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There is one thing that I, Cerys Freeman, did not like, and that was being trapped. I hated being inside of buildings and stuck at some stupid desk. My worst nightmares were 9-5 desk jobs. Just thinking about them made me cringe. Yet here I was in school, stuck behind a desk. Life sucks. All I can say is that at least it's almost Friday and that means that I get to go camping this weekend. I could see them from the windows in my classroom and I wished I was out there now.

My father used to take me camping all the time when I was younger. I got my long dark brown hair and golden eyes from my mother, but I got my spirit from my father. He could never be trapped either. My father ended up working as a park ranger so we would always be out in the forest. He taught me how to survive in the wild if the need ever arose.

"Cerys, please pay attention." My teacher, Mr. Sheridan, called from the front. Damn, I had been caught day dreaming.

"I'm sorry." I replied softly as I turned my eyes back to the board. I was senior in high school, but I had had senioritis since I was in elementary school. I was planning on taking a year off between high school and college just to back pack. I wasn't too sure where I would head, but I knew it wouldn't be to any crowded city.

"I want you all to write a review of Catch-22 for Monday." Mr. Sheridan said right before the bell started to ring. Yes, freedom! I was the first out of the room. My books had already been packed in my tan mailbag and I had been jittering at my desk. I was almost the first person to the parking lot, but I was the first in my car and out of the parking lot.

"MOM! I'm home!" I yelled. I threw my bag against a wall and run up the stairs to my room.

"Cerys, come down here! I need to talk to you!" My mom yelled back. I groaned, but descended the stairs and found my way into the kitchen. My mom was sitting at the table going through some bills. I could see the bags under her eyes from the long nights she had been pulling. My mom was the head chef of one of the local restaurants and was pretty much always gone.

"Yes?" I asked, looking in the fridge for some food.

"I have tonight and tomorrow off. Gerald is taking over for me. Do you want to do anything tomorrow? Maybe go shopping?" My mom asked hopefully. I groaned at the idea.

"I was planning on going camping. You can come with me. I was going to head up to wolf's rock." I replied.

"No… no, I'm fine. I think I'll do some housework then and get caught up on sleep." My mom said. My Dad died about five years ago now from cancer. We tried to fight it, but by the time they had caught it, it was too late. Ever since then my mother wouldn't go near the forest. It held too many memories of him there. I was the exact opposite, I worshiped those memories and the forest that held them.

"I hate to say it mom, but it looks like you need it." I replied. "I was planning on pretty soon. I want to get all set up before twilight."

"I'm assuming you have everything ready?"

"Most of it is already in the truck." I said with a grin.

"Alright, you want me to pack any food?"

"I can get it. You start your day and a half vacation now. Go rest, watch TV. If you feel the urge to cook, watch Food Network." I replied.

"Call me when you get to wolf's rock." My mom said with a yawn.

"I will." I replied. I grabbed a few things from the fridge along with some trail mix and other essentials… like M&M's. Gotta have the chocolate.


After two hours of hiking I had made it to wolf's rock. It was a bunch of rocks next to a granite slate that looked like a wolf howling at the moon. It had the best view around for miles, a view I came to find was relaxing. I quickly put my things down before climbing to the wolf's nose and looking at the tips of trees below me and the endless sky. A bit of the ocean was visible on the horizon. "This is the life." I smiled.

I still had about two hours until twilight and I was ready to make my use of it. I unpacked a few things, but took my backpack filled with clothes with me as I walked down the mountain to a small lake that could almost be called a large pond. It was only about a ten minute walk, nothing like the hike it took to get to wolf's rock. Before stripping down for a swim I walked to the edge and slipped my hand through the glassy surface. Ripples ran away from me and disturbed the peace. I don't think there are that many things humans can do that don't disturb Nature's peace.

I placed my backpack on a boulder at the edge of the water and pulled out my towel. I looked around and listened for any signs of anyone else around me. I was sure there wasn't. I had only seen deer tracks on my way up to my camp site. I quickly stripped of my clothes and walked to the edge of the water. Before my mind could process how cold the water could be, I dove in. It was cold, but refreshing. Sort of like a pool in the middle of summer. I swam to the center before ducking under the water again. Little fish skimmed the bottom of the lake and skittered away when I tried swam up to them. A few rocks were submerged, but other than that it was all moss and mud.

I loved the little lake, but I the wind reminded me of how close to twilight it was getting. I ducked under the water once more, letting the water run through my hair for the last time today, before getting out and walking over to my towel. I dried off before wrapping the towel around my body. As I brushed through my hair I thought I heard something in the bushes, but quickly decided it was some sort of animal. I continued on to braiding my hair. It seemed to take forever. I really did need to get it trimmed. I turned around to look at the forest around me, but I saw more than the forest. I saw a pair of eyes belonging to a shadowy figure of a man in the trees closest to me. I opened my mouth to scream, but before I could he was behind me and his hand was covering my mouth.

"Well, hello there." The man's deep and smooth voice said. I could tell he was grinning. Ok, I was officially scared shitless.