Hey, everybody, I'm back, after a long break of two entire days! (In case you didn't know, that was sarcasm.) Now, I am back, and writing a Modern Time AU School Fic! In this story, everybody is a freshman. I won't describe too in-depth so that you can still use your imagination, but I will still describe enough for you to get a general idea. Sorry if it's really quick, but this will be the only chapter like that, I promise! I just want to get onto the actual school part. Enjoy!

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Katara and Sokka Waters sat in the back seat of their father's jeep, anxiously awaiting their destination: Elemental Bending Boarding Academy. Even though the name of the school implies that it is a school for benders, non-benders are welcomed too. Katara recalled all that she had read on the school's website. It said that the school had 8 main buildings: the Dorms, the Gym, the Library (which was 2 stories), the Cafeteria, the Science and Math Hall, the Social Sciences Corridor, the Office, and the Band Room. It said that the Gym had 3 lap pools, and 5 individual training rooms, one for non-benders, and the remaining four for benders. The site also said that they had a few basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, a few swimming pools, and a beach avaible to the students during the weekends.

The jeep was climbing a moderately-steeped hill.

"I can't wait to get there!" Katara says excitedly.

"Well, you won't have to wait too long, because it's on top of this mountain," Sokka replies, checking the map.

"I really love the scenery," Katara says, admiring the forest on one side of the car, on the rocky beach on the other.

"Good," Sokka says shortly. "'Cause this is all we're gonna see for the next 10 months."

By this time, they had reached the top of the hill, and the campus stood before them.

"Whoa..." Katara and Sokkasaid, trailing off. The campus looked awesome! There were about 10 large buildings all in a rectangle, with a fountain in the middle of it all, though you could tell that there were more buildings behind the visible ones. There were several flower beds that were scattered all over the place, and teens were walking around everwhere. They were hauling suitcases, talking on phones, meeting up with friends from last year, and some were just standing around doing nothing.

Katara's POV

I jump out of the green jeep, and make my way to the trunk. I pull open the door, and grab all my matching blue luggage. I put all of it on the curb, then I walk to the front of the car.

"I'll see you later, Dad," I say. "I'll email you every weekend!"

"I'll miss you, Katara," He says.

"I'll miss you, too" I say, hugging him. "Bye!"

I go back to the curb and grab my luggage. Sokka and I wave to my dad as the green jeep pulls away, to be replaced by another car. Sokka and I turn away from the street.

"I think the office is this way," Sokka says, pointing straight ahead. "Follow me."

We walk to the middle of the campus, along with alot of other students, towards a building witha gold sign over it that says, "Main Office." When we walked in, there was a desk in front of us with two old ladies sitting behind it. A senior walks up to Sokka and I.

"That's Lo and Li," The student explains. "The are a bit... weird, so prepare yourself."

Heeding his warning, I cautiously make my way to the front desk.

"Name?" They ask in unison.

"My name is Katara Waters," I reply, I bit freaked out about them talking in unison.

"Here is your schedule, dear," The lady on the left says, handing me a sheet of paper.

"And here is your room key," The other lady says, handing me a key on a bungee cord.

"Have a nice day!" They exclaimed together.

I walk away, looking at the student, who is mouthing, "I told you so!". I look down at my scedule:

