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Whispers in the snow



7. Chapter



-Dirty Fantasies-


-Reality or Illusions?-



1. An imagined event or sequence of mental images, such as a daydream, usually fulfilling a wish or psychological need.

2. The forming of mental images, esp. wondrous or strange fancies; imaginative conceptualizing.

3. Psychology. an imagined or conjured up sequence fulfilling a psychological need; daydream.

4. to form mental images; imagine; fantasize.

5. Obsolete A hallucination.


"Please, Sanji… please wake up… Sanji…"

"Please, please… I'm sorry… I'm so sorry for doing this against you… I'm so sorry –sniff- I… Sanji I… I love… love you…"

Warm… that was his first feeling he remembered as we woke up with those words still ringing in his head. Everything felt so comfortable and warm around him. Sanji moaned in pleasure as someone was massaging his throbbing head, relieving the tense muscles, washing the dirt away. Then that warm sensation came over him again, as hot water was running through his hair, washing out the… soap? He thought it was soap, but hell, it felt so damn good… so fucking damn good as those small, soft but strong hands now started working down his body, washing his shoulders, chest, going further, further and even further down until… Sanji snapped his eyes open, just in time as he reserved a huge amount of water over his cold body.

He closed his eyes once again, relaxing in the warm water, enjoying the hands works once again as they scrubbed the soap away. He sighed, wanted this to keep on going forever, but then it all suddenly stopped. He moaned in displeasure, even though that he still felt that wonderful warming feeling around his body there almost went all the way up to his shoulders. He slowly opened his one eye and then blinked a couple of times to get the water out of both of his eyes. As his sight got clearer he had got the perfect view of Luffy's naked ass. No, what the hell was he thinking? It can only be a woman's ass that could be perfect and attractive! He rubbed his eyes and looked again. No, he hadn't seen wrong; Luffy actually only wore a short towel there just barely covered his ass and lower parts… if he wasn't bending down in front of him like he did now.

He gulped and swallowed a lump that had been stuck in his throat and felt the heat go up over both of his ears, getting even hotter than the water he was sitting in. He recognized the place to be the big bathhouse. It was dark outside so the room was only lit up by the candlelight standing around them, on small tables, shelves and chairs. If it wasn't only missing some roseleaf here and there, it would almost have looked like a romantic place to take a beautiful lady to, to… he shook his head from the thoughts there was popping up into his mind and moved his hand up to hide a goofy smile from the person in front of him; it would have been to damn embarrassing if the shitty swordsman, who was sitting and getting the same treatment as he just self had got right before, had seen it. He looked closer at him, lucky enough was he sleeping, or so it looked like.

Sanji ran his hand through his golden hair and tried to remember all of the things that had just happened, since they're now sitting in the big bathtub and being washed by a half naked Luffy, with candlelight all around them, but no matter how much he ever tried to remember things, the memories seemed to have been caged in and covered in a large black curtain that wouldn't move to the side.

Zoro moaned in pleasure as well, as the skilled fingers of Luffy was working in his short, green hair, washing the soap out and then started scrubbing his muscle covered chest. Watching the teen from behind as he washed Zoro, Sanji's fingers suddenly started itching to touch that kid's soft skin, now that all of the bandages are gone and leaving the almost healed body to his craziest fantasies.

He shook his head once again. What the hell was wrong with him? Where the hell did he get those freaking thoughts from? He woke up from his thoughts by the sound of Luffy's yelp, and found his own hand running over the teen's back and down to his ass. When the hell had he started to move towards him in the first place? Scary enough he didn't even remember that, and especially not when his fingers had started running down to cup Luffy's ass, and playing around his entrance! Why the hell had he done that in the first place?

'What the hell is happening? I… I can't control my own movements!'

Suddenly the young captain was being forced back into his chest, by the colossal strong hands of the marimo, who also had woken up by now. "Zo…Zoro?" Luffy asked disbelieved as the swordsman gave him a smug smile and leaned close into him. He didn't answer back but just leaned closer into him, pinning him up against Sanji who was also pushed further onto the wall, when Luffy tried to struggle free. "Hey what…? No, Zoro, please don't!" he said with his oh so innocent voice… sounding so… vulnerable. Said person suddenly closed the gap between them and sealed their lips. The teen fought to push the other man away from him, but with no success.

