Note: In reference to Jareth and Lilah's birth this is homage to my friend, who was conceived 2 months after his brother was born. They were born in Jan. and Dec. of 1991

Chapter 9


Luna Lovegood was not a fool. And she certainly wasn't ignorant to her husbands' melancholy. She and Ron had a close and wonderful relationship, and yet he refused to open up to her. In 12 years they shared everything, and now he had fallen into silence; this worried her greatly, and she'd spent the last 5 months obsessing over what was wrong. She bit her nail wearing her signature dreamy gaze. It was Saturday, she didn't have work and Ron did.

"Erikah, don't push your brother." She commented

"How did you see that?" Erikah asked amazed, Luna merely looked at her and smiled

"Moms have magical powers," Bram warned his older sister, she shot him a look

"When am I having a birthday party" Erikah asked

"In 10 months, when it's your birthday." Luna replied still wondering about Ronald

"When are Aunt Ginny and Uncle Draco and our cousins coming back from vacation? Did Matilda go with them?" Joshua asked walking in, Luna nodded

"What do you guys want for dinner?" She asked walking to the kitchen; they all replied "Don't care". They really were Ron's kids, food was food and they weren't picky eaters. That evening when she and Ron were sitting alone at their table, awkwardly eating dinner not saying a word, Luna was going over different questions in her mind.

She gazed around the kitchen, the lemon colored paint, the white stripes, very country, very nice. Whereas Ginny and Draco had a huge mansion that had floor upon floor, she and Ron had opted for a nice smaller house in comparison to their friends. It had a large backyard, two levels, 7 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. They needed it after all; the average pureblooded family size was 8.9 children and growing.

"Ron, what's wrong?" She asked playing with the locket that held a picture of her mother. Ron looked down at his salad.

"Nothing," he grumbled and put some spinach leaves in his mouth, Luna reached across the table and touched his hand and smiled gently, Ron squeezed it.

"We've been honest for 12 years, close for 12 years, things can't stop now."

"Matilda." He whispered nearly interrupting her, Luna was confused

"The Nanny? For Ginny and Draco?" She asked

"It's," he paused, the words were as thick and heavy as Polyjuice Potion in the back of his throat "HERMIONE." He pushed forward hard; Luna felt her jaw drop and the hand that was fiddling with her locket fell to the wood table with a "thump".

"I thought, she was dead, in one of the camps, or had fled." Luna stated, Ron shook his head

"No, she was held prisoner by Crabbe and Goyal, they raped her, forced her to kill the infants, she escaped and has been posing as the nanny for years." He cried, Luna's face twisted in horror and repulsion

"That's revolting," she gagged, Ron told her of how he'd made love to her and that it was a shared experience, although Luna had made it clear she would have wanted him to do it, and she certainly had a wonderful time with Dean years ago in the bedroom, she now felt herself getting jealous of Hermione. But being a hypocrite wasn't her style and commented that Ron did what was right. It was unfair what this war stole from people.

"It's alright Ron." She soothed, Ron felt good now that it was off of his chest, but still yearned for Hermione. He was happy that she was alive and well, doing so wonderfully, but deeply broken that they could never be together. Ron excused himself from the table and found solace under hot running water. He thought of the bath that he and Hermione had; the bubbles, the laughter- love and happiness. Would Hermione Granger haunt him for the rest of his days? Would she forever remain a broken part of his life and a hole in his heart? He prayed not. But he did love her, and knew that they were soul mates, someday they would find their way back to each other. He pulled the sheets back over the covers; Luna reached over and felt that his skin was still hot from the shower, she slid over and placed a soothing and fervent kiss on Ron's lips, and while it was treasured and welcome, it was not Hermione…

Stay in my heart, never leave my side

Returning home from a summer vacation had proved to be just as tiring as running a marathon. Unpacking and settling back in, Hermione only unpacked to wash her clothes and then put them back in a suitcase, tomorrow she left to start her journey to America. She was depressed for many reasons, saying goodbye to the children was immensely difficult, at first they'd cursed her but eventually grew to accept the decision; but further more Hermione was depressed because she had failed to conceive from her and Ron's attempts during those 5 days. At first she thought she really had and then she got her period, a cruel joke from nature. She was braiding her hair when she heard a knock on the door; Ginny entered and closed it behind her. She held in her hand a medium sized box.

