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Summery: This is a AU. I wanted to try something. Let me know if you like it and I will continue. This is something that I have been playing around with in my head. I couldn't sleep last night so I typed this and the first couple chapter's up.


"Bella, are you ok? Your kinda burning up here. What's wrong?" He asked me pushing me away so he could see my face.

"My...moth..mother just told me Charlie isn't my real father. I came to see...see Ja..Jacob." I croaked.

"What are you saying, Sam. That I'm a werewolf? Do I look Quilluite to you? I'm as pale as a vampire. There is no possible way." I said.

The heat that went through my body, felt like I was on fire. I could feel my bones breaking, and rearranging. Then I felt like my skin was torn off. Then it was over.

There on the other side was Jacob. When I met his eye's time stopped. Everyone else disappeared. There was some connection pulling me towards him, but my feet wouldn't budge. The earth stopped spinning. It was like gravity moved.

"It's called imprinting, Bella." He said like it was no big thing.

Your souls knew that you belonged together, but they weren't ready. Imprinting is finding your perfect mate, but you guys weren't perfect for each other, yet.

My cell phone rang from a pile of torn clothes by the doorway. My heart dropped in my stomach. I started trembling. Clare de Lune played from my phone. Edward. Someone handed me the phone.

One look at him told me there was no arguing. So me with the whole pack behind me went to the border to meet my future ex-vampire fiance.