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Chapter 1

Lily wasn't considered one of the best witches in their year for nothing, nor was James default of any intellect; he just preferred using it for pranks and fun.
They both had an intuitive grasp of magic; it made sense, and not only the practical aspect.
This added up to the formidable magic users they were, James an Auror, Lily an Unspeakable, with both professions quite respected, in the right company of course.

Therefore no one should be surprised that Harry was quite a bright kid. Not that being smart is observed in a baby the same manner as it is later on in school, but it shows none the less.
Harry was observative, always trying to know where everyone was and what they were doing. Not that that was all he did, he definitely did his own mischievous things, encouraged by James, or at least silently applauded.

He was a happy little baby, learning all kinds of things in many different ways about the world around him. But he liked being quiet best, or so it seemed to the adults around him. Just looking around, sitting and just watching the people around him, or crawling to places he isn't supposed to and silently peeking around corners. Of course little babies or toddlers don't have that much of a conscious memory, but they know it, it's still somewhere in their minds.

He talked in almost full sentences in English and almost as well in Welsh by the time that fatal Halloween came to pass, as talking is a lot of listening, observing in a way, and parroting. The loving, encouraging family supplied him the means to manage that, and more, including his first steps at nine, and real walking at ten months.
All the same there were things he wasn't that fast at accomplishing, sleeping trough the night for example, to his parents' misfortune.

Harry was his parents' happy, perfect little boy, well maybe not perfect but they at least they thought so. And totally unaware of the looming danger that Voldemort presented. But his parents definitely were aware and tried in many ways to protect their little families.

The Potter Manor had excellent wards, stet by James father, wards specialist, himself. Well, at least added too, newer wards integrated with the wards of quite a lot wards specialists in the Potter line. This is the strength of old family manors, since interwoven wards by different ward setters are far more difficult to break. But even those wards could be breached with enough time money and determination, and they suspected Voldemort had all.

So James worked on the wards of the house in Godric's Hollow, the cottage in which they would have moved after their graduation if old Lord Potter hadn't died some months earlier, the London townhouse and the silently acquired flat in Birmingham, even though he wasn't the wards specialist his father was. Booby trapping the townhouse, for surely the Death Eaters would be too curious for their own sake. And hopefully in a less obvious way, adding to the wards on the Godric's Hollow house. The Birmingham flat relied more on its muggelishness and the fact that it is not associated with the Potters than on the few discrete wards. It was a place they would flee to if Godric's hollow wasn't save anymore, and would only save as a temporary home.

In the mean time Lily made her way through quite some tomes in the Department of Mysteries and the Potter Manor; personal warding; protective rituals and spells. She did find some possibilities, but none seemed to be what she was looking for. Sacrificing rituals might work out, but wouldn't work without her or James dying for the others.
O, they did some of the rituals, especially for Harry as he could not protect himself, but none offered the protection they were looking for.

Next were more archaic forms of magic, in which the Fidelius charm turned up. With this charm they hoped to gain the much needed time to find a better solution, but knew that time probably wasn't available in huge quantities.

So they prepared for some very different scenario's, and adapted their will for the chance that it was not enough. Their will had multiple layers of beneficiaries and guardians for Harry. But they could only hope that it would enough, that it would help and all would turn out well.

James, being a pureblood with a long family line and traditions as old finally did what he was supposed to do soon after his heir was born; write letters to pass on family history, knowledge and tradition.
The letters to the heir were supposed to make sure tradition and history survived, unexpected deaths at a young age or not. And Lily actually found a lot of merit in it and wrote a set herself. Those were linked to their wills; time delayed to be send on a specified date if the will had been activated.

Then they gathered the necessary items, notified the ministry that they would be away and moved swiftly to Godric's Hollow where everything was prepared for the Fidelius charm, and for them to go in hiding.

For one week they had the time read trough the tomes brought along, play with little Harry and just be a happy family before, on Halloween night, Voldemort turned up. James never got the chance to even try to speak the words of one of the sacrificing rituals; the emerald flash had him lifeless on the floor within seconds after Voldemort's entry.
Lily though, did, and begged to spare Harry. Not only begging Voldemort but any deity paying attention, and dying with the ancient words of sacrifice silently whispered in the air.

And so ended the happy time of Harry's early childhood, for Albus Dumbledore tried to do what was best, for he expected the ministry to do some disastrous things, not waiting for the wills which had come active at Gringotts. Gringotts being closed for the day, due to Voldemort's vanquishing.
And little Harry was left with the Dursleys; Petunia, Lily's sister, her husband Vernon and their little Dudley who was just a month or so older than Harry was.

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