"Hermione, you should see these, this is the last night we'll have together as friends, and I have made copies for you to keep, and many are originals." Ginny began to cry opening the box. Photographs, maybe 100 of them in the box. Hermione went to her knees and searched through them and was filled with happiness, sadness, nostalgia. Her eyes grew teary and she broke into a laugh holding a picture. It was of herself with Ron and Harry, in their first year. They were laughing and smiling at the camera, she held it to her heart and mouth thank you. There were some amazing pictures, her and Viktor at the Yule Ball dancing together, also of Ron in that terrible outfit, Harry eyeing Cho in the distance with Cedric. At the Burrow, with Dumbledore laughing with Kingsley Shacklebolt.

"What ever happened to Viktor?" Hermione asked assuming he was dead

"He was killed in Bulgaria, he opposed the Dark Lord." Ginny told, Hermione had assumed right

"What about Cho, Hannah Abbot, Neville, Seamus, Dean, Anthony Goldstein? What happened to them all, our friends…"

"Cho was put in a camp; I heard she died…Hannah Abbot escaped to Canada; Seamus and Dean live in Seattle Washington, with their families in an accepting wizarding community. Anthony Goldstein is married to a very successful business woman; they have 14 children, he's a stay at home father, quite happy, very kosher house." Ginny told

"Good, at least someone ended up happy. Most people are dead or miserable." Hermione scoffed

"I'm not as miserable." Ginny spoke and Hermione gave her a look that begged her to elaborate, "It took a very long time, for 11 years I was dejected, forced to mate and birth like cattle. And I hated Draco, how I hated him; I blamed everything on him, Harry's death, being married to him. When I was dying that night at Shell Cottage, I could feel myself going, and although I was nearing the end of my pregnancy, I didn't care that- albeit they weren't named back then- that Riddy and Orion were dying with him.

I could feel them thrashing around, as I lost oxygen, so did they, I could feel them fighting death, panicking. And I really didn't care Hermione. I was so angry, even at them; it took me forever to bond with them, I still feel unattached to my own children. I suppose it is the manner in which they are conceived- a duty in order to face death. But I go back to that night at Shell Cottage and I actually felt peace Hermione.

As blood was rushing from my birth canal and my pulse weakened. I didn't care, I wanted to die, but I did want to see my mother, I remember tell Draco that, and then everything went black. I did die that night, they had to use CPR, and I had to be resuscitated. I was dead and I knew it, it didn't bother me at all."

"Did you see Harry? When you died?" Hermione inquired

"NO!" Ginny responded amazed "That is who I wanted to see, I was standing in the room, watching a man lead Draco out. I watched him Disapparate to my parents' house. I just knew that is where he went. I saw them cut off my white linen dress my mother made, I was naked and heavily pregnant on a gurney and they cut me open and delivered these two, healthy babies. It wasn't like those muggle movies you know, where everyone is covered in white. I stood there, 18 years old, dead, in a room watching my sons claim life while I had lost it. They screamed so loud, the life screams of us all when we emerge. It is amazing to me, that Riddy and Orion were born while no parents were there, Draco had left to get my parents and I was dead. It was 15 minutes later when they'd given up that a beat came onto the monitor. Every birth after that Draco has been present, he even joked that he wants to deliver whoever may be left." Ginny smiled at the last part. They spent the rest of the night talking about life and love, and had fallen asleep holding hands in the bed. They were best friends and never to see each other again. Hermione stirred as she felt a hand on her cheek. She opened her eyes: RON. Was she dreaming? Was this real? He motioned for her to be silent and lead her outside. It was probably 75 degrees and 3 am.

"One last time." He whispered; they made love in the garden, several time actually. The scent of grass and Hyacinth's filled the sweet air. Ron lay down next to her and they cried together.

"I have to go now." He cried pressing her head to his "I love you, more than life itself, which I shall hate, because it is not with you." He told kissing her lips

"I love you Ron, I always have and always will."

"You're my soul mate and I'll always love you, forever and always. I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my Hermione you'll be." He cried and Hermione wrapped her arms around him, they stood still and together watched the sun come up.

