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Pride and Prejudice

A Re-telling

AN/ This is a stylised remix of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It will feature all of the same characters but I've changed their ages to make the story work better. So now Lydia and Kitty are 14 (Lydia is younger) Mary, 15, Lizzie, 16 and Jane, 17. Charles Bingley and Fitzwilliam Darcy (nicknamed William because no one has the Fitz in front of it anymore...) are 17. Of course the characters are just loosely based, because times have desperately changed and they wouldn't be anything near what they all wear back then, with all the society prim and properness and bowing etc. Also, the parents have no first names, it is sad but I couldn't find their names anywhere...soooo.

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Chapter 1

"If you just realize what I just realized,
Then we'd be perfect for each other..."

Lizzie stared at the blank page in front of her.

'Ugh,' she sighed, she was never going to get her point across in only 5 pages, I mean how could you explain why exactly you felt Shakespeare was a misogynist in 5 pages? There was so much to write, and none of it was easy to write. She'd been asked to write a paper on 'Your true feelings of Shakespeare,' over the summer and she new Mrs Thomas expected all of the girls (and a few of the guys) to gush about love, lust and Romeo and Juliet style balcony scenes. Not that she'd ever write anything quite so dim, no, she'd leave that to her immature, giggling, boy-crazed younger sisters. As if on cue for an annoying high-pitched giggle she heard her sisters excited whispers and shrieks of laughter. That was enough invitation for her to set aside her laptop and rose from where she'd been perched on her window sill.

'Lydia! Kitty!' Lizzie ran down the hall, and stopped dead at the top of the stairs.

Her younger sisters were crowding round the door leading to the sitting room, and giggling together. She sighed, tossed her unruly fringe and half-ran, half-leaped down the stairs. She could hear the faint sound of a Mary practising her scales in her bedroom. Jane still wasn't home. She wondered how going to the supermarket always took her extra long.

'Lydia, Kitty...' she fumed at them, 'eavesdropping is not attractive.' As if they even cared.

'Oh, shut it, Lizzie!' Lydia snapped at her crossly, 'this is too important to miss!' Kitty shrieked with laughter, and Lydia stamped on her foot, 'Quite, Kit!'

Lizzie strained her ears, wanting to hear what the girls were so intrigued by. All she heard was her mothers exasperated tones, and her fathers witty responses. She smiled. Her father was always like that, sarcastic and funny.

'Oh my god!' Lydia suddenly squealed, 'He's rich!'

'Who's rich?' Lizzie pondered, staring meaningfully at the door that barred her from the 'hidden' secrets of her father and mother,

'The new family that are moving into the huge house up the street...' her eyes shone, 'they have a son! And daughters!' she practically squealed with hidden desire, 'and they are rich!'

Lizzie smiled a little. So Lydia and Kitty were just indulging their boy-crazed minds, nothing highly interesting for her there.

Suddenly they squealed with more mirth, and Lizzie had to listen again,

'What do you mean you don't want to invite them? You must!' her mothers annoyed voice filled her ears, 'They have sons! You must let the girls meet them!'

'I do not think so, they had too much thoughts of young men as it is, well all except for my Lizzie.'

Lizzie glowed with pleasure. It was completely evident that she was her fathers favourite, just as Jane was the beauty, and Mary the plain one.

'What are you talking about? They haven't got boyfriends! They get no calls from boys! No, no! My girls deserve a chance to be out and having fun!'

'They have fun as it is, they get to go to school, isn't that fun?'

Lydia and Kitty almost died of laughter.

'Oh, please, go to the Bingley's and introduce yourself, go and invite them to the party! Mr Lucas said anyone could go, you have to get in there quick, they will remember you better...'

Jane appeared behind Lizzie, and tried to scare her. Jane was too hesitant, and far too good to really scare her sister...Lizzie had already seen her approaching her.

'What is going on?' her light blonde hair, clear blue eyes and gentle face reminded Lizzie of a heavenly angel.