"Oi! Moss-head! Stop it you perverted idiot!" Sanji growled and tried to push the two of them away. "He don't fucking want to do that!" Then he suddenly froze on the spot when he saw the swordsman's eye; it was wide and horrid filled it as he looked down at the scene in front of him. "What the…?" Said person moaned in displeasure, like he was trying to say something. Luffy tried to pray him off him, but instead, his hand was being forced up over his head, up on the wall, only being held by one of the man's hands, the other started to remove the small towel around his waist.

"NOOOO!" the teen cried out and kicked out to get him away. Then he suddenly let out a moan as one of Sanji's hands had sneaked around his waist and down to grab his manhood.

'What the hell?' he thought shocked and became even more terrified as his other hand started to play around the captain's chest. 'I…I can't control my hands! What the FUCKING HELL is going on here?'

"Shit!" he heard the swordsman breath out, sounding like he just had been running a long marathon. "I can't… I can't control it… my hands, my fucking body!" he groaned angrily as he sensed his toes playing with the bathtubs plug and removed it a bit away, so the most of the water ran out of the bathtub, leaving only enough water to cover the two others waistlines. His cheeks started flushing as he saw the chef giving Luffy the hand, while he was nipping, biting, licking and kissing the teen's neck.

Luffy moaned, oh damn it how it sound so arousing. It gave him the creeps, to even having his body reacting to another man, and a kid none the less. Zoro wanted to stop this, he wanted to rip that fucking cook away from Luffy and beat him so much, that he wouldn't be able to walk the next two months, but he couldn't. Instead he found himself still holding the teen's arms up and bend down to lick around the teen's nipples, and to his horror, it aroused him even more hearing Luffy hiss by the touch, making him biting, nipping, licking and kissing them, before he made a trail all the way up to his throat where he stopped and met the chef's one visible blue eye… tears was running down his face and his visible eye was shining in fear, he was terrified, just like himself.

"Stop this shit!" Sanji hissed at him, trying to cover his fear. "This is too stupid and humiliating!" Zoro banged his hand into the wall, right beside the chef's head, who looked quizzically from his hand and up to his face, without showing a slightness of fear of the others action.

"Don't you fucking think… that I know?" he panted. His arm was slowly starting to tremble, it was hard to hold back, but he was fucking not giving in to this shitty feeling, as the urge to kiss the chef right there grew bigger and bigger. His arm started to quiver as he looked at the blond with a deadly stare. "Don't… give in. Got that?" He himself didn't even know whether he was talking to the blond, or to himself. Pearls of sweat started to form on his temple, like he was carrying a huge pressure on his back. Suddenly he grabbed the blonds' hair and flung his head back into the wall. Sanji stared terrified at him, as his face neared him.

"Shit-head? Move away! Move away! Don't get this clo –mplhf?" Zoro covered his mouth at once with his own, licking his lower lip, biting it as the other man wouldn't open his mouth at once. Sanji let out a painful moan and he took the chance to stick in his tongue and exploring his oh so hot mouth. They both moaned, even though that they both wanted to pull away and instead wanted to start a fight right on the spot, no way in hell caring about if any of them would die in the process. "No," he heard the chef's muffled words and felt his one foot trying to kick him away, but the kick didn't have enough strength to even kick a child away. He groaned by the action, somehow disappointed about that he didn't have more strength than that and caught his tongue between his teeth and bite hard down. Sanji squeezed his eyesshut. "Naaa! Don't want, I don't want thiiis –mmm…" he felt the others tongue touching his inner roof. The pleasure made him squeeze harder around the captain's manhood, ripping a long moan out from said person's throat.

Luffy slammed his head back as the good feeling tore through his body, hitting both Zoro and Sanji who at once pulled away, but for only then to place their hungry mouths on other places on his lithe but muscled body. Zoro ran his tongue over his belly, kissing, licking biting it ever so often as he worked his way down, going further and further down, until he stopped right in front of the teen's pulsing shaft, there was being taken care of by Sanji's slender hand. Panting, he forced himself to stay still, to not go any lower. He couldn't, he didn't want to. This was sick! What the hell was going on? He pressed himself further up, leaned closer into the captain, but made a fast movement and ended up with biting the blond in his arm.

Sanji screamed up.

"The fuck, you're doing?"

"Have to," Zoro panted, still biting, forcing his teeth to sink deeper, repressing the want to stick his tongue out and lick the abused flesh. "Have to stop it, somehow."

Sanji moaned, and closed his eyes tight. "Bite me… bite me harder,"

Zoro glanced up at him with a weird look. "What?" he said, mouth full of Sanji's flesh, teeth holding still. Sanji licked his dry lips.

"Stop… my hand… bite harder!"