He kissed her one last kiss and squeezed her body into his and she felt him Disapparate. She was left to her own tears and walked inside. Draco and Ginny were already dressed and awake. Hermione's belongings in the dining room,

"John Cello is here, he'll be taking you on your way." Ginny explained, Hermione nodded "You have your wand?" She asked, again Hermione nodded "Just remember, that was Percy's. Write often as well, under a pen name. DON'T EVER LOSE TOUCH US US!" Ginny warned trying to be funny but felt a lump in her throat

"This is from Catalina; it's the inheritance she left you," Draco handed her an envelope stepping forward, and with hesitation hugged her "I am happy you're a live Hermione, and very happy you're on your way to something better." He spoke kissing her on the cheek

"Thank you Draco, that means a lot." Hermione nodded, Ginny looked contemplative as she stepped forward

"You're my best friend. I thought you were dead, and you came back, resurrected from the horror and the flame. I love you Hermione, you're special to me. You represent the good years, the happy years, the wonderful years from a long time ago.

I'll always treasure you." Ginny cried wrapping her arms around her and then without notice put her lips to Hermione's mouth, the way a lover might. Ginny did not care; this was her best friend and her last goodbye. Hermione, awkward at first settled into it and accepted it, slipping in some tongue and finalized it with an intense hug. She paused and waved, getting into the car and leaving for a better life. Ginny turned to Draco, who was grinning and then raised his eyebrows in approval.


Hermione looked around nervously, she was in America. Her parents were behind her, their memories returned but they were still coming around mentally; their flight had landed an hour before and she was waiting for someone from the Wizarding Presidential Immigrant Office to arrive.

A man, tall and with a brown mustache and a woman, round in the middle but pretty in the face approached her and her parents and soon they led them away to a car.

"You're being transported to the east coast. There is a very large British Wizarding Community there, many of them also escapees from Britain, you're lucky you were able to get away, we haven't had a refugee in 9 years." Alan Goffing told looking in the rearview mirror as Helen Klaas drive in the night.

"Have you chosen a name?" Helen asked

"Uh, I didn't think we needed to," Hermione spoke

"Well, what was the alias you went by in Britain?" He asked, she gave him a startled look

"How did you know that?"

"There's no way you could have survived this long under your birth name. Most of the refugees we get had alias made up. People made up WHOLE FAMILY HISTORIES; dire times, desperate measures." It was so odd, being referred to as a refugee, because one usually imagines some person from an Asian or African country. Hermione sat and listened to him talk, he didn't sound English and he his American accent was certainly well done, but there was something heavier underneath it.

"Mr. Goffing, do I detect a hint of Scottish accent?" She asked, and after a moment the man beamed

"I suspect you should Miss. Granger," he said in a thick Scottish accent, goose bumps covered Hermione's body as she looked into the adult face of Oliver Wood.

"Oliver!" She gasped and caught Helen smiling, he nodded

"Hello Hermione," he smiled

"What are you doing here?" She spoke amazed touching his shoulder

"I came here when Voldemort rose; my family was considered blood traitors you know. They were all murdered fighting for their lives; I escaped by the skin of my teeth, the killing curse being fired all around me. It was a mess for a long time here, trying to place everyone. Most Americans think that the British Government has fallen and they're flocking here, but the wizarding communities are hidden, large and safe."

"If you're so safe then why are you using a fake name?" Mrs. Granger asked

"It's usually safer," he shrugged "There is still a threat, but it's minimal. My wife here, Helen Klaas goes by her real name, but when at work we tend use our fake names, but again, have you chosen one?"

"I went by Matilda," Hermione told putting her hair behind her ear

"And your last name?"

"I like Matheson better now."

"That's a nice name, and you Mr. and Mrs. Granger?" Helen smiled

"I always wanted the name Thor." Mr. Granger told slightly delusional- he was coming out of a 13 year memory charm so he and Mrs. Granger were still slightly wacky.

"And my name is Amelia Bedelia." Mrs. Granger nodded, Hermione looked sad

"How long were they under the memory charm?" Helen asked

"13 years."

"Sweet CHRIST," Helen huffed in amazement

"Hermione, what happened to most people?" Oliver asked, Hermione recounted her tales of the camps, how people were forced to marry and breed as livestock, Oliver groaned rolling his eyes

"I'd heard rumors, but I didn't want to believe." He told as they pulled into the driveway of a quaint residence. As she walked through the door she realized that it was Oliver's house, the walls were beleaguered with photographs of his two sons and two daughters. They were grown now.

