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Author's Note: Sorry about this one, guys. I just wanted to challenge myself, see if i could write a fic that DIDN'T end too graphically to not be M-rated. A drabble seems to be all i can accomplish under those terms.

The blue light of pre-dawn filled Caspian's cavernous bedchamber, and stained Peter's hair a soft sheen of a colour, both blonde and blue at once. Caspian sat up and looked down at his lover's unusually peaceful face, and reminisced. There had been a time when Peter was simply a confusing, impetuous, emotionally turbulent boy. He had been definable. He had been complicated in a simple way, in a way Caspian hadn't had to think about.

And then he had seen him cry. And then, he had seen the vulnerability in those normally strong, stubborn, glinting eyes. He had seen something he wanted to protect. And lines had blurred and Peter had become a universe of his own. He had become like an extension of Caspian.

And then, he had crawled into Caspian's bed one night. Comfort had boiled and burned and turned into something else. It had turned into warm, sweat-slick hands, desperate parted lips, whimpers, cries, groans, and a powerful grip, both physical and spiritual. There was no escaping Peter. He was so weak, so strong.

Peter stirred, and his eyes opened. He tilted his head and looked up at Caspian. Caspian smile softly and Peter returned the smile. He closed his beautiful blue eyes, raised his eyebrows, rolled over and grabbed Caspian's arm halfway along so that they ended up spooning. Caspian pressed a kiss to the back of Peter's neck. The ten thousandth kiss. He wondered if there was a place on Peter's body his mouth hadn't touched.

The blue light of pre-dawn was changing slowly on the horizon to a peachy, warm, reddish sunrise. Peter mumbled something that could have been either "i love you" or "stop squeezing so hard", but it didn't matter. The world, the strength, the gentleness, the words were gone, and there was only Peter.

Things were more simple that way.