A rather large brown feline cautiously peeked out from a nearby bush, eyeing a sandy area within the Training Arena of the Hidden Leaf Village. Looking from side to side to check for any traffic, then sniffing the air to make sure there weren't any predators nearby, the cat strolled out of the bush and made his way to the center of the sand. One could hear a faint, joyful hum emitting from his lungs just by looking at his face as he dug a small hole in the sand and took a squat in the makeshift toilet. After a half a minute he buried a brown pile of a steaming something into the sand, making sure no other creature saw his sinful mess. Even so, he soon found himself proudly trotting back into the bushes and disappearing.

It was silent.

A crash here and there. Grunts. Laughs.

They gradually grew louder and closer.

"Come on, Kankuro," taunted a rather seductive female voice, "if you want to get anywhere in the Chunin exams, you'll have to defeat both of us!"

"I'll get you, Temari," a young male voice answered.

"Gaara, behind you!" Temari yelled.

A red haired boy with a gaint gourd on his back fell from out of the tress and into the clearing, a shield of sand in front of him to block a spike soaked in poison. He fell on his back, sending a strain on the ties to his gourd, which caused them to break and send the container rolling into the bushes, but quickly got back onto his feet. Kankuro soon leapt from the same general area that Gaara exited through, followed by Temari, who then waved her fan and created a strong gust of wind to blow the puppet ninja away from her youngest brother.

With a twitch of a few of his finger, Kankuro sent commands to his puppet still concealed within the trees and sent a rocket toward Temari. "Darn it. You and that wind are starting to annoy me."

"Yeah, well, it's about to annoy you even more," the blonde waved her fan again with one powerful swoop and sent the rocket backflipping and jetting back toward it's master - just not the puppet.

"Gah!" It was too late to move out of the way, the wind's energy combined with the rocket's own made it fly even faster. Kankuro crossed his arms in front of him, tucked his head down, and braced himself. He had forgotten about his other opponent, however, and was soon reminded when a mass of sand crashed into his body and sent him flying out of the way of the rocket. Once back to his feet, the middle sibling grinned, "Thanks, Gaara, but saving me doesn't mean I'm your ally in this round." With that, he sent a command to his hidden puppet, who soon shot three poisoned needles in Gaara's direction.

As a second nature, Gaara didn't even bother to think about putting up a shield of sand to block the needles, which were heading straight for his face. He did, however, think about setting an extra layer of the sand shell on his face in case the needles made it through his sand - they were pretty thin.

Something smelled... odd.

Thunk-thunk-thunk. So he was safe from the needles - good. But that smell - it was strong and foul. Gaara then noticed a strange weight and lump on his nose and lips. In shere fear, the boy dropped his outer sane shield and stared at the lump on his nose, his green eyes crossed, and afraid to open his mouth.

Temari and Kankuro put aside the training to gawk in humor at their little brother.

"Hehe. Hey, Gaara," Kankuro chuckled, "cat get there before y-"

A blood curtling scream escaped Gaara as he finally released the embarrassment and disgust he tried so hard to bottle up inside in fear of getting some of the sandy poo in his mouth. The scream was only a fraction away from what he would do within the exams...