grow inside of him? He was starting to shake even more, not because he was cold, no, because he was afraid… afraid for his own nakama… damn stupid dream… damn stupid nightmare had make this fear come up to the surface…

Luffy sighed and rubbed his one arm. An answer, Sanji was still waiting for an answer. He sighed again and looked the other way: Zoro's weights on the other side of the room looked pretty interesting to look at right now. "He doesn't want to speak to me," he finally said with a low voice "he doesn't even want to see me, for that sake."

'I wonder why.' Sanji thought ironically and rolled his eyes.

"So… I was thinking,"

"Wow, you where thinking?" the chef frowned. "Don't make me laugh…!"

Luffy dared to look up and just in time to catch a glimpse of the chef's face: his heart wrenched in pain when he saw no anger filling the chef's face, but pure sorrows and disappointment. "S-Sanji… I-I,"

"Get the hell out of here, Luffy, and leaf me alone…" the cook pleaded him and pulled his legs up so his head could rest on his knees. Luffy bit his lower lip: if that voice just was filled with anger instead… "I want to be alone… got that? Can your little head understand those words? Alone?"

No reaction.

"Go down; play with some snow or something…"

…Still no reaction.

"Bother Chopper, Usopp, Franky Brook, ANYONE…! Just, leave, me, the fuck, ALONE!"

…Again no reaction. A vein pulsated on the top of the chef's head; he was getting pretty annoyed about all this… Why the hell couldn't he just leave? Since there still came no reaction from the fucking irritating captain, the blond haired man turned around immediately and inhaled a lot of air before he roared up.

"FOR GOD SAKE LUFFY, LEAVE ME THE FUCKING ALO-" Sanji silenced at once when his eye locked with the raven haired teen's eyes.'W-what the hell?'Sanji thought. 'Is, is he crying?'

"B-but no one wa-wants to have a-anything to do with m-me," Luffy sobbed through salty tears. He bit harder down in his lip so it was now bleeding. "A-and I ha-had this te-terrible nightmare a-and I went to Zo-Zoro, course he a-always calms me d-down when I have nightmares, but, but he told me to le-leave him alone a-and he punched me a-away…" the raven haired kid dried his tears away with his bare arm. Damn it! He couldn't hold it back any longer, those tears, those feelings he had. Everyone hated him; everyone didn't want to have anything to do with him. He was so alone. Even Zoro "pushed" him away when he really needed him, and that really hurt a lot.

Sanji looked stunned at the shivering form of his captain. Had they really hurt him that much? But again: what the hell hadn't that idiot-captain not just done to them? Almost burning down the whole library, almost the whole ship, if they hadn't come there just in time. Two of Nami-san's maps, which she had worked so hard on to create, were nothing else but ashes right now! And his own books, three of his books was in the same state, one of them was one he even had got from that old geezer… one of his first cooking-books. But that wasn't the worst thing of all that he had done… But again; Luffy never took it that hard, when any of them got mad at him, he just apologized and smiled with his huge smile, so no one could keep angry at him for long… But this time he was different, he had been more quit the whole day, like he had been thinking on everything and nothing. But none of them didn't care about that, about his state, they where in there own thoughts, and now the kid stood here, half naked, cold, completely crushed and crying the heart out. It suddenly made Sanji feel so… mean.

"…Luffy…" the chef moved away from his seat and stepped towards the younger captain, but Luffy stepped backwards immediately, as the blond man neared him. Sanji stopped. Shit, was the kid that afraid of him?

Luffy looked up at him with big eyes. That nightmare… it was just a nightmare, right? Not something foreseen…right? Or…? He didn't dare to test it out. 'But Sanji would never hurt me like that… none of them ever would!' He tried to convince himself with that, but his feet reacted differently from what his mind tried to tell them, and kept stepping backwards until he reached the wall.

Sanji sighed and ruffled his hair as he went back to his seat at the bench. He lighted his cigarette he had been holding in his hand; he hadn't realised before now that his hand was trembling like hell, and blew out the smoke after letting it dwell in his lungs for about five seconds. He surveyed his captain nearer, who was clasped up towards the wall as a scared rabbit who had just been caught in the corner by its hunter, knowing that there were no other way than the death... No freedom, just death. Luffy had that same expression as that rabbit.

"Damn it," he murmured and ruffled his hair again. They really had overreacted their anger towards him. He had, after all, did all what he could to stop the fire and instead self been caught in it and been pretty bad wounded by that. The bandage all over his body told about that. 'Damn it! Doesn't he understand a shit?'The cook thought and clenched his fists. 'Couldn't he try to understand a thing just for once?' A sob from his captain ribbed him out off his thoughts and he sighed heavily again. He clapped at the seat next to himself and blew out another smoke as he looked calm -as calm as he now could look like, as he still was angry… both at his captain and at himself- at the teenanger in front of him, who had changed not the least in these two years they had been parted, beside the horrible large scar, there almost put Zoro's scar to shame. Sanji still wondered how the hell the kid had gotten that scar, but if the rumours had been right, it had happened back then when Luffy had tried to safe his brother. He shivered just at the thought of it. Even though they had been together for a good two months now, no one still didn't talk about what had happened to them in those two years, and Sanji was no better than the others.

"Come, sit." He said almost weakly, Luffy looked surprised up at him. "You're freezing," he continued, now looking directly into the teen's frightened eyes, but Luffy shook his head "You are shaking like hell, so don't come and tell me that you're not almost freezing your ass off. Beside, Chopper would never forgive me if you ever caught up a cold or influenza or something." Luffy didn't move away from his spot, he remembered clearly what had happened the last time Sanji had said that… up in the library… after the whole incident…

To be continued


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