Finally getting it, Zoro sunk his teeth deeper into the flesh, ripping a hiss from the blonds' throat, and just as he had wanted it, his hand stopped moving. Zoro realised that his teeth must be biting in a muscle, that way preventing the blond from moving his hand, there convulsively opened up. Sanji panted, leaning his head back against the wall, hissing as he felt the swordsman's teeth finally tear through his skin.

"What now?" he asked, as he tried to steady his beating heart "This is getting even harder to resist… control."

Zoro growled, having a big urge wanting to lap his tongue out to taste the blonds' blood. He clenched his fists around the tubs edges, keeping himself still. His fingers itched, itched to move, itched to touch and do something he really didn't want to do.

"Luffy," Sanji panted, feeling dizzy and at the same time irritatingly aroused. His lust was growing, his body was betraying him. Luffy sat there, right in front of him, panting, panting of fear, his body shivered. "Get away, get away, Luffy...!" Sanji's other free hand was trembling, shivering, itching to touch, it was getting even harder to not just let go, let whatever happen to happen.

But this wasn't the way that he wanted it!

"Luffy!" he repeated as the raven didn't act. It was only then that the shivering form of their captain started to react. Luffy stood up at once, made his way pass Zoro. He almost fell as a large hand grabbed him, stopping him. Luffy looked frightened at his first mate, who looked frustrated like hell.

"Damn... I can't!" that was all what the swordsman said, before he released his hold on Sanji's arm, who both sighed in relief and groaned in annoyance, and swung the teen around back into the blond. His body moved before he could even think about his own actions, and soon he found himself sucking Luffy's dick, scratching the sensitive skin with his teeth, ripping frustrated moans from the teen's mouth.

Sanji was lost.

Every time the marimo was sucking the teen even closer to his climax, Luffy was pressed even further up against his own growing 'problem'. Sanji soon found his hands sneaking in front of the raven, going further down to soon feel soft hair against his fingertips. It was Zoro's hair. Unconsciously he massaged the swordsman's scalp, somehow this kind of aroused said swordsman, who moaned around the captain's shaft, releasing a moan from the teen, and then started to suck him harder. Sanji's hips moved on their own, rubbing up against the slight smaller frame, dry humping him, while the teen responded by unconsciously moving his ass up against the blonds' front, while Sanji pulled the swordsman closer in on the teen's shaft, making it go all the way down his throat.

This was so wrong.

It was horrible and against everything what he wanted.

But he couldn't stop thinking how nice this actually felt.

Stupid fucking hormones!

Zoro tried to pull away as the teen came hard and much, but his body refused to move, and he was forced to swallow it all there came. Finally getting a bit control over himself again, he pushed himself as far away from them as possible, crawled out of the tub, ran over to the toilet and just managed to reach it, before all his contents came out. The rough treatment felt like ripping his whole inside, and as the final cramps told him that there was no more to throw up, he collapsed in front of the toilet, leaning his sweat-covered temple onto the cool ceramics.

This was the worst thing he ever had experienced. Perhaps it all would have been good, if they both wanted to do this… but they where forced to do it… and secondly; he said 'perhaps'!

"Get away, Luffy…" he said, almost out of breath. He cringed on his nose at the horrible smell of his own vomit down in the toilet "get the hell out of here, before…" he couldn't even get himself to finish the line. Before what? What would happen next then? What could possible be worse than this? His brain and thoughts came with many 'good' ideas; he looked around like he was searching for something and then finally found it. He shook his head and grabbed hard in his hair. No fucking hell he was going to do that! But before he could do or think on anything else, his legs were already moving towards it.

Sanji panted hard and bit hard on his lower lip, withdrawing blood. Fuck! He couldn't hold it back any longer. He had tried to hold it all to a minimum, but it was so fucking hard to resist the urge to ravish the teen on the spot, biting, ripping in his skin and do oh so many dirty things against him. Where the hell were that fuck-head to Zoro, anyway? Why the hell hadn't he ripped him away already and beaten him to death? To tell the truth, he wouldn't have fought against him, not for what he was doing, as his finger grabbed the raven's hair, forcing his head back, and kissing him, biting his shoulder, his mouth everywhere where it possibly could be… not for what his mind told him to do next, not for what his body did right here and now. He opened his eyes slightly, though he didn't wanted to, and saw the teen underneath him being in some kind of a dazing state.

When had they switched place? When had Luffy ended lying on his back down in the water, face just barely being over the surface? 'No, no! Stop this, damn hell!' Sanji's mouth caught that moment and kissed him fully on the lips again, forcing the teen's head to dive under the heated water. Sanji darted his tongue in to the warm and wet mouth of Luffy's again, biting his tongue harshly during the process.

