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Chapter 1: Of Glitter and Teeth.

There is a little known fact (amongst the seriously delusional and the seriously old) that the veils between the worlds are at their most fragile at precisely 23:59 every night. There are a number of theories supporting this phenomenon, most of them are vague at best (and others just aren't worth the effort it takes to mention).

There is however, one explanation that fits as well as a leather glove on a certain Fae Kings hands. The veil is at its' most tenuous at that particular time as it is the last obstacle standing (Fort Knox style) between yesterday and tomorrow and thus, it is deemed to be the most magical sixty seconds existing in any given day.

There is as such, nothing remarkable about this occurrence, given that it comes to pass 365 days out of the year (and for that matter, 366, every leap year). But, in this particular room, on this particular night, a stage has been set and a plan has been developed.

Which is why, at approximately 23:58:59, the shadows in the room retracted and a palpable tang of anticipation permeated the air-conditioned room.

At precisely 23:59, the shadows expanded, growing darker and more ominous (than 2 seconds before anyway…) Shapes began to emerge from the darkness, sinuous and snakelike, crawling from the shadows and easing along the floor with malicious intent.

In the darkest corner of the room a pair of mis-matched eyes watched excitedly. It would happen tonight. Everything he had planned and had waited for so long would go down, tonight. An evil grin swept across his face, white teeth, carefully sharpened and flossed, glinted wickedly in the small chink of orange-y light that entered through a slight gap in the flower printed curtains. He watched as the shapes crawled closer and closer to the centre of the room, surrounding the room's only inhabitant from all four sides. He watched the girl carefully, checking for any signs of alertness, it would not do for her to be aware of the plan. But all was quiet. The girl slept peacefully, hands snuggled under her chin, brown hair plaited neatly down the back. She looked like a cherub, small and innocent – he would soon sort that out. The white teeth glinted again, the shapes were almost there, another second and….

"For God's sake Jareth" the girl shouted, her hands running along her bedside table looking suspiciously as though they were seeking for something to throw.

"It didn't work last night, its not gonna work tonight. GO HOME."

The shadows reacted instantly, slinking back into the corners faster than the girl could say "OUT." There was something about that voice that just begged for them to disagree, fortunately as far as shadows go, these ones were highly intelligent and did not care to find out what would happen if they stayed.

In the darkest corner of the room, a set of white teeth muttered something that sounded remarkably like "Every time" and a pair of mis-matched eyes narrowed in exasperation before disappearing in the whirl of a dark, glitter covered cloak.

"Damned fairy queen" Sarah muttered before curling back onto her side and falling asleep at precisely 00:00.

A few days later….

Sarah woke groggily, her hands searching for the alarm clock, which, as things tend to do when one absent-mindedly slams their hand over a table, fell from the edge and promptly rolled under her bed, still ringing. Groaning loudly she buried her head in the pillow and willed for it to stop itself. As far as inanimate objects go, this one was not intelligent and did not come packaged with the ability to sense subliminal messages - A manufacturing fault which was to end in its ultimate demise as the fifth alarm clock smashed that week.

Rolling gracelessly out of her bed, Sarah stumbled her way in to the bathroom. She had a problem, a major problem that only one person could help her with. The fact that, that person was a complete and utter pansy was something she would just have to deal with. Splashing cold water on her face Sarah called for Jareth, King of the Goblins.

Jareth heard the call in the middle of commissioning a giant statue commemorating the Goblin Kingdoms greatest leader.

"A little more volume to the hair, I think there Tweak" he said, surveying the marble statue through experienced eyes.

"And a little more arch to the eyebrows, should do it."

Moving back a few paces he regarded the effigy with pride. True he was the only goblin king in history to have lost to a runner, but damn, he looked good in a pair of tights. The morning was definitely shaping up to be a good one. That was, of course, till he heard Sarah's rather annoying voice summoning him.

"What now" he exploded, little sparks bursting from his fingers as he transported himself to her room, leaving behind a small pile of affronted glitter in his wake.