'A new family.'

'A rich family!' Lydia's shriek reminded her, 'A rich family, with sons! The Bingley's' she nodded knowingly.

'What, what surname did you just say?'


'Ah, I just met a Bingley coming in the house...'

'Who? Who?' her two younger sisters enveloped her in a huddle.

'He said his name was Charles...'

'You met the son! You met the son!' Kitty shrieked again, 'Was he handsome?'

'Yes,' Jane blushed.

'What kind of hair, eyes, height...' Lydia waved her hand around her in a bored kind of way.

'Well...um...kind of red, with spikes, eyes were blue, height...well much taller than me,' she tripped and stumbled over her words hopelessly.

Lydia and Kitty danced in a merry circle, 'did he mention any other sons? We were hoping dear mum and dad had got it wrong.'

'No other brothers...but he mentioned his friend was staying with him for awhile.'

'What type of friend?' Lydia frowned.

'A boy, they'd been friends since they were little...and for some reason he'd asked to come with them,' she shrugged 'he didn't go into details, only promised they'd be at the party.'

'YES! YES! YES!' Lydia and Kitty cheered, dancing merrily in a circle.

'Girls? Are you out there?' their mother appeared at the doorway, 'What are you all doing here?'

'Jane met Charles Bingley!' Lydia cheered, 'and he has a friend staying with him...and their both going to the party!'

Her mothers delight would have been hard to hide, 'Mr Lucas' party?'

'Yessssss!' she crowed back in delight.

'Oh my, this is just wonderful! Hear that Mr Bennett, they are going to the party after all!'

'Only because I'd already invited them...this morning, I met Mr Bingley on my way to the corner shop for my morning paper.'

His wife shrieked at him, 'and you made me go through all that, when you'd already spoken to him!? Oh...sometimes I don't know why I married you!'

'Neither do I my dear, for all these years you've given me nothing but grief...and that is why I love you,' he walked out of the room and walked upstairs triumphantly.

The girls mother was blushing as she ushered them all inside.

'So...Jane...is this Charles Bingley handsome?' Jane nodded timidly. 'God, It would be a waste if he was not so easy on the eye, huh girls?' she nudged Lydia. A chorus of agreement erupted around her. Even Lizzie found herself intrigued by the Bingleys. They were so busy exchanging comments that they didn't notice Mary had joined them. She stood there, scowling, arms crossed over her chest arrogantly.

'Mary, where have you been?' her mother demanded, 'You've missed an awful lot of news,'

'Practising, my scales, and studying, mother.' Mary replied, dully.

Mary was not particularly pretty, nor bright, but she tried to succeed in knowledge and the arts. She found it as her vice to overpower her sisters at something. It was all in vain, as Lizzie was fortunately particularly pretty, and very bright. Her intellect came naturally, and Mary craved the same ease.

'Oh Mary, you are a bore!' Lydia hissed, 'If only you'd put down those books, and wear a bit of make-up, do your hair right and wear better clothes...well you'd at least look decent!' a volcanic explosion of giggles descended next and Mary held her head high.

'I'd rather fill my head with intellect and the arts than boys and fashion,' she snorted 'for 'tis a fine thing for a woman to-'

'Mary!' her mother placed her hands over her ears, 'That is enough dear, I am tired. Girls go to your rooms, and please be quiet.'

They all trumped up stairs, Lydia and Kitty, a pile of giggles racing ahead, followed by Lizzie and Jane talking quietly, and Mary reciting some poem under her breath.

Lizzie and Jane collapsed into their room, and sat quietly on their beds.

'You like him,' Lizzie whispered as she rescued her laptop from the window ledge, 'that Bingley boy, you like him.'

Jane shook her head, 'I don't even know him...'

'Well you'll have plenty of time to get to know him...it is the summer after all.' Lizzie switched off her laptop with a sigh.

'Lizzie!' Jane cried.

'and you are beautiful, Jane, there would be no reason why he wouldn't want you.'

