Part Four

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Part Four

Almost a week had passed since the meeting SG-1 had held with General Hammond about Naruto, during which he had sparred with Teal'c a couple of times, had been given a thorough tour of the Stargate Command facility and had begun being taught the basics of military command and his education about Earth in general.

These duties were shared evenly throughout SG-1, with Sam and Daniel taking most of the earth education, though Jack felt the need to add in what he saw as the more important details the scholarly pair would surely miss, like hockey and fishing. You know, the serious stuff. He'd also been largely responsible for [attempting] to explain military protocol, the secrecy act and the stargate command.

Teal'c had not been left without something to do either. As the resident 'alien', he was encouraged to 'share his experiences' with the young blonde to assist him in adapting to this new environment.

Personally, Teal'c thought Naruto had been doing an admirable job without any assistance at all, and had stated just that to Colonel O'Neill when he had given him his duty.

He had not thought the Colonel's response overly amusing.

Naruto was very grateful for all the kind, helpful people he had been hanging out with for the last week. Sam-chan and Daniel-san had been very enthusiastic, teaching him everything they could think of about Earth whilst also asking him all about his home and its lands.

He told them what he could, explaining there was much he was not supposed to share with outsiders, explaining that their countries were run in a similar way to Stargate Command with how much information was privileged.

Though Daniel (and Sam, too) was disappointed about this limit on learning about a new culture, he understood and accepted it happily, allowing Naruto to breathe a sigh of relief when he realised his new friends (he wished he could be able to say that aloud) were not mad at him.

Jack had done his own questioning after discovering Naruto had never tasted jello.

"So, kid," Jack began, earning yet another stiffly annoyed look from Naruto for the moniker, "what sort of food does this Konoha place have anyways?" the older man asked as they sat in his quarters on base, taking a break from touring SG command and teaching and learning protocols.

Naruto's eyes lit up at the thought of his favourite food in Konoha. "Ramn!" he exclaimed, more animated than Jack had seen him in a good few days, or at least since Naruto's discovery of the godliness of blue jello.


"Hai, hai, Ichiraku Ramen is the best BEST food in all of Konoha and maybe even all of the Elemental Nations!" Naruto cried happily, grinning in remembrance of his favourite place to eat.

Jack smiled at the exuberance showing on the young boy's face.

"Isn't ramen some kind of noodle" Jack asked, oblivious of wat he'd just let himself into.

The horrified and slightly outraged look on Naruto's face keyed him in a little bit.

"JUST A NOODLE?" yelled the blonde.

Oh boy, thought Jack.

Meanwhile, in General Hammond's offices...

"Major Carter, please, be seated. I've called you in here while Colonel O'Neill is occupying young Mr Uzumaki to discuss this situation we all find ourselves in. Upon consulting Dr Frasier here,' the older man began, indicating the other woman seated at the table, who smiled again at Sam, having greeted her along with the General on her entry, 'that we are unaware of the age of the boy. Now, as it is uncertain whether we will be able to transport Mr Uzumaki back to his homeworld in the near future, I believe it would be prudent to ascertain such details. Particularly if he indeed proves to be as young as some of our estimates have been. If he is found to be under 18 years of age, I am under obligation to appoint him a guardian in lieu of his parents, despite his alien origins and obvious capabilities" the General commented.

Sam looked confusedly at the General as she responded. "Yes sir. I understand. What exactly do you plan on doing with Naruto sir?" she asked.

The General steepled his hands, resting his chin upon them in thought. "I believe, given his apparent fondness for you all, that I could appoint either yourself or Colonel O'Neill as his primary guardian, and officially leave him under the care of SG-1. As of yet, there has been no official arrangement made, but this issue must be rectified as soon as possible, particularly is he is under 18 years of age."

"And if he is over 18, sir?" the woman asked curiously.

"He will still need to have an official guardian, at least to act as a medical proxy should one ever be required, regardless of how unnecessary it appears that will be," the older man replied, his eyes sparkling genially addressing the impressive healing 'powers' the young blonde appeared to have.

"Yes sir. Permission to speak freely sir?"

"Granted, Major"

"Sir, might I suggest Colonel O'Neill be appointed his guardian? I understand why Teal'c would not be allowed guardianship, but Jack and Teal'c are the two people Naruto seems most comfortable with. He is friendly and open with Daniel and myself, but I think Jack and he have bonded, and he already spends most of his 'free' time in Colonel O'Neill's quarters."

"I'll take that into consideration, thank you Major. I'm sure it'll be no problem."

"Yes sir, thank you sir."

It wasn't until later that afternoon that all of the SG-1 members and Dr Frasier managed to make time to meet up together.

"Alright Doc, we're all here now, what's all this about?"

"Well, Colonel, as Naruto's future is unknown for now,' the doctor began, casting a motherly look at the blonde, 'we need to fill out the rest of his details, in particular his age. In fact, I can't believe I forgot it the first time," the friendly woman said, grinning ruefully.

Naruto cocked his head to the side, "We need a meeting just to ask how old I am, Doctor Frasier-san?"

The doctor blushed. "Well, no, Naruto. But depending on what age you are, we may need to arrange something else as well, and for that we do" the doctor answered kindly.

Naruto narrowed his eyes, his muscles tensing. He didn't like the sound of this. "Something-else? What else?" he asked astutely.

"Well, you may need to be appointed a guardian, Naruto" Janet replied a little hesitantly, noticing Naruto's change in posture.