He pulled away again, panting even more, allowing the other one to take a few gasp of air before he crawled a bit more above him, and suddenly grabbed his head and pushed his weeping cock forcefully down into the teen's throat. The blond screamed. He couldn't stop his own actions anymore, and suddenly cause Luffy to be in such a state, but unfortunately no matter how conscious he were, currently this body wasn't his anymore. More tears ran down at his face, dripping down from his jaw, and disappearing into the water around them. He, no, his body pulled a bit up to suddenly push forcefully back into the raven's throat, coursing him to gag and cough, sputtering as the ran into his nose and mouth, almost gagging him.

Luffy's tongue flipped around the cock in his mouth, licking it as was it some kind of a lollipop there had been stuck into his mouth. His nails dug into the hips of the blond, as he pulled himself a bit more above the surface, while forcing the blonds' hips closer to him, pulling his manhood deeper down his throat.

Sanji could swear that the teen was actually starting to eat him alive, the way he tasted him; it almost seemed like he enjoyed it. Sanji closed his eyes and sighed in defeat, he slung his head back and moaned out loud, grabbing harder in the teen's black hair, as he felt his teeth. He didn't really care anymore. No matter what he did, it was only a futile attempt, so why not just enjoy himself? Fighting against it was useless anyway. His body had shut down from listening to him anyway.

Zoro caught what Sanji was thinking when he looked at his lust filled eyes, which once again had opened. He tried to resist the urge to let his own body to do what it wished and wanted. He wasn't like the crap-cook who decided to give up on their captain. He grabbed tighter around the shower head, his body and lust wanted him to -No. He definitely wouldn't do that, after all he was the first mate and Luffy's best friend. The kid had said so himself, literally screamed it out over the deck, while all the others heard him. They had partied. He honestly never had seen Luffy that drunk before.

It was the first time he also had seen the teen throw his arms out and giving the cook a real drunken kiss. None of them remembered anything of it, of course. Typical weak drinkers.

Zoro looked up, as his desperate attempt to drown himself in memories, was cut short by Luffy's howling voice, as the teen was dragged up by Sanji's hand that was currently embedded in his hair, and of what it seemed like, was trying to rip part of it out. Sanji pulled him up from the water and forced the poor boy to choke on his rock hard member once again. The kid seemed like gagging on it and not able to even breathe.

"L-Luffy…!" he heard the chef's aroused voice say "Get, get the fucking hell away from here, you dumbass!" Sanji swallowed hard and bend his head down, biting in his lips from moaning out loud, as his hands once again grabbed tighter in the black locks and he fucked him into his mouth. 'Hell, take me now!' he screamed in his mind, pushing his cock further into the poor captains throat, coursing him to gag again and again. 'Fuck! I can't stop myself from doing this! I don't want to, but I can't stop this at all!' Something mixed with a yelp and a moan ripped out from the chef's throat, as someone grabbed his but, pulled the cheeks to each side and something warm and wet suddenly ran around his entrance. He stopped in what he was doing, allowing the younger teen to pull a bit away so he could breathe, and looked slightly over his shoulder to find the marimo literally kissing his ass. "Wha-what the hel-aaah!" When the fuck had the marimo moved from one place of the bathroom, to suddenly being right behind him?

Zoro hummed and ran his tongue just barely around the entrance, licking it, wetting it… somehow he liked this, somehow he hated this. Fuck! Even he couldn't even resist his body's needs and crazy lust any more. He licked over the entrance once again and suddenly trusted his tongue in through those tight walls. Sanji grabbed tight at the edge of the bathtub and moaned, in… pleasure or in despair? He didn't know it for real and somehow he suddenly didn't care anymore. What worried him more was what his one hand was about to do against Luffy right underneath them. He pulled away from the chef and looked down at their captain who suddenly let out a sound there where mixed with a moan and a scream, as his hand went down under the water to grab the shower head, the head itself was screwed off so there only was the hosepipe left, that he, no, his hands forcefully had thrust into the poor teen's ass… pushing it through those tight walls that did all what they could to push it back out. Luffy cried as he could feel the lukewarm water run into him, filling him more and more up inside of him. He wrenched his body in both pain and pleasure; it was getting so comfortable warm, but it slowly started to hurt even more than before. He raised a bit up to grab that thing out of him, but was immediately being sent back down by Zoro's knee in his chest, and was being hold still that way.