Waters, Katara

A Week

Breakfast: 6:00-7:00

1: Bending with Master Kuruk 7:00-8:00

2: Science with Master Jeong-Joeng 8:05-9:05

3: French with Lady Ursa 9:10-10:10

4: Physical Education with The Boulder 10:15-11:15

Lunch Wave: 1st 11:15-12:30

5: Home Ec with Miss Kanna 12:30-1:30

6: SocialStudies with Mr. Iroh 1:33-2:35

7: Math with Commander Zhao 2:40-3:40

8: Language with Master Pakku 3:45-4:45

Dinner: 6:00-7:00

B Week

Breakfast: 6:00-7:00

1: Drama with Aunt Wu 7:00-8:00

2: Science with Master Jeong-Joeng 8:05-9:05

3: French with Lady Ursa 9:10-10:10

4: Physical Education with The Boulder 10:15-11:15

Lunch Wave: 1st 11:15-12:30

5: Home Ec with Miss Kanna 12:30-1:30

6: Socail Studies with Mr. Iroh 1:33-2:35

7: Math with Commander Zhao 2:40-3:40

8: Literature with Guru Pathik 3:45-4:45

Dinner: 6:00-7:00

I smiled; French wouldn't be so bad, and, if the rumors were true, all the other language teachers were either crazy or gay. I tucked my schedule in my back pocket, and headed towards the dorms, which I spotted earlier. I pulled open the door, and gasped at what lay inside. The bottom floor was like a teen hangout! The walls were painted neon green, and the furniture consisted of bright blue and purple couches, and yellow side tables which where normally gathered in a semi-circle around one of the TVs. I pulled my suitcases towards the flight of orange metal stairs that curled around in a circle steeply. As I lifted my suitcases up the first stair, I heard a familiar voice. I turned around, and gasped in horror.

It's Azula!

Azula and I have always hated each other. Azula is always the queen bee in the popular group. Everyone who is not popular hates her. She is your classic school-yard bully, but instead of muscles, she has manipulation. She can make any bargin happen. No one knows if it is her rich father, or that evil glint in her eyes.I walk up the stairs before she notices me. After I haul my suitcases up one flight of stairs, I look at my key. It has the number 602 on it. Great. My room was on the sixth floor. Which meant I have to pull up my suitcases 5 more flights of stairs. I glance at the circular staircase, and look straight up. I can see the ceiling on the 6th floor. I sigh in exhaustion at just the thought of pulling my heavy suitcases up that many stairs.

"Need some help, Sugar Queen?" A familiar voice asks from behind me.

"Toph!" I cry. I run towards her a hug her. "It's good to see you!"

"It's good to see you too, Sugar Queen. Need some help with your bags?" She asks.

"Sure-" I say, but I am cut off when Toph makes an earth pillar in the middle of the stairway and raises my stuff up to the 6th floor. "Thanks!"

"Not a problem," Toph says. "Are you in room 602?"

"You are too?" I ask excitedly.

"Sure am. Let's get up there, and check out the room."

Toph bends a pillar to raise her to the top. I smile, and bend the water from my waterskin into a geyser and get on the stream of water. In a matter of seconds, I am on the top floor, standing in front of my room. As Toph is about to open the door, she stops and turns around.

"Hey, Snoozles," Toph says casually. I turn around too. Sokka halfway out of the doorway across from ours.

"Nice to see you, Toph," Sokka says. "It looks like my room is right across from yours."

And, without even asking, he turns the knob, and walking into our room. The first thing that you notice are the neon blue walls. Then, I notice a girl standing with her back to the door.

"Hello?" I ask.

The girl jumps and turn around. I see her face. She has long blonde hair, and pale skin with quite a few freckles on her face. She has blue glasses over her blue eyes, and she is wearing medium-sized blue earrings. She wasn't model beautiful, but she was still sort of pretty. "Hi!" She replies cheerfully. She starts to walk towards the door, but her foot is caught around something. She falls to the ground, and I see that she was standing in front of a snare drum, and she had a pair of drum sticks in her hands.

"No, not the new-" she winces as the drum hits the floor. "-snare."

She gets up, thoroughly embarrassed.

"You're a drummer?" Sokka asks.

"Yep!" She replies. "I play percussion, and that's the only reason I was able to come to this school. I got a percussion scholarship."

Sokka's mouth hangs open. "But that scholarship belonged to me! This school only gives out one, and I was so sure I was going to get it! I was first chair all last year at my middle school!"

I had to end this before this got ugly, as Sokka was very defensive about his drumming. "I'm Katara!" I intervene. "Sokka, I think I hear someone calling your name, you better go see what they want!"

Sokka looked at me grudgingly, then leaves. Then Toph and I walk fully into the room. It is painted a neon blue, and has a meduim-sized window overlooking the Math and Science Hall. There is a bunk-bed, and a single bed, along with three chests lined up against one wall, side by side. We have a small TV, and a small bright pink refrigerator. There are 3 purple beanbag chairs in a semi-circle around the tv, and 3 yellow desks, with an electrical outlet on the side of each one.

