Hey, guys, Kya here!

I know, I know. I haven't looked at this story in... how long? Six months?

And I'm sorry. I really am. I just felt like I could write better with my own characters.

Just in case you were wondering, didn't publish anything after this. I wrote for me and only me.

But that wasn't enough. Maybe a month after I stopped writing EBBA, I stopped writing all together. School and music and life overall just caught up with. And I'm paying for it now. After almost half a year of not writing, I've noticed my skills radically decrease. (at least in my eyes). And I realise most of you who are reading this are probably glaring at me through your screen, or throwing your computer in (what you hope is) my general direction (no, no! I'm to your LEFT!).

But now, I'm up-and-writing again! Only, sadly, not for Fanfiction. It's on fictionpress- It's called When Destiny Dies. Believe it or not, Avatar actually inspired me a bit to write this. I'm sure you will see a few of the parallels between the two if you decide read it.

And I really hope you do read it. But I don't blame you if you don't. Here's the website (as usual, replace the [DOT] with an actual . and the [SLASH] with a / ) -


There's also a link on my profile.

And now, I look back to the past: I'm looking at the first page of my story, and I'm wincing at the terrible writing. (Did I really write this? REALLY? Ew!) What I never truly realised was that EBBA gave me a chance to not only express my stories, but my ideas. My feelings.

To all the writers reading this: Never leave writing. NEVER. Writing gives you something people can never take away from you. Creativity, and the ability to put your thoughts into words. With a pen and paper, you can influence powerful men, destroy empires, create new worlds. Never forget the power of mind power.

I love everyone here. I really do. This is goodbye, I'm afraid. Thanks for the ride. Check out my new story if you want!