Sanji looked slightly over his shoulder to see what was happening and widened his eyes as he saw the marimo stick the hosepipe further up into Luffy's ass. Luffy tried to pull away, but the swordsman's other hand held him still in the water. He shook his head slowly. "You sick perverted bastard," he said with a rasped voice. Zoro looked up, hate and despair shone in his grey eye.

"You say that to my body," he seethed through clenched teeth, as he fought to rip that fucking hosepipe out off Luffy again. "My fucking body just does what ever it please itself… shit!"

"Wha…aaah!" Sanji never managed to finish his sentence before he felt those rough hands grab his ass once again, pulling him a bit closer, pulled the cheeks to each side and stuck his tongue deep into his hole. Wetting his inner walls, pulling his tongue out and in, as was he being fucked by that oh so wonderful tongue. No. The hell was he thinking? He grabbed after the edge of the tub once again, pulling himself close enough so he could rest his temple on it and panted out loud. "Shi-iiit! -Hng- so… so go-oood -Argh!" Zoro's nails dug into the flesh of the chef's ass, ripping out a scream from his throat.

'Don't fucking say that it's good in a time like this, where we can't control ourselves, Shit-cook!' Zoro flipped his tongue and thrust it deeper into the blonds' ass.

Luffy screamed again. "It hurts! It hurts! Please, please take it out!" he begged them, but none of them listened to him. He franticly bashed his hands around the area where he thought the hosepipe where and finally found it with the tips of his fingers. His arms luckily able to stretch –had it been seawater they had been in, he would have been royally screwed- and reached down to grab it. He let out another scream as he ripped it away.

Luffy laid there as the water seeped out from his butt, Sanji stared back down at him, as the teen looked weaken back up at him. Then the teen's eyes shifted over to his manhood, there danced right above his head. Sanji gulped at the dark look in the captain's eyes, like the teem was tempted to just grab it and bite it right over in two pieces, so the Sanji never would be able to ever use it again, and for a moment he really feared that the teen really would do it as his fingers slowly reached up to touch him. He was more than relieved as the teen seemed to suddenly disappear from his view, to suddenly get his ass kissed by Zoro.


Luffy's one leg was now resting on the Zoro's one shoulder. He kissed him ever so gently for soon to bite hard in the flesh, ripping a scream out from the young captain's throat. He licked around his entrance once again and then went further up to his balls, licked around them, bite in the shin right beside them ever so slightly, and then ran his tongue around his cock, without ever touching any of his 'forbidden fruits', just teasing him.

He wanted to go back to the toilet and throw up again.

Sanji listened to Luffy's pleasurably moans and cries and Zoro's humming sound from licking his ass, literally. His whole body was tensing, shaking like hell as he fought with all his might to not grab the teen's head again and thrust his own weeping cock into his mouth so far down that he would choke on it and then fuck himself senseless into his mouth. 'Stop thinking like a sick pervert, God damn it!' Sanji screamed in his mind and grabbed his own hair, his only way to hold himself still. 'What the hell is going on with us? The shit is ha-a' "Aaah…!" he let out a sound there reminded him of something between a yelp and a moan assomething warm and wet suddenly engulfed his… he looked down from in between his arms to find the raven haired teen holding tight around his legs, and had moved his head up to swallow the whole of him in one go, without any warnings at all. "L-Luffy?" he said surprised as the hot mouth slung its tongue around his length, tasting every fucking piece of it… just as hungry as he remembered it from the first time, if not more. He swallowed hard and stretched his head as far back as possible and moaned out loud, as Luffy's teeth bit hard down in it, ripping an uncontrollable hiding, erotic feeling inside of him.

Fuck! He had never felt like this before!

Sanji forced his eyes to open and looked slightly out of the corner of them, but the sight there met him made him wish that he never had opened them… he almost came right there. Zoro had pulled away and instead had grabbed Luffy's ass and forced his cock into it, what had made the youngster to bite down so hard, ripping almost a scream out of Sanji's throat. Zoro was now slamming hard into him. The raven's tears ran down along his cheek, disappearing into the black mess of hair. "N-no stop… stop all of this… shit…!" The chef begged through clenched teeth, as another moan was being ripped out of his own throat, when the young captain just had let out a moan himself, sending shivers down along Sanji's length. He wanted this to stop, but then again; it felt so damn fucking good too.

Suddenly someone grabbed his hips from behind and forced something in between his ass's tight walls. He let out a scream as hot water started to flow into his ass, filling it ever so slowly up. His nails scraped at the side of the bathtub, trying to pull away from all of this, but his body didn't want to listen to him and his arms didn't even want to rip that thing out of his hole again. He shivered through his whole body, slamming his head back down at the edge of the bathtub, biting his lips so hard that they started bleeding even more than before. "Nononono, get, get that… thing out of me -ah, aaah…!" Luffy's tongue flipped around his cock once again, licking it as that lollipop it might as well could have been, and then suddenly bite so hard down into his dick, that Sanji honestly thought that it would be bitten into two pieces. He screamed, both in pleasure and in pain. The water started to fill him more up inside of him, so much that it started to hurt. He made a motion to rip that thing out, but instead his hand searched down in front of him and grabbed the captain's hair, ripping in it, pulling him closer so he could fuck properly into his mouth, making the youngster to gag once again, taken by surprise.

"Fucking, let go…!" Zoro panted out as he cursed himself while fighting to release his hold around the raven's hips, but after his own manhood had hardened it had become even harder to stop what he was doing right now. It felt so damn good, having Luffy's ass engulfing him like that, that warm ass…! He grunted as the muscles tightened a little around his length, and grabbed the captain's already weeping cock to start pumping him again.

Good? Fuck! What was he thinking? No, not good having sex with a man!

No good fucking –no, not fucking but raping his own captain, the man who he respected so much. The man who was more than a friend for him, almost like a brother.

He was raping him!

He was a rapist!

And Sanji…? He was in no better condition than him. Forcing one to doing a blowjob was somehow a rape too… right?

Luffy moaned out loud and dug his nails into Sanji's flesh, tearing it, ripping it at his hips. The blond bite hard down in his lip, as he tried to stop himself from screaming out loud. Luffy started to rip even more, so much that the water around them soon started to get a sick colour of red. Shit! How much had he actually scratched his skin? Then he suddenly found out that the blood didn't even come from there, but from somewhere else, where, he didn't know. He started to get dizzy, and tired… so fucking tired and so fucking aroused. A shiver ran down at his spine as Luffy's hot tongue and hot breath ran over his cock as well. The water was pushing inside of him; it hurt so damn hell much! If he didn't soon would get that hosepipe out of his ass he literally would burst! Everything around him started to spin, or so it felt like. His head started to throb even more. He dug his fingers deeper into the black hair, ripping, clutching it, holding in it for dear life as his hips wanted to move down to that oh so wonderful mouth, there only let him being touched by its tongue by now. He couldn't control it, and he lost it completely as the captain's mouth swallowed him whole once again. He swallowed hard, grapping his hair even harder. "Mmmm… cum… m'going to cum, I… I'm coming… coming…!"

"Don't…!" he heard the teen ordering him with a hoarse voice, and hummed as he pressed his tongue on the tip of the chef's dick. Sanji swallowed hard and looked at them through hazed eyes, breathing heavily.

Zoro bent over Luffy, leaning his forehead on his stomach. "Shiit…! Aah!" he swallowed a lump and then threw his head back as the pleasure took over him. He slammed harder into the raven, who cried out loud and almost got choked by manhood that he so hastily sucked on. It felt like heaven to slam into the smaller body, and it also felt like hell all in the same.

A living nightmare! He felt both good and horrible. Zoro shut his eye tight together, his whole body started whimpering. He had to stop, he had to stop himself from doing this! What kind of first mate would he be, if couldn't even take a hold on his own lust and feelings? He tried to pull away, but instead he grabbed his hips harder with his one hand, ripping and touring the flesh, coursing it to bleed and slammed even harder and faster into him. He stroke him harder and faster as well, Luffy whimpered underneath him, twisted and turned in pain, wanting to scream but couldn't because of what was in his mouth. He saw tears running down the teen's face and he hated himself even more than ever before for his weakness... if this didn't end soon, he would get completely insane! It was so good, so good that it was driving him crazy. He just barely heard the chef cry out loud in pain, begging him to pull the hosepipe out of him. He wanted to help him, sure he did, but his hands didn't want to move away from the place they where holding, so that only let one thing left. He bends forward and bites hard in the hosepipe, to rip it out of his ass. Sanji moaned out loud and almost crumpled together in relief as the water seeped out of his ass, landing down on the raven's tummy underneath them. He could swear that the chef almost would pass out right there in that moment.

Sanji shut his eyes and bite even harder in his lip, tearing the skin in process and causing the blood to run at the same time, as he grabbed the rim of the tub to stabilize himself. He panted hard. Tears left his eyes. He was so close, so damn close, but it just wouldn't come, the end of all of this. The horrible pleasure just kept 'holding' him there, right there with that feeling to soon to cum, and that tortured him to no end. 'God, just cum!' he screamed in his mind and threw his head back, hitting something. Though what it was, he didn't know and he didn't care for that sake. 'Can't, can't take it much lo-onger…!'Then he suddenly felt it, that little thing, the thing there pushed him a bit more over the edge, driving him completely insane, that thing that he didn't knew how to name. He moaned and grabbed harder around the rim and the black mess of hair. "Go-oood! Aah… coming…" he moaned out once again, as he felt his knees getting weaker underneath him, soon they would no longer be able to carry him. "Going to… can't hold it mo-oore -aah!" he came hard into Luffy's mouth, who just swallowed it all. His legs gave after and he fell hard down on the teen's head, coursing his sensitive manhood to slip back down in that mouth again. It ripped a scream out of him, it was too much. His sight blurred, everything was spinning around him and everything hurt. He panted hard as he slowly was sliding into unconsciousness. Weakly he could see the shape of the two others still 'doing it', short time after he heard Luffy moan out loud, calling his name as he came… right after came Zoro with a loud grunt. 'Shit!' the chef cursed in his mind and sniffled. Everything now blackened for his eyes. 'What the hell have we done?' The last thing he remembered was the feeling of that he was sliding further and further underneath the waters surface, until it covered his head faster than he would have expected. 'What the hell have I done?'

Sanji sat up at once, gasping for air as his head had come underneath the red water. Wait, red? He grabbed his throbbing head as he looked confused at the deep water, there slowly was starting to become even redder than before. He fallowed its path forth, and ended up staring at the other side of the bathtub, where a shape sat at the edge, staring horrified and then irritated at him. "The fuck, shit-cook? Stop bleeding in the water!"

"Huh?" Sanji sounded wisely and blinked a couple of times recognising that the face belonged to no other than the shitty damn moss-head. Great, just what he needed. He winced as he turned his head too much to the left and grabbed the back of his head tighter... what he soon found out was a really bad idea. He pulled his hands back and stared terrified at them; they were both covered in blood! "What… what the hell happened?" he asked shocked and looked up at the naked swordsman in front of him. He twitched a brow. "And why the hell are you naked? Becoming a nudist?"

"Baka! What the hell do you think? I just can't find my fucking clothes! Shit-cook!" he silenced for a while and looked worried at the other man, who sat across from him, swaying and started to look paler than ever. "O-oi! You okay?" Sanji looked weakly up at him, without even knowing when he ever had looked back down on his bloody hands. A cold shiver ran through his body and a lust to just fall asleep overwhelmed him as never before. It felt like that he was about to loose unconsciousness really soon. He shook his head slowly both to answer the swordsman and to clear his head a little.

"I don't know," he said and sighed before he continued, letting his bloody hand ran over his face, not caring about the colour it gave him. Zoro twitched a brow in disgust. "I don't know what is real and what there is pure fantasy… or rather a nightmare." He shuddered just by the thought of it and swallowed hard. "I mean; I remember some small bits of falling in the wathe -water, hitting my head because of your stupidishy, I mean stupidity."

"OI!" protested Zoro as he snapped his head back to him, after searching for a towel or just something he could put on in the dim lighted room, not noticing the slurring in the chef's words. Damn hell to light condition there where in this room. Those special lamps on the walls there gave it all some kind of an orange shape, didn't give much light to see things in the room. Franky and his weird ideas, it was only the girls who liked it, Luffy and Chopper found it looking funny, Usopp was at least against it as well, but was too much of a chicken to admit it in front of the shipwright. It was only he who dared to say it and earned an extra bound of debt and a huge lump on his head. The shit-cook right over there just swooned around the sea-witch and said something about that if she liked it he would love it as well… anyone could tell that that was the biggest lie ever. But okay, at least it wasn't pink. He scratched his neck to remember what it was he now was about to say. Oh yeah! "I fucking couldn't hear you properly back then," he finally said "thanks to that fucking tinnitus-liking-sound! Ah! There!" And finally he found the bunk of towels lying in the distant corner of the room and walked towards it. He stopped his hand a few inches away from it and looked down, thinking. He took a deep breath before he spoke again. "Do you… remember what happened after we got up?" He asked slowly and took the silence and the feeling of the chef's stare on him as a 'no'. He sighed and continued. "They had given up on you, you know? You were practically dead when they… after they had brought me back, I heard them, when they thought that I was sleeping, I heard them giving up bringing you back… but not Chopper… and neither did Luffy."

He turned around to face him with a serious mine, so the shit-cook knew that he meant what he said. The sight of the bloody stripes on the pale face and with a weakly blue eye starring back up at him, made all the alarm clocks to ring inside of him. He knew that he had to get the shit-cook out of here really soon, but the stubborn chef wouldn't even let him carry him even if he had laid on his knees and begged him to do it. He would either laugh off his stupidity or just plant his bare foot either right in his face or right in between his legs, while yelling at him of what the hell he thought he were. 'Typical stupid cook!' he thought and shook his head. What the hell did Luffy even see in him, beside his good cooking and the fact that he almost looked like a girl? Tell him that and you would be sure to be dead before you ever could start saying sorry. But then again, there was something about him, he was actually a pretty good friend that you could relay on, even though that he never would admit that to anyone in his life. But then again, he didn't hate him.

He grumbled irritated about thinking so much and scratched his head, then his hand stopped as he stared at the white wall in front of him, falling in deep thoughts before he spoke up again. "Neither Chopper nor Luffy gave up on you, even though that the time-limit had ran out for a long time ago. If you hadn't been waking up on that time… I think that the others had needed to use brutal force to pull him away from you." Sanji looked down.

"I… I didn't know that…!" he said quietly.

"How should you?" said the swordsman, as he grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist. "You were practically dead, when they brought you back to life!"

"I remember…" Zoro stopped his movement, as he was about to grab a towel for the chef as well, but didn't turn around to face him this time, just listened. "I remember something… something he said to me, before I woke up." He smeared the blood around in his face as he tried to dry it off, he took a handful of water to wash it off, but that just made it worse. "Shitty blood!" he cursed frustrated and tried to scrub his face harder, but it just wouldn't get off.

"Oi, Sanji…?" the swordsman said a bit worried as he walked towards him and reached a hand out to help him, but it was soon slapped away.

"Don't touch me!" he said with a high pitching voice, and looked up at him with a mixed expression of angst, anger and frustration. "Don't you fucking dare to touch me again, your damn pervert!"

"The hell you talking about, curl-brow?" Zoro snapped back. "I was just fucking trying to help you!" Sanji's visible eye widened by the word 'fucking' , even though that he self had mentioned it, he thought more about it when he heard it from another person.He looked unfocused around as he grabbed his head with his hands and leaned it against the edge of the tub. He panted hard as he sat there; his body slowly starting to tremble a little as his thoughts was swirling around in his mind like a hurricane. What the hell was going on with him? What was he thinking, or not thinking? Why was he so afraid? He started to remember something, something unpleasant… but the thing was that he didn't know if it was real or not. He had to ask him, even though he didn't like to admit it, those kind of things he only could speak together with the moss-head about.

Zoro sighed and shook his head as he went back to grab the towel and was about to toss it over to the crazy blond, as the question he most feared was being asked him. "I remember…" The blond slowly started again "or rather, I don't know if it's real or not, but…" his visible blue eye stared nervously up at the other person, hoping for getting a 'no' as an answer "for just a moment ago… did we really do… something against Luffy? I-I mean…" Zoro dropped the towel on the floor and stared horrified back at him, what almost scarred the hell shit out of Sanji as well; he had never EVER seen the swordsman seeing this horrified out for just asking him a question, and that was giving him the creeps.

"Don't, don't fucking tell me that you had… that same dream…?" The blond only managed to open his mouth, as they were cut off by a loud scrambling sound somewhere in the dim lighted room. Finally they saw a shape hiding in the corner. They both moved a bit to see it clearer from their own spots. Sanji could feel the blood keep soaking through the bandage around his head; he was getting even dizzier than before, his throat dried out and a feeling to throw up slowly overwhelmed him… and especially when he saw what or who it was there caused the loud noises. Zoro literally stopped breathing and swore that his heart as well had stopped beating, when he saw the frightened form of Luffy scrambling further up in the corner, staring back at them with such a horrified look in his eyes as had they just…shit! Had they really did that? Had they really raped him? Then… it wasn't a dream after all, now was it?

Sanji couldn't take it much longer and fell back down in the water, loosing his consciousness. 'what have we done?' He heard someone call his name, was it Zoro or was it Luffy? Or maybe both of them? He didn't know for sure and he never found out of it. Someone grabbed him and pulled him out of the water again, but there the dimness had already engulfed him, pulling him all the way down to its deepest darkness. 'What have Idone?'

To be continued


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