"Wow," I start. "The room is amazing!"

"Yeah," the girl said. "I was completely shocked. Oh, by the way, I'm Kya."

"Cool. I'm Toph," Toph says, pulling her suitcase over to one of the chests. "And, before you ask, yes, I am blind. I feel vibrations through earthbending."

"Wow," Kya says. "Sounds neat."

"Have you seen the school uniforms?" I ask, trying to distract Toph from that potentially offensive comment. "They are really preppy."

I pull out my school uniform. All the nation's had different colored uniforms. The girl's uniform was a plaid skirt that goes about 9 inches above the knee, with either green, blue, red, or yellow plaid (depends on your nation), a white short-sleeved button-down shirt with stripes of the nation's color on the hem, sleeves, and collar, and a necktie (this, too, was the color of your nation). The boys wore khaki pants, a short-sleeved, button-down white shirt, and ties that were a darker shade of their nation's color.

"I kinda like them," Kya comments, putting her alarm clock on the side table that was attached to the side of the top bunk. "They look chick."

"Let's unpack, then go get some dinner," Toph says, uninterested. "I'm starving!"

So we unpacked our uniforms and weekend outfits, gadgets and supplies, and pretty much everything else.

"I need to go ask Sokka something," I say, trying to get an excuse to yell at Sokka for the big scene he made earlier with Kya. "I'll be right back. His room is right across the hall."

I walk into the hallway, and knock on Sokka's door. I wait for a few seconds, then a boy who I don't recognize opens the door. He is just a little bit shorter than me, and he has grey eyes. He is bald, but has blue tattoos of arrows on his head and hands. He's pretty cute.

"Um..." I say. "This is Sokka's room, right?"

"Yeah," He says. "Are you Katara?"

"How did you know my name?" I ask.

"Um... Sokka has been talking about you and a girl drummer for about 10 minutes now," He says nevously.

I tighten my jaw. "Please tell Sokka to meet me at the cafeteria," I turn and walk back into my room.

"Can we go to dinner now?" Toph asks impatiently.

"Sure," Kya says. She jumps off her top bunk and says, "Let's go."

The three of us walk out of the room, and climb down the curling stairs to the lounge. As we walk out the door, I bump into Azula, who is holding a coke, causing her to spill it all over both of our shirts.

"Watch it, peasant!" Azula screamed. Everyone in the bottom floor looked towards us. "This shirt cost alot of money, and if this coke doesn't come out, your paying for it!"

I rolled my eyes, and bended the coke out of my blue shirt. "Your such a drama queen, you spoiled brat!" I yell. I realize that I am still holding the coke in mid-air. I bend it all on Azula's shirt. Azula gasps. I see Toph smile, and whisper something to Kya, who then starts smiling too. I leave Azula gaping, and walk out the door, followed by Toph and Kya.

"That was so funny, Sugar Queen," Toph starts with a smile. "I didn't know you had it in you to do that!"

"I am just tired of her," I say. "She's in my class every year, and she is a spoiled bully who everyone hates."

"Toph told me all about it while you were talking to Azula," Kya says. "I know I few people like that who went to my school last year."

"It must have been bad, Drummer Girl," Toph replies.

"Dummer Girl?" Kya asks with a raised eyebrow.

"I give everybody nicknames," Toph says shortly. "Do we have any classes together?" She asks, changing the subject.

"I don't know," Kya says. "Let's switch scedules," She held out her schedule for Toph to take.

"You know, all that I feel in your hand is a sheet of paper," Toph says.

"Oh, sorry," Kya says. "Can I see your schedule?" Toph hands her schedule over to Kya, and after a minute, she says, "I have Waterbending while you have Earthbending, and I have Band while you have Art, but other than that, our schedules are the same!"

Toph does a double take. "Oh, okay- Wait, did you say art?"

"Yeah, why?"

"You can't give a blind girl Art!" She replies angry. "How can a blind girl paint if she can't see what she's painting?"

"Good point," Kya says.