'Beauty is not everything,'

'Tell that to the world.' Lizzie hissed back, grabbing her nightgown and standing up to hurry to the bathroom.

'Do you like my gown?' Lydia pranced into Jane and Lizzie's room twirling while she walked. Her dress was short, a silver white colour with silver crystals etched all over the dress, with a deep neckline, and a smooth, mesh of skirts.

'Lydia!' Lizzie cried, from where she'd been doing her hair in front of her mirror.


'That is far too short, and revealing for a fourteen year old!'

'Oh Lizzie,' her sister said applying bright red lipstick liberally, 'Mum likes it.'

'Well she shouldn't, your fourteen, Lydia!' Lizzie stood up, revealing a one shouldered, red bubble dress. Lydia eyed her up and down. Her chocolate curls were pinned up, in a loose knot with curling tendrils falling gracefully around her ears and neck. She new she looked good.

'You can hardly comment, Lizzie, when your wearing that,' she pointed stubbornly at her dress, 'stop looking better than me!' she shrieked leaving the room.

'Lydia?' Jane hurried in, her own bright yellow gown beautiful. It was a halter necked dress, with the straps studded with sequins, the beautiful silk of the body clung to her perfect figure like it was a glove. 'Lizzie, what is the matter with Lydia?' Jane said rushing in, without looking at her.

'Jealousy got the better of her.'

'Jealousy? Of who?' Jane held pairs of earrings up to her ears searching for the perfect pair. 'Me.' Lizzie's tone was curt and smooth.

Jane looked up and gasped. Lizzie looked more beautiful than she'd ever seen her. From her hair, her bright red, glossy lips, to her strappy red heels. Jane instantly felt out done and could see why attention-grabbing Lydia was upset.

'Oh my goodness, Lizzie!' Jane's eyes almost bulged out of her sockets, 'You look so beautiful!'

Lizzie blushed and shook it off, 'Nah, I don't look anything like that.' she stood up, towering over Jane in her bright red heels, 'Now come on, we cannot miss this party!' She left the room, closely followed by Jane.

Lizzie was having the best time ever, she was indulging in dancing with every boy that asked and didn't even mind when a few older eyes wandered to her short, revealing dress. She danced her way to her friend, Charlotte Lucas, who was looking uncomfortable in a knee-length dress. Charlotte wasn't particularly bothered by her appearance, and Lizzie could tell she had been forced into the flower print dress by her mother.

'Eliza!' Charlotte cheered, calling her by her childhood nickname, 'Having fun?'

'Like you could not believe, what about you Lottie?' Charlotte groaned at the use of her childhood nickname.

'Okay, point taken, Lizzie. Listen, have the mysterious Bingleys arrived yet?'

'Not that I know of, and I'm sure Charles would have came to Jane right away,' her eyes sparkled, 'you know how boys love her.'

'So, Lottie, whats up with the dress?' Lizzie joked.

'Mum, thats whats up. She bought me it! Can you believe? Three hundred and fifty.' Lizzie whislted. 'I could have gotten the new laptop I want for that! She is seriously barmy, this dress is repulsive!'

'I think it's sweet!' Lizzie chirped 'you look great, Lottie.' Charlotte shook her head, laughing.

Then a loud burst of a knock rattling the door made Lizzie and Charlotte immediately stop joking around and pay attention. Was this the mysterious Bingleys, and their friend? They both hoped so.

Charlotte's father, William Lucas, the host of the party ran to the door, and thrust it open. Six figures enter. Lizzie studied the two in front, obviously parents, the mother was small, dainty with blond hair and thick black eyelashes. She smiled warmly around the room. The father was tall, with copper coloured hair and a handsome, knowing face. William Lucas hurried to greet them,

'Welcome, welcome! I take it you are the Bingleys that dear Mr Bennett so kindly invited for me, welcome!'

