Chapter Title: Ira furor brevis est (Anger is brief insanity)

Author: Kisa

There was a feeling of spinning, something sucking him backwards away from reality unable to grasp what was happening. Everything was dark and confusion spread throughout him as he could make out shapes around him. He felt sick, bile rising in his throat and his head felt heavy.

Exhaustion was setting in and his arms were hanging limply by his side unable to lift them. His legs refused to move, but felt like they would collapse at any moment. Lights began dancing before his eyes and even when he closed them the lights remained.

He could hear voices around him unable to make anything out of the faint mumbling. He tried to speak out, but his throat clenched refusing to make even the slightest sound.

There was no fear or anger, no emotion at all. He could only feel the numbing sensation now spreading throughout his body keeping any thoughts from entering his head. His legs finally gave out from underneath him and he fell towards the grounds his head slamming into the cold hard tile.

His body never registered the pain and his fingers twitched involuntarily at his side. His lungs froze and there was a sudden pressure in his chest as if someone was trying to punch through to the other side.

He felt something rising in his throat and he could taste something metallic in his mouth. Some kind of white liquid flashed across his vision and every muscle in his body clenched at once.

The numbness wore off and pain engulfed his body. He writhed around on the floor his arms wrapping around his body letting his nails dig into his back. He brought his legs close to him and closed his eyes tightly.

His arm suddenly felt as if someone was burning him from the inside. Crying out, he clawed at his arm with his other hand. Something then grabbed both of his hands pressing them down beside him.

He growled at the faint figure above him trying to throw it off as the burning feeling spread slowly though his body. He was sweating now teeth snapping at the one above him.

Finally a thought crossed his mind, 'Kill it.'

Soon his mind was going into a frenzy, 'Slaughter it, hurt it, make it bleed, I want to hurt it, I want to kill it.' The words were being spoken out loud now as he felt his strength returning to him.

His vision was also returning and he was able to make out a face above him. It was a girl. She looked like she was in her early twenties. Her blonde hair was pulled back tightly into a ponytail and was hanging over her shoulder. A bit of bone mask was placed right where her left eyebrow should have been. Her face was an emotionless mask, her lip drawn tight, but her dark grey eyes were clouded with fear.

Seeing the fear in her eyes he felt excitement begin to bubble up inside of him and a grin spread across his face. His hand shot out and he shuddered in anticipation as it made contact with the soft flesh of her face.

The girl jerked away screaming trying to scramble away from him. This only further fueled his desire. He wanted her blood. He wanted her to scream, to cry, and to beg for her death.

Letting out a giggle, he followed after her crouched on all fours as she backed away from him shaking uncontrollably. His eyes watched her every movement like a predator stalking its prey.

He watched with a sick sort of amusement as the girl jerked her head wildly from side to side looking for some kind of escape. Then suddenly her eyes started to water, but what made him growl irritably was that it wasn't him that was making her cry, it was something behind him.

"Aizen-sama!" He heard her yell in relief, "Please, save me," she cried out desperately tears rolling down her face. Letting out a snarl he pounced toward the girl. She tried to scramble away from him, but he managed to wrap his hand around her ankle.

"Help me!" She cried out as he crawled over her letting out a satisfied growl. He inhaled deeply letting her sweet scent flood his senses before opening his mouth, leaning down towards her neck and letting his teeth sink into her deliciously soft pale flesh.

Aizen watched with obvious amusement at the bloody scene before him. Ichigo had responded to the transformation quite well, as expected of someone he had chosen. A small smirk graced his face as the hybrid grunted ripping ravenously at the girls flesh.

He no longer had to deal with the boy's worries of his friends or family. He had given up his last shred of humanity, not that he still wouldn't be the headstrong red head that interested him so much. He would just think less when fighting and let his instincts take over instead.

The ex-captain closed his eyes. The Seireitei was in for a surprise when they found out what he had in store for them. They were such idiots, this boys power was the key to winning this war. No, this was much too simple to be a war, more like a conflict in ideals where he would judge all those he stood in his way.

"Aizen-sama," a voice called from across the room from where Ichigo was finished, but still grinning eyes wide and dilated. The ex-captain glanced over to the pink haired Espada, who held a small clip board in hand watching Ichigo and every few minutes jotting something down.

"Szayel," Aizen said cooly a small smile gracing his face. The eigth Espada coughed nervously, before turning still looking at his clipboard.

"Ichigo Kurasaki has completed his transformation. There seem to be no immediate side effects, but I would prefer if I were to watch him for the next few nights, just to be safe." Szayel finished glanceing up at Aizen.

"And why would there be any problems, if I remember correctly 'the procedure is perfectly safe and ready to be used at any moment' were your exact words." An icy chill seemed to take hold of the room as Szayel clentched his teeth nervously.

"Yes Aizen-sama, but I did not take into account that this procedure was to be used on a vizard," Szayal took a second to glance at Ichigo who was watching them now with eerie yellow eyes. "I believe that the planned outcome to the change will remain the same, though the sudden bonding with his hollow could lead to a few draw backs."

"Such as?" Aizen asked his eyes wandering back to the hybrid who stared back at him, a difiant gleam in his eyes. The ex-captain raised an eyebrow when the orange haired teen began to giggle and attempted to bring himself to a standing positon.

"Insanity," Szayel whispered glancing nervously between Aizen and the still giggling hybrid. The brown haired shinigami's eyes darkened at the word. That was not just some mild draw back.

"Can he be fixed?" Aizen asked his cold gaze falling back on his eigth Espada.

