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Author's note: Something different. A disease of the week kind of fic. I love Nick and I know I put him through a lot but if he weren't so darn cute well I would be picking on Gregg instead.

Chicken Pox

Chapter one

Nick walked into the lab, it was early but he needed to catch up on some paper work, he had been just too darn tired to finish the day before.

He looked around and saw that Greg had arrived early too and it was going to be hard to concentrate now, the kid was just too playful, he would be a distraction.

"Hey Nick, what are you doing here so early?" he asked in his general, more than enthusiastic tone, the kid had energy.

"Paperwork Greg, I need quiet time by myself to get it done before Grissom kicks my ass.." he was in a grumpy mood, he had awakened this afternoon with a fever and a rash, probably something he was exposed to at the crime scene the day before, a dumped body in the middle of a corn crop,the scene would definitely produce lots of mosquito bites and chigger bites.

"Call me if you get bored!" Greg yelled down the hallway as Nick found his cubicle, entered, then locked the laid down his folder and thought how nice it would be to have his own desk.

He pulled up the file on his computer and tried to concentrate as he scratched at the rash underneath his shirt, he could tell his rash was worsening by the way it was itching.

He finished the report just in time, it was time for assignments and he wasn't looking forward to a bad night but from what he could tell in the busy hallways, it was going to bad, real bad.

He saved the report and hit print, he waited while the slow printer finally spit out the papers and placed them in the file, he would need to give it to Janice to file away before he left, if he got to leave, the past few days or was it weeks had been nothing but doubles and triples.

He stood and unlocked the door, Greg ,like a giddy pup, was standing in the hallway waiting for his friend,"I thought we could walk in together, since we both have been here for a while."

Nick looked at the young CSI and just gave him a look of aggravation,"Sure Greg." he was not in a mood to babysit tonight, he just wanted to get his assignment and go with it.

They walked in the breakroom, Grissom was already giving out assignments, Catherine motioning for Nick to sit down beside her, a smile on her face, evidently he was partnered with her tonight and by her smile it had to be a 419, she loved dead bodies.

"Late boys?" Grissom asked looking over his glasses at the two men.

Nick felt a little pissed, if the man would come out of his office once in a while he might actually see what his team gives up for the job."Yeah, late as usual." Nick knew that he was acting out of character,his usual quiet and cooperative demeanor getting put on the shelf for the night. He scratched at the rash underneath his shirt unconsciously as Grissom continued to hand out assignments,ignoring his comments.

Greg was about to say something but Grissom cut him off,"Listen, it's busy tonight and we need to try and get as much done as possible without screwing things up, do I make myself clear? "

All heads nodded, around the table,except for Nick, who gave it an eye roll, they were the best team around as far as forensics and he didn't appreciate Grissom's remark, they were all tired, double shifts that sometimes turned into triples of late and Grissom had a tone,he just didn't get it, he never had, the team worked hard.

"Good, there are more assignments when you're finished with your scene,this will probably be a double shift day so make plans." he closed his folder and left the room, him and Jim were going out on a 418, a missing person at the Raddison.

"Nicky, I'll meet you at my vehicle in a few minutes." Catherine stood, she needed to get something from her locker.

He nodded and went outside and waited for Catherine to arrive, he had taken his kit from his car and had sat it down on the asphalt, he felt suddenly nauseated and walked over to some thick brush then emptied the contents of his stomach,"Damn." he remarked to himself, he felt horrible.

"Nicky! You okay?" A very concerned Catherine was now behind him, with that mother look on her face.

"Yeah, must of been something I ate," he wiped his mouth with his sleeve and walked towards her Tahoo, Catherine following. He picked up his kit and sat in the back, his stomach threatening to rear it's ugly head again.

"Nick, if you're sick maybe you should go home. Really." she didn't like the red flush to his cheeks, a sure sign of fever.

"I'm fine Catherine." he jumped into the vehicle and placed his seatbelt across his chest, a reminder of how bad the rash had gotten when the belt caused a stinging sensation, the belt felt too tight. He would remove it but it was procedure to follow all safety laws while at work, so he would just endure the misery it was causing.

"Here, when your stomach is feeling better take this." she handed him a pink and white pill and a bottle of water.

"What is it?" he asked as if he had no idea what she was doing.

"Benadryl, it will help with your rash, the one you've been scratching at all night." Catherine pulled out of the parking lot and turned left.

"Thanks Catherine, you're very perceptive." he quipped as he popped the pill into his mouth and took a small sip of the water, it also might help with his nausea, but he doubted it.

They drove in silence towards the crime scene, Nick even closed his eyes, Catherine thought he might have dozed off when he heard him scratching at his chest again.

"I'm taking a look at that rash when we get back to the lab." she announced out loud to her friend.

"You just want to see my chest Catherine." he teased, feeling a little better since he took the benadryl.

"That's true Nick, but now I have a good excuse." she looked over and gave him a smile.

"Yeah,you do." he gave her a Nick Stokes smile, the one that always melted her heart.

They pulled up the crime scene and got out of the vehicle, Vega met them in the parking lot,"We have a mess in there, it's the worst I've ever seen."

Nick looked around and observed the grim looks on the officer's faces, it wasn't going to be as quick as Gil Grissom wanted, it was going to be a long night.

If I make him sick you know I will make him better...I'm a nurse me! Hee hee.