The sun was streaming through the window highlighting the twinkling dustmotes when Jareth reached Sarahs room. Confidently walking forwards he gasped and paused, momentarily blinded by the stunning vision of beauty in front of him. Words left him… it was… beautiful, the most stunning thing he had ever laid eyes on.

Still awestruck he let his eyes roam over the image of perfection, taking in the sight of those perfect legs, sleek and shapely, rising up to support a toned abdomen which showed teasingly through a gauzy chiffon shirt. His eyes rose higher devouring the sight of the perfect chest emphasised by the deep neckline. Glistening hair flowed around a face that was as flawless as sculpted marble…and those eyes that looked back at him – burning with an intense fire. Dear God they would be the death of him.

He walked forwards jerkily, like a puppet on a string, as if drawn by magic. He knew it was wrong, he knew he shouldn't, but he had to touch it, his fingers itched to run through that glimmering mane of hair. His eyes narrowed calculatingly, the vision was taunting him, he knew it, luring him on purpose and when he got there….. He grinned then, a wild, feral smile, running his tongue suggestively over his sharp pointed teeth.

His plan set, he stalked determinedly forwards, swishing his cape around him in a wild, dashing manner. He looked dangerous, he looked enigmatic, he was the Goblin King. A loud sigh from the corner of the room stopped him in his tracks. Whirling around he looked for the intruder. They would pay a most painful death for disturbing him.

His eyes landed on a girl standing at the door to the room, rolling her eyes as she looked at him. Sighing again she marched forward, sidestepping him and blocking his view as she began brushing her hair.

"Dear God Jareth, quit looking at yourself in the mirror."

Brushing her hair carefully, Sarah swept it up into a swishy ponytail and anchored the strands with a pink hairband, before turning to look at Jareth. She had thought he would have looked a little embarrassed, or at least blushed slightly, but it actually looked like he had sidled over to her side to catch another glimpse of himself. Amazed, Sarah watched as the Goblin King smiled to himself in the mirror, before shaking her head and forcibly leading him away. This is why there wasn't any mirrors in that stone castle of his, he'd just get too bloody distracted to get any work done.

Sitting him down at the chair next to the window, Sarah sat on her bed facing the Goblin King.

"I have a problem" she sighed dramatically.

"Oh?" Jareth replied disinterestedly, sweeping his eyes around the room, before staring out the window.

"Nothing fatal I hope."

"No of course not." Sarah replied, deliberately taking the question at face value.

"Kind of you to care though" she said, getting a snort in reply.

Stretching languorously, Jareth extended his legs outwards, placing one on either side of Sarah, a gesture which came with years of familiarity, before gazing out of the window again.

"So what seems to ail you my precious? What wish do you need me to grant this time?"

Sarah grinned impishly. He knew her far too well. It had come as a bit of a surprise to Sarah when she realised the extent of her control over the Goblin King.

She had stumbled upon it rather dramatically one night when she had accidentally wished she had a gold lame skirt that one of her friends' had been wearing. The resulting disaster that occurred when Sarah suddenly found herself in said Gold Lame skirt, leaving her friend clad in nothing but underwear in the middle of nightclub, had been nothing short of catastrophic. I

t was then, that Sarah put two and two together and multiplied it with some of the other, rather bizarre events of her life, and found that the equation did not equal X or Y, but rather, resulted in Goblin King.

Sarah's life, post-labyrinth, had not altered much. Other than the occasional party in her room with various goblins, fairies, and some of the undergrounds more, avant-garde inhabitants, life pre and post labyrinth remained unchanged. She had started being nicer to Toby, and she had quit playing make-believe in the park, but only because playacting to a dog somehow seemed a little less exciting then saying it to a villainous tights-wearing king. It just didn't pack the same amount of oomph.

Apart from that she had remained pretty much the same. She still fought with Karen, moaned dramatically about her pitiful life and feigned illness on the day of her maths test. She also hadn't learned to stop wishing, which had resulted in a few of Sarah's more elaborate cover-ups.

