Hey everyone its Kisa here

Hey everyone its Kisa here! I decided to try out my luck on a new story. To me the plot sounded interesting, but it's always so much harder to write . Oh well, I guess I'll just let you guys read and tell me how you like it. And no I haven't forgotten my other story I've just been busy getting good grades in my voluntary summer school and haven't had much time to write.

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Opening the door to his room Ichigo quickly ran inside closing it behind him and locking it. He brought his hand up to rub his now swollen cheek. Like always every day he walked though the front door of his house, his dad flew out of nowhere ready to attack. Normally the orange haired teen would easily have deflected it, but today he had been distracted and was punched hard in the face.

Growling Ichigo angrily threw his book bag over at his desk causing half the books and papers to fall off and hit the ground with a large thump. Scowling the teen walked over to his bed and lay down on his stomach, burying his face in the pillow. Taking deep breaths he tried to calm himself down.

Why had he been acting so angry lately? Maybe he hadn't been getting enough sleep, because of all the hollows lately. Yeah, that had to be it.

No, it wasn't just that. It had been about a month since he had returned from the soul society. Ichigo thought that now that he was back with his family he would be happier, but he wasn't. He was confused, maybe even a little angry at them. He had been gone for such a long time, yet they acted if he had never gone in the first place.

It scared him, what if he was to disappear and never to return. Would they even miss him? It's like he didn't belong in this world. Even if he died the world would move on and he'd eventually be forgotten.

So, if he didn't belong here, in this world, where did he belong? It obviously wasn't the soul society. The second he had saved Rukia they had kicked him and his friends out. That was a defendant 'we don't want you here, so get the hell out of here'. Sighing Ichigo turned over onto his side and stared idly out his window.

'Aww, don' be so sad king. I don' belong here either an' yet here I am'

Ichigo sat up straight looking around wildly. There it was again, that voice.

It had started when he first enter the seritei. At first it was only a whisper, a little voice nagging inside his head, but as he pushed father and farther into the seritei, fighting more and more battles. The voice began getting bigger and bigger until it was almost as it was standing right next to him, speaking into his ear.

'King' it said quietly 'I'm getting' closer an' closer so ya better watch out, 'cause one day when yer no' lookin' I'll kill ya an' take this body'

"No," Ichigo whisper back to it closing his eyes "I'll never let you kill me."

'Is tha' so?' Ichigo felt a shiver go down his spine as a cold ghostly hand grabbed his shoulder. Ichigo jumped up and ran to the other side of the room and turned around leaning against the wall facing the spot he had just been sitting.

There was nothing there. There never was. Insane giggles echoed through his head, as Ichigo put his hands over his ears trying to block out the laughter.

"Shut up!" He screamed pulling his legs closer to his chest.

'I'm gonna kill ya king an' all yer gonna be able ta do is sit there an' watch'

Ichigo began shaking pressing is hands harder on his ears, as he began to whisper 'shut up' to himself over and over again.

"Ichi-nii?" He heard a concerned voice call from the hallway. "Are you ok I heard shouting?"

"Y-yeah Yuzu I'm fine," Ichigo removed his hands from his ears and tried to stand up, grabbing onto the wall for support.

"Ok, dinners almost ready so you should come down soon" Ichigo listened until he could hear her footsteps going down the stairs before wrapping his arms around himself trying to control his shaking.

Why was he so scared? He had dealt with way worse than this. Something like this shouldn't be scaring him like it was. Was it because of what he was thinking about before, that if he disappeared no one would care. No, he couldn't think like that right now. Not with that monster threatening him, he needed to remain strong both physically and mentally.

Taking a few deep breaths, he let his face turn back into a scowl. He had to look as normal as possible, he didn't need his family thinking he was completely insane, if they didn't already. Looking around his room once more he turned to unlock his door and head downstairs, not noticing the brown eyes that were watching him from his window.

Dinner, a time for family's to spend time together and talk about there day or, at least, that's what there supposed to be like. For Ichigo it was more of him coming downstairs, his dad popping out of nowhere and attacking him, then him or Karin kicking or punching him. Once that was all over it would be mostly like a normal dinner except a little louder.

Today was a little different, instead of attacking Ichigo, his dad watched him from his spot at the table worriedly. Sitting at down the table they all began to eat. Ichigo only watched as his family happily ate and talked with each other. Looking up at Ichigo, Yuzu gave him a concerned look.

"Hey Ichi-nii, aren't you going to eat anything?" Giving her a weak smile he shook his head.

"No, actually I'm not really hungry right now," suddenly he felt a foot hit him hard in the side of the face.

"You need to eat my dear son! Look how weak you are now! Now listen to daddy and eat this wonderful dinner that your sister made!" Scowling Ichigo stood up and jabbed him hard in the stomach and began walking upstairs to his room.

"I don't feel very good I'm going to go to my room," he said angrily, walking upstairs he could hear his dad whining.

"Oh my lovely Misaki, are poor son is going through puberty, look what he did to daddy-" whatever he was going to say was cut off most likely by Karin's foot.

Closing the door for the second time that day Ichigo leaned up against it, shutting his eyes.