"My daughter Colleen moved to New York last year to pursue acting, my son is a freshman in high school, my other daughter Maxine is abroad in Africa, she just graduated from medical school, she attempting to end Female Genital Mutilation and oldest son Gavin lives in New Hampshire with his husband Jamison." He told proudly. Ginny enjoyed the fact that Oliver had grown to be the kind of man who accepted his children, regardless of their orientation

"Wait," Hermione turned "you're only 37, how do you have children that are in their 20's?"

"Many, wizarding children came here with parents that were already dead. A lot of us took them in and raised them as our own. You'll find most older and grown children in the area are adopted." He told "Now, to business. Hermione do you have any funds?" he asked

"Yes, I suspect we'll only need be here for a few days." She told and he nodded. Hermione settled into the room and once again looked over her inheritance from Catalina- 2.8 million dollars. Her heart thudded greatly and she couldn't believe it. Tomorrow she would have to open and account, and soon rent and apartment, for her and her parents. She looked around the room, America, this was a house in America, and the whole notion was so very far away to her. Never had she dreamed to live in America, let alone be an expatriate living here in America, but here was on her way to a new life toward something better. She went into her suitcase and mulled over the pictures of Ron and Harry and didn't feel so alone.


Ginny practically fucking danced to work; she loved her children but being a stay at home mother wasn't her idea of a life. Riddy and Orion were now 3rd years, Molly a second year while Jareth and Lilah were also 1st years. They weren't twins though, Jareth was born 1/10/04 and Lilah was conceived only weeks later, to be born on 12/12/04. Ginny was 31 years old and 6 of her children were at Hogwarts, she had taken a job as an Administrator of Specialty Wizarding Permits at the Ministry. Her fist day and her heart shook with fear, for she had not been lied to, Harry Potter, her love, was on display. It didn't get easier with time, but she learned to ignore it; only once after everyone had left she move in for a look. Harry was perfectly preserved in his clothes he'd last warn, she had to leave, and she felt herself break into a run as she left. After that moment she only went to work via a different entrance, apparently most people found the display quite morbid which was good to know, some humanity left in this world. She filed the last of her papers and closed the door, using the Floo Network to get home. She and Draco were sitting down to a quiet dinner when they heard banging at the door; he lowered his reading glasses and looked at her

"Two guesses," he spoke and a house elf greeted the guests. Two women entered wearing Ministry Official badges.

"Mimi Olenfrenic and Jacinda Hoppert." They introduced

"It's after hour's ladies, what brings you here?" Ginny asked still sitting at the table

"We're from the Muggle Offensives office." Mimi stated her red hair matching Ginny's, but she was about 8 years younger and much darker in her complexion

"Oh?" Draco asked uninterested

"Aren't you going to ask us to sit?" Mimi asked and Ginny waved her hand to the living room as they all took a seat. Draco sat next to Ginny holding her hand

"Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy-Weasley, we're here because we've received word that you knowingly harbored a muggle born in your residence for nearly 2 years."

"Far more than that actually," Ginny spoke and the women looked shocked at the admittance

"Mrs. Malfoy-Weasley, I hope you know the seriousness of the charges that will follow-" Mimi began angrily

"I suppose by "MUGGLE BORN" you're referencing to our Squib Nanny Matilda?" Ginny added, the women looked at each other

"Squib, you say?" Jacinda asked leaning in, her medium brown eyes relieved

"She came from a Pure blooded family, but was unable to produce magic, a Squib. There isn't any law against hiring Squib's." Draco told

"No, not at all there isn't," Jacinda smiled cheerily

"Not unless you can prove it." Mimi told in a dark tone

"She had papers," Ginny shrugged, Mimi leaned forward and licked her lips

"Tell, Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy-Weasley," she began "is Matilda here, right now?"

"She left us sometime ago." Ginny told

"Interesting, why's that?" Mimi continued, believing she'd trapped them

"She fell in love and wanted to marry, I believe she left to Scotland." Draco added

"In love!" Jacinda sang "How wonderful, what was his name?"