"I am doubtful that it can be permanently fixed, but it is possible that I could create a medication for him to take that would supress the symptoms as long as he were to continue taking the medicine," the pink haired espada swallowed thickly looking down at his clip board, "On another note, the more positive qualities of the transforamtion should have worked."

Not feeling the need to continue listening to the espada's babblings, the ex-captain held up a hand silencing him. Though insanity was not expected, as long as they were able to supress it he felt no need to worry. All that was required was Ichigo's unwavering loyalty.

"If you will excuse me Aizen-sama, I will began working on the medication," Szayel mumbled as he left noticing Aizen had lost intrest in him.

Once Szayel had left, Aizen stood, his eyes never leaving Ichigo as he walked forward towards the teen who had given up trying to stand and instead watched as the ex-captain came closer.

Up close Aizen took notice that Ichigo hadn't changed much. He was the same hight, though it did look like he had lost some wight and his skin was much paler. His hair had grown maybe an inch longer, almost completely unoticable. The thing that stood out the most was his peircing yellow eyes that looked on with insane intrest at the man in front of him.

"My servant," Aizen said smirking as he looked down at the hybrid crouched down by his feet. Ichigo didn't say anything, but grinned holding up a clentched fist, making sure the ex-captain was watching him before he unfolded his hand. A small grey eye halfway covered in blood looked up at him from the palm of the teens hand.

"A prize from your first kill," the ruler of Hueco Mundo praised, reaching down to grab the orange haired hybrid's chin. "In a past life you were known as Ichigo are no longer this person and from now on shall be known as Verrat Sadiki."

The newly named hybrid cocked his head in an almost animal like gesture. He let the eye roll out of his hand as he reached forward letting a blood cover hand run slowly along the hand that held his chin. His brows drew together as if thinking carefully, his eyes examining the ex-capatin face.

"Aizen-sama," he whisper his voice cracking slightly. At the sound of his name passing through the teens lips he let his smirk grow and his eyes flashing with amusement. He had the key and now nothing could stop him.

Slowly he opened his eyes staring up at the pure white ceiling. He tried to keep his focus trained to a small crack right above him, but the world was blurring around him and he kept noticing red spots flashing right outside of his field of vision.

Growling irratably he rolled over onto his side and reached for a bottle that sat on a stand next to his bed. It took him a few tries to grasp it and for some reason finding extremely funny everytime he missed. Once he finally had the opened bottle in hand, he turned it over letting a few pills fall out. He didn't bother to count as he shoved them in his mouth swallowing hastily.

Verrat felt the pills taking effect almost immediately and sat up in his bed rubbing at his hooded eyes. He stood up and walked staight out the door hoping to run into someone he could fight with or kill, either was fine.

"Verrat," an emotionless voice called from behind him. Verrat turned to see Ulquiorra standing down the hall his eyes unblinking.

"Ulquiorra," Ichigo said grinning back at him, before shaking his head replacing his grin with a scowl "What is it?"

"Aizen-sama wished me to make sure you remembered to take your medication," The green eyed arrancar said. Verrat growled as he turned away and stomped off. He hated how everyone seemed obsessed with making sure he took his pills every morning. He knew what would happen if he didn't and he didn't like the feeling right before he lost control.

"Awe it seems little Ver-chan is unhappy," a silver haired man leaning against the wall teased. Verrat let out a snarl as he turned on the man, his hand reaching out to tear through him.

"And it seems he has horrible aim," the man giggled jumping out of the way.

"Shut up," the orange haired hybrid hissed glaring his yellow eyes glowing angrily.

"Don't be so mean my cute little contradiction," Gin said shaking his head. "I was just going to give you a little information since you seem to be going insane with boredom." Verrat rolled his eyes at the albino's attempt at a joke.

"Anyways, I was just informed that Aizen-sama has just called his Espada together, except you that is, for some kind of important meeting," Gin glanced at the orange haired hybrid with slitted crimson eyes "If you hurry you might be able to find something interesting to do."

Verrat watched Gin with narrowed eyes as he turned to hurry towards the throne room where Aizen normally conducted his meetings. He reached the room throwing open the doors stomping through the entrance not caring that all ten pairs of eyes turned to look at him.

"Is there some reason I was not alerted of this meeting," Verrat growled out. Aizen sat in a chair on the other side of the room watching him with an amused smirk. The hybrid glared feeling his anger flaring up inside him.

"I thought I had told Ulquiorra to alert you of this meeting, did he not," almost instantly all of Verrat's rage was directed towards Ulquiorra. Already expecting Verrat's reaction the pale arrancar spoke calmly.

"You left before I could finish," he said simply turning away, leaving Verrat fuming and ready to jump at him.

"Verrat," Aizen's commanding voice called interrupting his thoughts. "If you would please, I would like to finish this meeting." The orange haired hybrid glared at the wall next to him, but kept quiet as Aizen began to speak.

"As I was saying I want to send two of you to conduct a bit of recon on the Shinigami in the area," the ex-captain said his eyes sweeping over the group. "Ulquiorra, I want you and Verrat to go to Karakura Town. This is only to gather information, that means unless necessary I do not wish for you to engage them." The tone of his voice made Verrat glance away knowing the statement was being directed at him.

"Now then, Ulquiorra," Ulquiorra nodded and lifted his hand as large hole began ripping open. The second it was open the green eyed arrancar stepped through. Verrat went to follow, but was stopped when he heard his name being called.

"Verrat," Aizen said with a smirk "Don't disappoint me."

Looking back at him over his shoulder Verrat's face broke out in a grin.

"Of course not Aizen-sama."

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Oh and for those who wish to know the last chapter meant: To the point of disgust.

Also Ichigo's name Verrat Sadiki, means betrayal and loyal, which is why Gin calls him a contradiction.