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Two men in white robes, not unlike those of Organization XIII, stepped out of the Gummi Ship onto the surface of the planet Meteo. The planet's master, Mewtwo was waiting for them. The ground around them convulsed violently as Meteos were produced. Only Mewtwo was keeping the planet-killing matter from spewing forth.

"We have a new target for you," The first man said. His voice was rough, but not harsh, and yet it sent a chill down Mewtwo's spine. He hated this man with every inch of his being. But he had to obey him.

"Yes, master." He practically spat out the word "master". The man did not seem to notice.

"Here are the coordinates and the diagram for the Ventilation Shafts." Mewtwo took the papers reluctantly. "You have served us well so far, continue to please us and you shall have your prize." The two men turned to leave, but Mewtwo spoke.

"I'm beginning to think that you won't keep your promise." The men stopped. "What's stopping me from killing you and taking my heart back?" Mewtwo gathered an orb of psychic energy in his hands. The silent man turned to face and wielded a strange weapon. The other man spoke but did not face Mewtwo.

"Put the weapon away, Zais, he's not that brave." Zais did as he was told. "You don't know where I'm keeping your heart, for all you know it could be in my pocket." Mewtwo backed down a little. The man spun around holding a large weapon backhand in his left hand. "This is a Keyblade. If you disobey me I will use it to destroy your heart. Is that what you want?" Mewtwo refused to back down, and gathered more energy into the orb.

"You're a Nobody! You're nothing without a heart! Can you live without one?" The man declared. Mewtwo knew this to be true, but hearing from someone else broke him and he dissolved the energy orb and sank to his knees.

"You – you're right. Forgive me, Master Kraine" His voice was sorrowful.

"Good boy. Kraine put away his Keyblade; Zais did so as well. "We are going to that world first to see if we can find the Keyhole, if we do we'll let you know, otherwise…" Kraine trailed off. Mewtwo understood. "Come." He told the silent man and the two climbed into the Gummi Ship and set off into space.

Mewtwo commanded the planet with his mind. He telepathically told it to send some of the Meteos to the designated world. As he watched the planet-killing matter disappear into space, something in the sky caught his eye. He watched as it came closer and closer…

The door faded away in front of them. King Mickey led them inside.

"I always wondered what this door was here for." Sora said as he followed King Mickey inside.

"Well now you know." Riku said plainly.

"Gwarsh, it sure is dark in here." Goofy sounded a little scared.

"That's because we're inside a cave, genius!" Donald exclaimed. Kairi giggled.

A deep voice boomed inside their heads, "YOU HAVE CROSSED DESTINY'S THRESHOLD AND HAVE ENTERED THE RECESSES OF FATE." King Mickey kept moving so no one stopped to find out were the voice was coming from. He led them deep into the darkness until they came across a large, glowing structure. Sora could see that the stone monolith was hollow like cork, containing numerous tiny alcoves. Unlike cork however, these alcoves were covered by a barrier of energy. At the base of the structure was drawn a symbol that looked like a Keyhole.

"Is that what I think it is?" Sora asked.

"Yes it is," King Mickey answered. "Only a Keyblade can open this structure."

"I'll handle this." Sora announced proudly as he produced his Keyblade, the Kingdom Key. But Mickey shook his head.

"Uh, uh. This one isn't for you. And it's not for you either." He said to Riku as he produced his Keyblade, Way to the Dawn.

"Who then?" Riku asked.

"Kairi." King Mickey said as though it were obvious. All eyes turned to her.

"Me?" She had forgotten that she had a Keyblade until just now when it materialized in her hand.

"Yup. Just hold the Keyblade out and aim it at the Keyhole." Kairi did as she was told. A beam of light shot from the tip of the Keyblade and into the Keyhole. A sound like a lock clicking into place echoed in the cave. The glowing structure glowed even brighter as the barriers dissipated. No one but Mickey knew what to expect now.

From each of the alcoves a small glowing object shot out. They all rushed out of the opened door to Destiny Islands, and then up and off the world into space.

"What are they?" Riku asked.

"Don't you know? They're Keyblades."

"Keyblades? But I thought they were all lost during the Keyblade Wars."

"No. They were stored here, away from those who would abuse their powers. Now the time is right to release them back to the worlds."

"Is that where they went, to the other worlds?"

"Yes, they are searching for their masters."

"It sure was awful pretty." Goofy observed.

But Goofy did not see the full splendor of the Keyblade migration. All across the worlds a great meteor shower was witnessed. The light was so great it could be seen during the day on some worlds.

Mewtwo watched as the glowing object came closer then flew overhead and continued into space. It was followed by many, many more. He had never seen a meteor shower like this before. He watched for a long time because for some reason, it gave him hope.

Knox witnessed the meteor shower from his world of Midnight Town. He saw several of the meteors fall onto his world. But the meteor shower was much different for Midnight Town than any other world. During the meteor shower numerous dark shapes could be seen falling to the ground all over the world. Each time one fell, a tremor could be felt nearby.

Meanwhile, in a remote location outside the main part of town, an oddly shaped craft touched down. The doors opened and two men in white robes stepped out…

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