'King, I'm bored why don' ya ever do anythin' fun'

'Because fun for you would be trouble for me,' wait, why was he even talking to it in the first place? Maybe he was going crazy.

'Or yer jus' getting' used ta me'

No, there was no way he would ever get used to that thing.

'Good 'cause tha' would jus' be too easy,' it whispered giggling slightly. Ichigo could just imagine its face, smug and grinning. Maybe he should ask geta-boushi about his problem, or not, knowing that the evil shop keeper may have other plans if he told him about something about this.

He needed to ask someone who knew a lot about the soul society, but wasn't as bright and cunning, maybe a friend. Snapping his fingers, he started searching the desk and floor around it for his substitute soul reaper badge. Finding it he pressed it into his chest.

His body falling to the floor, the orange haired soul reaper pulled his body into bed making in look as if he was asleep. Making sure he hadn't missed anything, he jumped out his window, heading for the geta-boushi's shop, hoping that he would get some answers.

'Maybe even a cure' he thought hope making him happier then he been in a long time.

A couple hours later…..

Sneaking into the shop had been easier than he had thought. When he had got there he was planning on entering through a window, but oddly enough the front door had been open which he had quickly closed and began looking.

'Where the hell is he?' He thought before spotting an open door and bright red hair buried in a pillow.

"Renji," he called out quietly hoping that he wouldn't wake up anybody else. Walking closer he called out again, causing him to stir slightly. Growling irritably he entered Renji's room and crouched on top of him.

"Renji," he said slightly louder. Red eyes opened slightly before widening in shock.

"What the hell are-" Renji was cut off by Ichigo's hand over his mouth. Glaring hard at the orange haired teen, Renji grabbed his wrist pulling it away from his mouth.

"Ichigo, what the hell are ya doing here?" He repeated quieter this time.

"I needed to ask you a question,"

"Well couldn't it have waited until morning, and could you get off me?" Blinking a few times at the irritated red head Ichigo stood up and sat down next to Renji who had sat up.

"Not really, it's kind of important," sighing Renji looked up at the teen.

"What is it that ya needed to wake me up at midnight to ask?"

"Have you ever heard of Shinigami being, half hollow?" Ichigo asked nervously looking around making sure no one else was listening.

"You mean like hybrids?"

"Yeah" Ichigo said "So they exist?"

"Of course they exist, moron, they're called vizards."

"Vizards?" Ichigo repeated.

"Yeah, there pretty much what ya said, half Shinigami half hollow, they look and act like a Shinigami normally, but they also have a hollow side of them. That's really all I know about them though, all information on them is kept pretty top secret in soul society."

"So what would happen if one would show up?" Ichigo asked suddenly not so sure he wanted to know anymore.

"Well, considering there illegal and half hollow, we're supposed to dispose of them quickly so no one is harmed," looking over at Ichigo who was now beginning to pale. "Hey are ya ok?"

"Y-yeah," the teen said swallowing a lump in his throat "So even if that person wasn't doing anything or even a friend you would kill them?"

"Well yeah, they may not be doing anything or your friend now, who knows what they'll do later. Its better just to kill them while there still sane, besides even if I didn't do it the soutaichou would eventually find out and they'd be executed anyways." Ichigo at this point had paled to where he looked like a sheet.

"Is there a cure?" His hope slowly disappearing with every word that left the red heads mouth.

"No," He paused looking at Ichigo who had turned his head away "Are ya sure you're ok Ichi?"

Ichigo didn't answer; he just nodded standing up and heading for the door.

"Thanks Renji," He said giving the red haired Shinigami a sad smile, before slowly making his way to the door. Leaving a worried Renji staring at the door he had just walked through.

Once outside Ichigo stared at the night sky looking for any stars that weren't being covered by clouds, a sad smile still on his face.

'So this is it' he thought to himself 'I'm going to turn into some monster, be killed by my friends and there's nothing I can do about it.' His thoughts began to drift back to what he had been thinking about earlier that day.

I guess the world didn't have a place where he belonged. Wherever he went he would just be hated and treated no better then the hollows. Even his so called friends would hate him. The minute they heard he had turned into a monster they would turn around and betray him. Looking down Ichigo clenched his hands that were shaking with anger.

Why him, why did all these fucked up things always happen to him? Just once in his life he wanted to be normal even if just for a while.

"Ichigo Kurosaki" a voice called out from behind him. Turning around he saw a tall figure dressed in a white hakama, brown hair pushed back from his face a light brown eyes watching curiously as if wondering what his next move would be.

"Aizen" Ichigo hissed, his hand reaching back to grab Zangetsu, then paused as Aizen held up his hands as if to show the teen he wasn't a threat. He still kept his hand on the hilt not fully trusting his actions.

"No need to resort to violence, I just came here to give you an offer" Ichigo stared at him confused his grip tightening on Zangetsu.

"Since you're very much out of place in this world as a hybrid, I wanted to know if you would like to come join me in Hecdo Mundo, and become part of my army." He said extending his arm out towards Ichigo.

I know, I know such a stupid way to end it, but that's just how it turned out. I'm not actually sure with how this turned out but I must say it's much longer that my last.

Well anyway thanks for reading and hopefully you like it enough to stick around until next chapter.