"HER name is Angela DeWitt," Ginny smiled and Mimi looked insanely uncomfortable while Jacinda remained delighted with the prospect of love

"And did you know of her, orientation while she lived here?" Mimi cringed

"You mean her being a lesbian? Oh yes, we knew her preference for making love to women, its fine." Draco shrugged, he enjoying lying to Mimi

"And you let this behavior go on in your house?" Mimi accused disgusted, Jacinda shot her a bitter look

"What do you mean? If Matilda had a boyfriend it wouldn't be an issue. She found a lovely woman and someday they'll make wonderful parents." Ginny told with a smile. Mimi inhaled sharply closing her eyes. She made it clear that she and Jacinda had to inspect the room where she'd stay

"Don't worry Ms. Mimi, there are no lesbian love toys, I suspect she brought them with her for her Honeymoon." Ginny told watching Mimi speed up to the stairs on her way to the room.

Draco paused and together they broke into intense laughter. When they came back, Jacinda had some questions,

"Alright, how many children have you bore since before or after your wedding?" She asked

"8," Draco replied

"And their names and birthdates?"

"Orion Solstice and Eridanus Rigel born November 22, 1999; Caelum Remus born June 4th, 2001; Molly Ginevra born May 4th, 2002; Jareth Virgo born January 10th, 2004; Lilah Rose born December 12, 2004 she was conceived 2 months after Jareth was born; Arthur and Minerva April 24th, 2006; Harry James born July 31, 2007; Parker Jeanette born October 29th, 2008." Ginny and Draco had both taken turns

"So, you have 2 sets of twins…correct? And one conceived one a month after the others birth…WOW." Jacinda commented, Mimi had already left and Jacinda was closing up

"There's nothing we can do about her leaving to marry her girlfriend. I am sorry about Mimi's reaction, she's very homophobic. The inquiry should clear, have a nice evening." Jacinda left, and Hermione hurried to get her coat

"Oi, where are you going?" Draco asked walking to their bedroom

"I have something I do to do," she told zipping her coat up

"Like what?" he asked suspiciously

"Girl stuff, you know, Mindy is really depressed and –"

"Ugh, it's fine, it's alright, I get it." He said pushing it away from it. Ginny checked her pockets and confirmed that she had her wand, and walked calmly out the front door.


Ginny felt like both a genius and lunatic, only two weeks before had she been granted a permit to use a wand, only "dangerous" wizards were required to gain a permit; it both flattered and angered Ginny that for almost 30 years she wasn't permitted to use a wand, but it complimented her to- the Ministry considered her an incredibly powerful witch and feared her so. She'd been working toward this goal for sometime now and enough people were on her side to help her. Neville Longbottom, Caldon Ironbubble, Mia Offeria, Jeffrey Dunwitz and Anthony Goldstein stood by her side. They would have a 15 minute window and they intended to do this correctly. Anthony and Ginny quickly disarmed the guards and relieved the alarms as they quickly moved the body of Harry Potter out of the Ministry; it wasn't until they were incredibly far away that they stopped moving and felt safe.

"Where are we brining this?" Anthony asked

"A cave, on my property, it's by the rocks just short of the ocean, it won't flood and it's perfect." Very safe in deed; the glass coffin with the horrible mockery upon it was discarded; Caldon made it was crushed and buried just east of Lewisham. Ginny had bought a wonderful new glass coffin that had a pure gold trim. With the help of her friend she lowered Harry into his new resting place on a bed of satin. She took her time placing roses about his body. Casts a refreshing spell, he and the flowers would never wither and decay; and she looked down at her prince, her king, her soul mate. On his chest Anthony Goldstein had placed the original flag from the D.A. on Harry, gently resting Harry's hands on it. Ginny gazed down at his face, looked at fresh as anything, a 17 year old boy, merely asleep, even his hair felt the same. The other had waved goodbye while Anthony helped place the top on the coffin latching it shut.

"You have the pictures?" He asked, she nodded

"And you?" She returned, Anthony smiled

"Ravenclaw house, always prepared," he stated

"Ah yes, the intelligent, organized Ravenclaw and the brave courageous Gryffindor working together," she grinned, Anthony patted her back. Together they decorated the small tomb; Ginny had strung Gryffindor banners everywhere while Anthony in gold writing had inscribed the names of every member of the Dumbledore's Army along with their houses. The names of their houses were decorated with the corresponding color and the Coat of arms and just before their names a picture of them in the stone, smiling and waving. Ginny left the scrapbook behind documenting the rise of Voldemort, the boy who lived, and the extensive information about Hogwarts, its history and the different houses and founders. They also placed in the tomb the four house flags. Voldemort had destroyed all prior knowledge of Hogwarts and its students.