The man shook his hand nodding happily, 'Yes, I am Robert Bingley, and this is my wife, Rosemary,' he turned around to tell the names of the four figures behind him. Lizzie let her eyes rest on them, two girls with auburn hair, green eyes, slender frames and hard, cold expressions nodded calmly as their father announced them as, Helena, and Caroline. Lizzie paid them no more attention than needed, their sneers made her unsettled. Instead she watched as the father pointed out his son, Charles. Indeed as Jane had promised, he was handsome, with copper coloured hair, icy blue eyes and a warm, happy smile. He would be perfect for Jane. The father next pointed out a noticeably tall figure, standing near his son, he had dark hair, dark eyes, and a displeased look. Lizzie felt her heart lurch unexpectedly and she tried to soothe it's frantic beats.

'This is William Darcy,' the fathers fingers just rested beside his broad shoulder, and he looked even more pleased in introducing him than he had of his own children, 'he is a family friend who is staying with us for the meanwhile.'

They all stepped forward, walking into the centre of the room. Lizzie continued to stare hungrily at William Darcy, her thoughts racing. William Darcy didn't smile at anyone. Lizzie got the feeling that he thought everyone else was beneath him.

'What is his problem?' Lizzie hissed to Charlotte.

'He is very, very rich, and very, very proud,' she hissed back 'father told me he is a very unhappy young man.'

'Ah, so he is proud' Lizzie hissed to Charlotte laughing, 'Is Charles? Jane didn't mention it , but she only sees the good in everyone.' Lizzie whispered still staring again at the handsome stranger. He turned and caught her eye, they both looked away very quickly, an odd feeling coursing through their veins.

'No. Father told me that your father said that the Bingleys, with the exception of the two daughters, are not proud. Charles and his parents are supposed to be wonderful people and I have to admit very easy on the eye! Charles is gorgeous. Jane should get in there quickly and snap him up!'

Lizzie nodded, 'I'm going to go and push her to talk to him, or ask him to dance at least.' she smiled at her friend and then swayed her hips and danced in the direction of Jane.

Someone got there before her, and she stared in wonder as Charles Bingley began to talk to Jane. He smiled at her continuously and seemed almost transfixed by her. Lizzie smiled to herself, he was completely smitten with her sister. That was good. Jane deserved someone who for once didn't immediately think her unworthy at her poorness, and she deserved someone who would love her for all of her. Not just her beauty. Lizzie saw his arm snaking round her waist, and she blushed and looked away. Turns out Jane liked him too. Lizzie turned away, a smile plastered on her face.

Lizzie danced with several other people, but she was getting tired very quickly. She danced back over to Charlotte and they sat at a table laughing at everyones party outfits and having fun. Suddenly William Darcy and Charles were standing at the next table, they didn't know that Lizzie and Charlotte were there. Charlotte shushed Lizzie's giggling as they listened in.

'Oh come on Darcy!' Charles laughed, 'there are so truly beautiful girls here!'

'You were dancing with the only beautiful girl in the room,' Darcy's tone was cold.

'She is the most beautiful person I have ever seen. But her sister, Lizzie is very pretty.' Lizzie smiled at Charlotte.

'She is...average, and not pretty enough to make me notice,' his expression was distorted 'return to Jane and her happiness, you are wasting your time trying to please me.' Charlotte opened her mouth in amazement and Lizzie sat there, cold and expressionless. She couldn't believe her ears. How could someone be so blatantly rude, and judge someone for appearances? But the worst part of all, was how her heart sunk when he uttered those words...how much she cared what he thought about her. Well she wouldn't anymore.

'Oh Lizzie, if he liked you, you'd have to talk to him.'

Lizzie laughed, 'I know, and I hope never to cross him again. Someone with that level of pride is not worth wasting a breath on.'

Lizzie left the party early that night, holding back tears all the way home. She couldn't get over what that idiot William Darcy had said, she thought she never would.

AN/ Thanks for reading! You can get all of the links to pictures of the dresses on my page. Quote is from "Realize" by Colbie Caillat.