Chapter 1: The summoning (or: the importance of swinging bats)

Malfoy watched with pleasure as his thugs gathered the required ingredients for the charm he had in mind into the octogram, without too many times that he had to (not so) gently correct them that he needed DRAGON BLOOD wax, not WEAGON MUD wax, and "PUT THAT FILTHY THING BACK WHERE YOU FOUND IT YOU MINDLESS SLIME, IT STINKS". His plan was coming apart wonderfully, and he will let nothing ruin his mood.

Once he found this dusty old book at his father attic he was skeptic; surely, had his father had a book called "how to summon and control a demon" he would have bragged about it by now to the other death eaters, and gain his rightful place – only a step behind the dark lord. Yet once he opened it, he realized- why not? His family had so many treasures of ancient times as well as new tricks of the recent times that things might get lost… valuable things… precious things, like that book he now held in his hand.

"That is enough." He told his lackeys. "The set is on, now the show must begin." And with a grin he opened his book on page 256 and begun chanting…

Haadam se'amur lihiyot sham lo kayam

Haadam se'lo charih lihiyot sham kayam.

Mi se'pagasta balayila se'avar lo kayam

Mi se'nimcha sham eino hai.

Hasof kvar kan! Sof ha'olam!

Than Malfoy finished by crooking his fingers, which was the cue for Goyle to add 3 bat wings. So Goyle swung in 3 bats.

"You fool!" Malfoy begun to shout, but was abruptly stopped when a big explosion from the octogram knocked him unconscious.

Nana could sense Lucy again now. "Papa," she told Kurama, "She is in that direction, and upward… I'm pretty sure, no, I'm certain she is THERE." She said, and pointed at a nearby lighthouse. "Thank you, Nana" said the former research chief. "But from here and on… I need to confront her, on my own." Nana looked up at her Papa face, and was discouraged at seeing he was serious about this. "But why? Nana can help too! Nana can fight her! Nana won't let her escape this time, I –" Kurama than put a hand on No.7 mouth, hushing her. "I do not think the two of us combined can defeat her… the risk is too great. The only way to defeat her lies in surprise attack… you can not join."

Kurama crouched and hugged her. "Should I won't be back in 10 minutes… go far away where no one can find you. Find a place where you are happy." Standing again, Kurama turned and walked towards the lighthouse. "Papa," 'Nana can't be happy if you are not there' she wanted to shout but the words got stuck in her throat, among her sobs. She tried running to him, but as if sensing her approach he turned around, petrifying her with his gaze. "Do not follow me, Nana. That's an order! Our only chance is surprise, and I won't forgive you if you will put our efforts to ruin."

Hearing those words, Nana lost her standing, holding her sobs as she watched him go.

Kurama wanted to go there, to hug her once more…. But it will only make matters more painful for her.

'Goodbye, Nana…'

Lucy presence disappeared. At first, Nana mind went blank. Than she realized:' Papa won! Papa did it!' she ran with glee towards the lighthouse, to see Papa's face once more.

But Lucy did not die… all that happened is merely another one of her many personalities surfaced up, undetected but still dangerous, she glared coldly at he who was among her tormentors as his already dead body started to cool. She remembered Nana presence, and she knew she would be here soon. And indeed, she was.

All that Nana could do was stare in agony at her Papa body as Lucy advanced toward her, but as Lucy opened her mouth to release the final words Nana would ever hear on this side of life… an explosion occurred, and pink smoke was all that was left where Nana stood. Lucy watched unfazed as the wind blew the smoke away… and now it was gone.

Crab was the first one to regain his consciousness. He opened his eyes and wobbled up to a standing position and blinked around. The magical circle was gone… but in it stood a girl. But the girl was of no interest to him now; he looked around, and found him- lying where he previously stood, smoldering remains of the book he found held tightly in his hands, his master slept unconscious. Crab groaned and walked towards him, ignoring the faint sobs coming from the girl.

"-iot" mumbled Malfoy as he woke up. He waved crab away, grimacing at the sight of the now useless book, and stood up. Upon seeing the sobbing girl he smiled. "A baby demon rather than a full grown one is still better than nothing. You are at luck Goyle, I will let your incompetence pass… for this time." Seeing as he got no response, he looked around and froze, for he spotted Goyle, and he was dead. (Believe me, you DON'T want the details.).

Still unaware of his comrade death, Crab spoke. "A baby demon? All she got is weird hair."

Unfroze by his other thug dumbness, Malfoy spun around to meat Crab eyes with a glare. "But of course she is a demon, nitwit! Who else has HORNS?"

Crab didn't argue. Even if he had the brain- or the guts- to come up with an argument, he now spotted his now dead pal and his mind went blank. ("Blank" in this case is "Total shortage", as "blank" is Crab's brain usual state :P ) At any rate, Malfoy would have paid him no heed; he was now focused on his new follower, a demon preteen girl who was still sobbing at the middle of the magical circle. He put on his best smile and stepped forward to calm her down.

Nana vision was blurred with tears she didn't even try to put off. Papa was dead! Anything else is just… unimportant. Empty. Shallow. She tried to think clearly, tried to tell herself there are people nearby, tried to ask herself why Lucy hadn't killed her yet, and what Papa would have said if he saw her crying like that… and than the tears flowed back, in a big wave of woe and agony. Someone gave her a tissue. She took it mindlessly and blew her sorrow into it, than stopped.

Vision slightly clearer, she now could see what firstly she did not… she was now standing in a weird… basement? With three people around, one who was apparently dead, the other stood almost as still as a statue, and a third one, smiling calmly at her while trying not to look at the handkerchief she handed him back. Still calmly sobbing, Nana watched him silently.

Meeting her Gaze, the boy put some more effort into his smile. "I am Draco Malfoy. Welcome to my mension. "