Dumbledore as well, Anthony and Ginny had literally stacked the place with information, especially on Harry and his family, since most people believed his was horrible wizard who wrought havoc on Britain. Just before they sealed the tomb Ginny had left a very thick envelope containing a piece of parchment. She and Anthony had placed Refreshing charms on the contents of the tomb so that even if it was discovered 1000 years later people would be able to gain information. And then came the difficult part. She and Anthony spent 6 hours casting protective charms on the tomb and opening. They made sure that only a person of true heart could access these contents, and only once Voldemort was dead and it was safe time to let the truth out. When she returned home she sat on the edge of her bed and felt Draco's warm hand on her back, and then his chin on her shoulder.

"The body of Harry Potter is missing from the Ministry." He told tiredly

"Oh?" Ginny asked shocked that the news was already out; it had only been 7 or 8 hours.

"I know it was you Ginny,"

"How?" She asked interested

"Even in your death you'll be faithful to him." He breathed kissing her neck, Ginny closed her eyes and leaned into it, catch the spicy scent of Draco's sweat, the salty taste of his skin on her lips as she nibbled his shoulder.

Within hours the Ministry was in panic, Voldemort had even thought perhaps Potter was live. Bur the hysteria receded and it became legend, the body of Harry Potter disappearing. People were confounded by it, claiming that the heavens took, he was taken by the evil forces, or his dead body simply left on his own accord. In fact, the name Harry Potter had become synonymous with fright,

"Harry Potter is going to get you."

"Harry Potter is underneath your bed!"

"If you keep being bad Harry Potter is going to climb out of the shadows and DRAG YOU OFF TO HELL!"

It sickened Ginny what had become of his name, his legacy. But she taught her children otherwise, her and Draco. That Harry Potter was brave, amazing and wonderful man….but she didn't mention to her children that she awaited death impatiently, so to join him. But her nerves were soothed, now that Harry was properly resting in a tomb and not on display! Oh how that made her so hateful! How it consumed her soul-

"Ginny!" Draco spoke, she was called back to reality as she gazed down at Draco, he rolled over and she felt his thick cock pull out of her as he went onto his side facing away. Ginny was still on her knees looking over at him

"What?" She asked putting her hand on his shoulder, he brushed it away

"What? What's the point of making love if you aren't even going to be involved?"

"I was involved," she spoke, he looked at her

"No, you were in your angry state of mind, probably thinking about Potter."

"You said that you supported my ever involved love of him." She stated, a disappointed tone, Draco looked at her with raised eyebrows

"Oh, I do Ginny. Believe me, but does he have to join us in the bedroom?" He asked making a face, Ginny smiled

"You're right."

"Damn right I am." He stated going back onto his side and felt her hand

"I'm not in the mood, anymore."

"Then I'll finish myself off." Ginny told lying on her back feeling the outline of her clit. Although she loved Draco and they had magnificent sex there was nothing in the world like masturbation. Nope, what you can do for yourself had always been treasured on Ginny's list and now she refused to hold back. She came loudly and relaxed, and then felt a surge of arousal. She forced Draco onto his back and pulled the covers away, he was still rock hard and she mounted him thrusting violently, he grabbed her hips for support and called her name several time before changing positions and kissing her tenderly while fucking her with passion. And for the first time in their marriage while she was with Draco, Harry was not in her mind at all.

Draco rubbed his eyes in the light, Ginny was still asleep. He always woke up before she did. Suddenly his gaze fixated on the dark figure in the corner, hissing and low. His skin pale, his eyes glowing green and he was moving toward Draco. His knees were bent like his arms and his back was hunched as he moved. His movements were like a robot her wasn't oiled well and was breaking down. Draco's jaw dropped in horror. Harry Potter was moving toward him high pitch squeaks and grunts. Draco was frozen in his own horror as Harry was standing before him; Harry's skin was white and the veins underneath blue and visible. Harry was making horrible growling noises and his upper lip quivered and he began biting at Draco's face.

Ginny woke up with a start, Draco was screaming hysterically sitting on the edge of the bed, and she grabbed his shoulders and yanked him backward. Nothing was there, he was dreaming. She shook him violently once more as his eyes popped open and he cried into her bosom, it was dream, a horrible, horrible dream…