The first odd experience had happened when Sarah had been out with friends and had subconsciously wished for the rather annoying blonde that had trailed after them, to disappear. When she disappeared without so much as moving her chair, Sarah had blinked, slightly confused, and then had shrugged it off, attributing it to a case of too much ice-cream. Besides she rationalised, never look a gift horse in the mouth…

The second time, she had been making out with a rather hot looking guy in her living room when her parents had unexpectedly returned. The car had driven into the driveway, and then reversed back out and drove down the street backwards for ten minutes before stopping. No one had been more surprised than Sarah when a rather shaken Robert and Karen returned to a teenage-boy free house with stories of a possessed car. But it wasn't till the gold-skirt incident that Sarah called upon the Goblin King himself and learned that, in defeating the labyrinth she had gained supreme control over all of its denizens, including the king itself, which included the use of his magic. The unlimited possibilities that the power gave her had caused a gold-lame clad Sarah to dance insanely in front of the Goblin-King while laughing in glee. And, it was also why, eight years later, at 23, she was able to summon him whilst half asleep.

But she was digressing from the point now. She had a major problem which Jareth had to fix before she went to work. He was still staring out the window when Sarah began explaining her predicament. It wasn't till she was near the end that she noticed that Jareth kept fluffing a strand of his hair and pouting.

Seeing nothing out of the ordinary outside her window, she followed his gaze to the corner of the window, before rolling her eyes incredulously. The little twit was looking at his reflection in the window for the love of …..

Narrowing her eyes Sarah began again,

"And then I got hit by a bus."

"Do go on" Jareth cooed, fluffing his hair again and leering, causing Sarah to lose the plot.

"Jareth if you don't listen to me right now I swear I'll wish for the bog to end up in your sleeping chambers"

The threat was nothing to be taken lightly and Jareth snapped to attention turning to face a rather red-faced Sarah. Smiling victoriously Sarah started again, only to have a rather shocked looking Goblin King snort in laughter.

"Sarah, you seem to have something rather, err, shiny on your teeth. Were you attacked?"

"That's what I have been trying to tell you" she replied crossly, "I had to get braces because my bite was off and I need you to hide them somehow."

"Had to get brashes did you my shweet" Jareth said snickering evilly.

"Keep laughing fairy boy and you'll be filing those pointy little canines of yours with my nail file." Sarah replied, pointing one indignant finger at him.

Sobering immediately, Jareth ran a concerned tongue over his canines. He couldn't bear to lose those, they were his pride and joy and he had focus on what his green eyed headache was saying or he would.

"So what do you need me to do?" he sighed, affecting an air of concern.

"I don't want anybody but the dentist to be able to see them."

"Fine" Jareth said, flicking his wrist lazily. Jumping up from her seat, Sarah ran to check the results.

"Perfect" she said, smiling,

"Thanks Jar-Jar" she said, walking back over and patting him absent-mindedly on the cheek, before sauntering over to her closet,

"You can Poof back to the underground now."

Glowering viciously, Jareth regarded Sarah's retreating form from the back. How satisfying it would be to just throw a crystal at her from behind and drop her in an oubliette. But of course, he couldn't touch the conqueror.

"One day soon my shweet," he thought malevolently, "One day I'll get you back and then you will pay."

The air darkened around him, swirling with wickedness and evil intent, "One day he would-"

"Oh for heavens sake Jareth" Sarah called from the closet, "If you're plotting against me, at least be subtle about it."

This time the Goblin King had the grace to look slightly embarrassed,

"Don't know what you're talking about" he called as she left the room shaking her head in mirth.

The air darkened again, "but someday soon you will…"

"Jareth the threatening music is a bit of a give away too"

"Oh fine, I'm going" he yelled irritatedly before disappearing in an abnormally large explosion of glitter that twinkled and sparkled as it covered everything in Sarah's room.

"That will show her" he muttered.

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