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Chapter 1- The Bet becomes popular

"I can't believe this is happening!" said Sakura angrily. She would check on the three papers every now and then to see if she won. Sadly she didn't. Amazingly enough, Sasuke wasn't thinking about revenge, Naruto wasn't thinking about ramen and Kakashi wasn't thinking about Icha-Icha paradise. She sighed. She was on the bus ride home.

"Sakura, what are those youthfully colored papers mean?" asked Rock Lee.

"It's a bet we made. The orange paper will shrivel if Naruto thinks about ramen. The navy paper will shrivel if Sasuke thinks about revenge. The gray paper will shrivel if Kakashi thinks about his books."

"Those books always were very unyouthful! May I join this youthful bet?" Sakura grinned evilly. Rock-Lee's obsession was youth, right?

"You can. I'll call Kakashi over." Kakashi gave Sakura a green slip of paper which would tell her if Rock Lee were talking about youth. Only team seven had the papers of everyone.

"This bet is un- no, I won't say it!" huffed Rock Lee who went home.

"Darn it! I thought he'd actually give into saying something about youth!" said Sakura angrily, "So Lee payed his share to get into the bet, right?" asked Sakura.

"Well... Yes," admitted Kakashi, "The stakes have risen to eighty-thousand yen." Oh boy. Sakura had to win this bet. Money, money, money... What she could do with eighty-thousand yen...

Meanwhile, at the lair of Tsunade...

"I can't believe this is happening. The bet is slowly spreading. To think even you entered!" yelled Tsunade at Jiraiya.

"I went in because the prize is now one million yen," smiled Jiraiya, "And you love gambling. This bet is pretty popular!"

"I'll join it," grinned Tsunade. With one call to team seven, she gave up some yen. She couldn't have sake. For three months.

"Who knows. It'll be good for you. Three months without me being perverted," smiled Jiraiya.

"Well, that would be good," shrugged Tsunade. Meanwhile...

"This is so frustrating! I cannot talk about, think about or be y-o-u-t-h-f-u-l!" shouted Rock Lee angrily.

"You shouldn't have joined then!" said Ten-Ten, throwing knives at a tree.

"But there's so much money!" Ten-Ten looked at Lee.

"You said money?"

"Yes, money!" Ten-Ten considered. No weapons for three months... Maybe she'd get good at some other area of combat. And maybe she'd notice things she hadn't cared to notice before. The effects were more positive than negative. Shrugging, she went to join the bet.

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