We walk into the Cafeteria, get our food, and sit down at a table with Sokka, Zuko, and the boy with the tattoos. I knew Zuko because he was Sokka's best friend during middle school. Although Zuko was Sokka's friend, he and I were still decently close friends.

"Hi!" The boy says. "I'm Aang!"

Before anyone can respond, a woman dressed in yellow robes walks up to our table.

"Avatar Aang, I need to speak to you about your bending classes," The woman says. Aang chuckles nevously, and stands up and walks outside with the woman.

"He's the Avatar?" Sokka asked amazed.

Wow, the Avatar!

"I guess so," I say. "Aang didn't deny it."

Aang walks back in and says, "Sorry. Sifu Yangchen wanted to talk to me about my bending classes. I'll have to take each elelement one quarter. I already know a bit of Air, Water, and Earth, but I haven't tried Fire yet."

"So you're really the Avatar?" Zuko asks with his good eye wide.

"Yeah, kind of," Aang says. I can tell he doesn't really want to talk about it.

"Let's compare scedules!" I exclaim, trying to change the subject. Aang looks at me gratefully.

We all put our schedules in the middle of the table, and Kya figures out what subjects we have together. After only a few seconds she rants:

"We all have the same lunch wave, and while Sokka and Zuko have Spanish, the rest of us have French. Sokka and I have Band during the same period, while everyone else except Toph and Zuko has Drama. Other than that, we have the same schedules," She finishes and hands us back our schedules. Everyone was staring at her. "What?"

"Are you some math wiz or something?" Zuko asks. "How did you figure all that out so quick?"

"Um... Yeah, I am sorta good at Math," She says quietly, embarrassed. We all just drop it at that.

By this time, we finished our meals, and headed back towards the dorm, while Toph went to the office to ask to get a transfer from Art. We all wish each other good night, and walk into our separate rooms. Kya walks to her desk, and pulls up a blog page, and begins to type.

"Whatcha doing?" I ask.

"Oh, I'm updating my blog, so all my friends outside this school know what I'm up to," Kya replies, not taking her eyes off the screen. I read what she has typed so far:

Hey Peeps!

I just sat down at my desk for the first time today, and so many things are running through my mind. Classes start tomorrow at EBBS, and I am getting a bit nervous. My room mates, Katara and Toph, are really cool people to hang out with. They are both benders, like me. You should see our dorm- It's awesome! The walls are neon blue, and there are so many different colors all around the dorm. The yellow desks, the purple bean-bag chairs, pink mini-fridge. It's like I'm living in a painting! My friends have mostly the same schedule as I do, so I will definitely have a friend in every class. I am a bit nervous about being a drummer- some people may be sexist- but I'll try not to let it ruin my performance. I can't wait to start the year. This will be the best school year yet... I can feel it!

Lots of Love!


Toph storms in the room, and flops on her bed. "They won't let me transfer! I'm going to bed!"

Toph grabbed her pajamas and walked outside the room to the restrooms. Kya and I turn our attention back to her computer.

As Kya finishes typing the last words, I ask, "Did you know that the school had a chat page?"

"Really?" Kya says. "Where is it?"

I give her the directions on how to get to the site. The enters a pen name:

SmartBlondeDummer has entered the chat room.

SmartBlondeDummer: Any1 here?

WaterBeauty602 has entered the chat room.

WaterBeauty602: It's me!

Kya glances at me, to find that I am on the chat page too, on my computer. She smiles, and turns back to her computer.

SmartBlondeDummer:Coolness! I wonder how active this chat room is...

BlueFireMaster has entered the chat room.

SmartBlondeDummer: Hi!

WaterBeauty602: Wassup?

BlueFireMaster: Hello, peasents.

SmartBlondeDummer: Hey, don't call us peasents!

WaterBeauty602: Yeah, we have names.

BlueFireMaster: Which I chose to ignore.

Katara and I look at each other. We get into a heated arguement with BlueFireMaster. After a while, the arguement turns into mean insults. After an expecially mean one from Katara, the person writes:

BlueFireMaster: I am going to find out who you are, and make your lives here this year terrible. No one talks that way to me!

BlueFireMaster has left the chat room.