Hey, my name is Kitty Watsername and I give you my stupid, lame, story

Hey, Sunshine.

Naruto had a mission. His mission; wake up Uchiha Sasuke. It was known throughout Konoha that you did not mess Sasuke in the mourning unless you had a death wish, and a painful one at that.

Of course Kakashi-sensei gave him the mission with a mischievous smile (he was 3 hrs late, too.) which meant he was planning something. But what did Kakashi now about the teme that Naruto didn't? Nothing that's what.

When Naruto reached Sasuke- teme's home he reached inside of the wood railing and pulled out a spare key. (He knew were it was but it wasn't like he was spying on the teme, why would he do that?)

Once inside he tried everything to wake up Sasuke. He jumped on him, screamed at him and even bought food, ramen of course. "Wait, I'm doing this all wrong, Sakura woke him up once; what did she do?" he thought.

He went off to find Sakura. Once he found her, he asked "What did you do to wake up the teme?" "I kissed him and he almost killed me!" she whined

"O.k. I will do this" he said. He was back at Sasuke's home. He had been back for four hours arguing with himself. "I'll do it" He leaned down and pressed his lips to Sasuke's.

Sasuke's lips were softer than he expected and warm, he felt Sasuke shift beneath him. "Now he is gonna kill me!" Naruto thought but was suprisedto see Sasuke awake and kissing back.

Just before going back to sleep Sasuke mumbled "G' morning sunshine." Naruto failed his mission