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"Alice, please! Cut that out!" I screamed. Alice had her hands in my hair, re-doing the style with the brown, rhinestoned pins that I had taken out the night before. It was halfway up into a twist on the back of my neck and the other half was being curled. And she wasn't being very gentle. I would be bald by the time she finished.

"Do you want to look good for your bachelorette party?" Alice asked, putting her hands on her hips.

"I don't care what I look like! I don't even want a bachelorette party!"

"Oh, be quiet, Bella," Rosalie snapped.

Rosalie was in charge of my nails. Earlier, she had given me a facial, which was a first for me. To my extreme dismay, Rosalie lived by the quote, "Beauty is pain." She was very rough with the facial and ignored me when I protested.

I had been forced - once again - to sit still at Alice's vanity table. This time, I didn't go as easily. Rosalie and Alice had to grab me by the arms and literally drag me over to the seat. And whenever I argued, they threatened that they were going to make the whole Guinea Pig Barbie scenario go by even slower. I usually shut my mouth for a while when they threatened me like that.

What made things even worse, was that I had no idea where I would be going for this 'party' of mine. They were keeping it a secret; they acted all mysterious whenever I even mentioned it. Parties were the worst, and I hated surprises. It was two things that I despised, all combined into one.

I groaned and let my head fall back against the seat. This was absolute misery.

Alice stomped her foot. "Bella! You are going to flatten your curls if you lean back like that! Sit up straight and do not move!" she shrieked.

"Alice, I don't want curls! I could care less about them!"

She pretended that she didn't hear me - even though I knew very well that she did - and grabbed a can of hairspray. She pressed the nozzle, hard, in her frustration with me, spraying the strong smelling mist all around my head.

"You're wasting your time! I'm going to take these stupid pins out as soon as you let me go!"

Alice did a double-take. She squirted me in the face with the hairspray, sending me into a serious coughing fit as it burned my nose and throat. "You better not," she warned.

A soft knock on the door saved me from doing something I would regret.

"What?" Rosalie called, annoyed.

"What are you doing to Bella in there? I can hear her coughing," a beautiful voice asked from out in the hallway. I took a deep breath, trying to control my coughing fit so I was able to answer back. But that was a big mistake. The fumes from the hairspray still stung my throat, sending me into a second coughing episode.

"We aren't doing anything to her, Edward. She is just being extremely stubborn," Alice said.

Edward was not happy about my bachelorette party. He had been to his own party just last night. Emmett and Jasper were crazy enough to take him to a strip club in Port Angeles called Veronica's. It was quite obvious that it didn't go over very well. They had nearly sent Edward into complete insanity while they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. And, of course, Alice and Rosalie were just as furious as Edward was afterwards. Once Alice and Rosalie were done dealing with their husbands, Edward took his turn for revenge. He attacked them both and locked them into a closet together. The outcome was interesting. Jasper and Emmett weren't allowed to leave the house, thanks to a more than willing Esme. She didn't like the idea of them going to a strip club in the first place. Edward would rather not have me on the verge of insanity with his two adopted sisters as my only supervision. And I couldn't say I blamed him. This wasn't going to be fun.

I took another deep breath to get control of my breathing. "I am not being stubborn! My voice sounded raspy and strangled. Alice and Rosalie are torturing me!"

"I'm sorry, Bella." His voice was sincere and apologetic. "When is she allowed out of that torture chamber?"

Alice rolled her eyes. "She would have been finished by now if she would just quit arguing. She isn't dressed yet, but she should be out soon."

I couldn't imagine what kind of an outfit they were going to force me to wear. All I knew was that it was most likely very expensive.

"If she isn't out in ten minutes, I'm breaking down the door," Edward warned.

Alice's eyes widened. "He means it." She then began to speed style my hair. Rosalie was finished with my nails, which were now glistening a dark blue color. I hated the color she had picked out for me the night before, which turned out to be a very deep red color. I chipped them all off, which made her furious. Now, the bloody red color was gone and was replaced with dark blue. I was never the one to wear nail polish. And now that my nails were blue, I hated the concept even more.

Rosalie straightened up and turned her back to me. I heard a bunch of things clacking against the vanity table. It was a very ominous sound to me. When she turned around, she was holding a mascara brush in one hand, and an eye shadow case in the other.

"Shut your eyes, Bella," Rosalie ordered. "It won't take me long at all to do this. But don't be difficult."

Clenching my teeth together, I shut my eyes. I wanted all of this to be over with.

I felt a brush slide swiftly against my left eyelid. And then the right eyelid. I assumed she was finished, so I opened my eyes back up. Rosalie was turned around again, rummaging through her little pile of beauty products.

"Look up," she ordered. I did as she told me. She began putting mascara on my lashes. And I had to force myself not to cringe away from the little black brush. With each movement of her white fingers, she came so close to poking my eye out. But never once did I feel something make contact with my eyes. For that, I was very grateful.

Then, I felt Alice pull up the last strand of hair that was slightly curled. She pinned it up, and I let out a long and relieved sigh.

"All finished. Now for your outfit!" Alice exclaimed, clapping her hands and bouncing up and down. She whipped around and rushed over to her closet. I heard her search through her racks of clothes, and then call out 'Aha!' when she found what she was looking for. She reappeared with to articles of clothing in her small hand.

"Rosalie and I both picked this out for you. So, I hope you like it!"

It was an outfit that I would never ever wear in public. The top was dark blue, the exact same shade as my nails. I wasn't sure how I felt about that yet. The sleeves were short and it was a V-neck cut. From the looks of it, the fabric was made of satin. It looked awfully tight, even for my small frame. The skirt, which was of medium length, was black. I thought they were leather at first, but it was also made of satin fabric.

Before I could even protest, Alice and Rosalie were pulling off my clothes. My jeans fell down at my ankles and my T-shirt was thrown halfway across the room. I didn't even have time to blush from being self-conscious. Alice was already forcing the top over my head, while at the same time, was being careful not to mess up my hair. Rosalie's job was easier. She swiftly pulled the skirt up to my waist, and then stepped away so I could get a good look at myself in the mirror.

It was shocking. I barely recognized myself. The make-up was way overdone and my hair was done up even more elegant than last night. And I was right about the top. It was very tight-fitting. But by the pleased looks on Rosalie and Alice's faces, I guessed it was supposed to look tight.

And then, if I couldn't add any more attention to myself by just my outfit and my make-up, there were the shoes. Rosalie was holding a pair of blue and black heels by the straps. I gulped. I was going to look like a crazy person, stumbling around in those three-inch heels.

Rosalie was down at my feet in a flash, lifting my feet up and forcing them under the tiny straps. Next thing I knew, I was three-inches taller.

"Don't you think this is a bit much?" I asked, sounding dazed.

"Nope. