Part One- The Beginning

The Stargate team known as SG-1 was conducting their normal search of yet another new planet when suddenly they were ambushed by Jaffa loyal to the Goa'uld and cut off from the gate. Immediately they fell into combat but it was clear they were overwhelmed.

Just as suddenly, a seemingly endless amount of identical blonde haired teens burst out from the cover of the forest surrounding the clearing SG-1 and the Jaffa were in, yelling and lunging at the Jaffa.

The members of SG-1 stood in various forms of shock as they watched what appeared to be perfect clones of one blonde haired teenage boy fight through the hordes of Jaffa.

"Sir, what-"

"No idea Carter" came the reply from the woman's side as they watched the scene before them. Both Carter and Daniel seemed enthralled by what they could see. Teal'c's eyes showed appraisal as he observed the battle whilst keeping an eye out for enemies at hand to deal with.

Eventually, the number of blondes dwindled, but for the life of them, SG-1 couldn't see any bodies on the ground except for the Jaffa- not entirely impossible, given the abilities of the staff weapons and Zat'n'ktels the Jaffa possessed, which could disintegrate a body after multiple shots, but surely some of those who succumbed would be simply injured? It did not seem so.

Colonel Jack O'Neill turned to his team, shouting out orders over the din. "Carter, Daniel, when you can, break for the Gate, Daniel, you dial Earth, Carter, cover Jackson!"

"Yes sir!"

"Got it Jack!"

"Teal'c, you're with me"

Said Jaffa merely nodded, eyes not leaving the boy's battle which was still ongoing.

Soon enough the boy had almost completely defeated the Jaffa, which left Daniel and Sam free to run to the Stargate unhindered. The blonde teen grinned disarmingly at the two remaining men, who were no longer surprised that he had noticed them despite all the fighting he'd been doing. He started heading over slowly, clearly exhausted from his battle.

"Who the heck are you, what happened to all the others and where the Hell did you come from and why did you help us?" Jack demanded as they met halfway, eyeing the Jaffa bodies suspiciously (never could tell when one of 'em would just jump up outta nowhere…). Had Daniel been listening, he probably would have scolded Jack for his lack of tact, but the Colonel wasn't into politeness and politics. He was straightforward and thought people would be better off if everyone was like that. Damned political people.

The boy grinned tiredly again, eyeing each of the men carefully, head tilted to the side, breathing harshly.

Just when Jack thought maybe the kid didn't understand English (not uncommon), he looked up, his eyes unusually serious and answered.

"Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki, I dropped the kage bunshin no jutsu when I beat those teme's into the ground, I come from Konohagakure no sato and you needed help, and I will not sit by when someone I can see needs help, it's my nindo." He said, smiling tiredly, ocean blue eyes dancing with hidden mirth. He couldn't be more than fifteen, by looks, but his eyes said differently.

Teal'c raised his eyebrow at the youth.

"That was a most impressive battle, Naruto Uzumaki, you fought well and with honour"

The youth beamed at the compliment, grin widening even further if possible. "Arigato" he said, before turning to look around, and sniffing (?) the air? Who was this kid?

Jack looked puzzled at the mix of languages, and wondered where the hell this 'Konoha-whatever place was'

"Do you come from this planet?" O'Neill asked.

The boy turned from his sniffing and looked confused. "Planet? I don't know what you- I" he didn't get the chance to finish as Daniel called out. "Jack! We need to leave now! More Jaffa are coming this way!"

Teal'c and O'Neill turned to where the linguist was pointing and noticed another troop of Jaffa equipped with staff weapons striding intently toward them. It would not be long and they'd be in range of firing.

"Kuso! Those teme's don't know when to go away!" the youth cursed, glaring at the Jaffa. Teal'c again raised his brow at the unusual boy before him.

"Yeah, well, that's what the snake-guys do" Jack bit out, before turning back to the kid, "You comin' with us?"

'Naruto' nodded. He didn't know who these people were, but at least they weren't the snake-teme guys. Plus, the big guy didn't seem too bad (even if he did kinda look like the snake-guys).

"Move out!" Jack shouted, and the four-man team, along with their new addition stepped through the even horizon.

"Incoming wormhole! It's SG-1 sir" The sergeant at the tech desk called out to his commanding officer standing beside him.

"Open the iris"

"Yes sir"

The moment SG-1 came through the Stargate, General George Hammond noticed the blonde boy being partially supported by Teal'c.

Stepping down and into the gate room, he turned to the team leader, Colonel Jack O'Neill. "Mind explaining yourself, Colonel?" the General asked, eyeing the new 'member' the team seemed to have picked up on what was supposed to have been a routine exploration. Daniel and Carter looked inquisitive as well, as they too had no clue about the boy, just that he'd saved them from the ambush and had come through the gate with them.

"This is Naruto Uzumaki, sir. He saved our asses from a bunch of Jaffa," The Colonel replied, "You can cross that planet off the 'possible ally' list, by the way" he added.

Hammond nodded, "Well, it seems we owe you thanks, son" he said, addressing the boy.

"Dou itashimashite" came the boy's reply, "I enjoyed kicking those snake-teme's ass"

Jack outright laughed at the teen's reply, even if he didn't quite get what the boy had said first, clapping his hands. Daniel looked intrigued by the mix of language and Carter looked a mix of both.

Teal'c merely raised his brow at the teen beside him. Looking a little more closely, he noticed again how tired the boy seemed, though he had stopped leaning on the taller man after they'd come through the gate and he'd seen all the soldiers and General Hammond, he was obviously battle weary.

"I believe the boy should be looked at by Doctor Frasier, General. He is weary from battle, though he appears almost uninjured" Teal'c said, surprising the group.

Hammond nodded, eyeing the boy, realising what the Jaffa said was true. "Right. Colonel, you and your team take the boy to the infirmary. I'll be scheduling a debriefing for 1600, don't be late."

"Yes sir, no sir" O'Neill answered as the team began to move off, Teal'c giving assistance once more to the teen, who seemed a little surprised at the help, to say the least, but clearly welcomed it.

Naruto gazed around him at the amazing appearance of the Cheyenne Mountain facility (not that he knew this was what it was called) as he made his way to this 'infirmary' the old man had spoken of. He assumed it was the same as those in Konoha; except these guys were clearly not ninja.

"Ah-er excuse me, but where do you come from?" the man he'd heard addressed as 'Daniel Jackson' asked him as they walked down another plain hallway.

He looked confused for a moment, before answering. "Konohagakure no sato"

Daniel looked thoughtful for a moment. "Village hidden in the leaves?" he asked. The boy nodded, "Hai"

"Interesting. It seems you speak a combination of what we know as English and Japanese. That planet we were just on, is that your homeland?" he asked, his hand moving up to adjust his glasses as he peered intently at the boy. Naruto was immediately reminded of Kabuto, who had the same habit, but dismissed the idea the man was anything like that teme. He smelt friendly, and his eyes were kind. Naruto may have been fairly naeve and too trusting once, but he was a better judge of character now a days.

Sasuke's betrayal and the Oto-Suna invasion saw to that.

"Iie" the blonde answered as he was placed onto a medi-bed. He looked sheepish and raised his arm behind his head, scratching nervously, "I was knocked out by this weird jutsu the snake-bastard did and I woke up in that place. How far are we from Konoha?" he asked.

Daniel's eyes widened. Jutsu. Magic?

"Just what do you do exactly?" Jack asked as Janet fussed around the boy, telling him to lie down then sit up, flashing that annoying light in his eyes.

"I'm a ninja, d'uh" the boy answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world (and to him, it was).

O'Neill's, Carter's and Daniel's eyes widened considerably at this blasé statement.

"You're a ninja?" Jack asked incredibly, watching, dumbfounded as the boy nodded and smiled again.


Teal'c raised his brow. "What is a ninja? He asked, "I have not previously heard this term.

Daniel switched to lecturing mode. "We had ninjas here on Earth long ago, it's a lost culture mostly now though. They originated in Japan and were a type of elite warrior, assassins and bodyguards mostly. It was said they knew 'magic'- the jutsu Naruto here mentioned. Records have them doing amazing things- breathing fire, causing masses of water to appear of nowhere, disappearing into thin air, walking up walls, all sorts of stories surround their culture. Many historians debate what was realistic and what was exaggerated story telling to enhance the fear in their enemies, but few suggested that perhaps they were capable of such feats. Amazing, who would've thought this boy could come from a culture so similar to one found here on Earth, it's-

"Yeah yeah Daniel, you can geek out later. You're saying you're a ninja?" He asked again. "A ninja?"

Naruto looked confused. "Hai. Now where the hell am I?" he asked.

Carter sighed, Daniel still looked geeked out and O'Neill looked like he was having a fit.

Teal'c raised his brow.

"Perhaps we should have Uzumaki escort us to the debriefing. General Hammond may be able to assist in explaining the current situation to him," the Jaffa suggested.

The Colonel just waved his hand in a 'whatever' gesture and shooed Carter and Daniel out of the room.

"Can you watch the kid, Teal'c? Bring him to the debriefing at 1600 too?" Teal'c merely inclined his head in the affirmative and turned back to the youth.

Naruto had a supremely confused look on his face and felt as though he was in over his very blonde head.

"Who are you?" he asked bluntly.

"My name is Teal'c," the Jaffa answered calmly.

Naruto nodded, squinting his eyes. Suddenly his stomach rumbled, and he looked down sheepishly.

"Do you wish to eat, Uzumaki?" Teal'c asked the boy.

"Just Naruto" the youth answered, nodding, "Yeah, thanks" and so he followed the tall man out of the infirmary and into the cafeteria. "Very well" came the Jaffa's return.

Teal'c and Naruto had gone to the cafeteria to obtain food (which, Naruto was amazed to see did not include ramen- in fact the guy he'd asked about it didn't even have a clue what it was!) and had later returned to Teal'c's quarters after Naruto's third serving.

Noticing how tired the teen looked as he covered his yawn's every few minutes, Teal'c spoke up. "I am due to enter Kelno'reem, Naruto. Perhaps you, too should rest and regain your strength" The Jaffa suggested.

Naruto's eyes squinted momentarily, "Teal'c-san, what's Kelno'reem?"

Teal'c raised his brow at the addition to his name, wondering what it meant exactly. "Kelno'reem is a state of meditation all Jaffa must enter if they wish to maintain health."

"So it's like sleep?" the teen asked, sitting next to the big man on the bed.

"Yes" he answered, inclining his head.

"Huh" the boy answered, trying to stifle a yawn.

"Sleep, Naruto" The big man stated.

"Hai, Teal'c-san" were the last words heard before the boy fell asleep on the still-made bed. A raise of the brow later and Teal'c had entered his own meditative state.


Hi there! So this is an intro chapter into my latest crossover, between, of all things, Naruto and Stargate. I actually meant to update WTK and my other WIP stories, but decided to post this instead (don't worry, I'll update the others soon too!). This is my first attempt at Stargate fic. I think Stargate is a great platform for a crossover :) because of it's broad ability to cross into 'other worlds' so easily.

Naruto: This is based after Sasuke has abandoned Konoha for Sound (Oto), does not follow the canon storyline in the manga/anime regarding this necessarily (except for the fact the idiot left). The events up until Sasuke's defection are similar to the story line but not identical, any details that are different will be made apparent later on (I'm sure you can see a few already).

As for Stargate SG-1? It's not going to have any huge spoilers, in fact you could place it anywhere between Season One and Season Four comfortably (so long as all four of SG-1 members are alive and accounted for, obviously).

Konohagakure is the name of the village (Village Hidden in the Leaves) Naruto comes from.

Do Itashimashite means 'you're welcome/don't mention it'.

Hai means yes.

Iie means no.

Arigato means thanks.

Nindo means ninja way.

Jutsu means magic/technique.

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu is the shadow clone technique Naruto is known for (solid clones).

Kuso basically means damn.

Teme is a rude/impolite form of 'you', often used as a supplement for the word bastard.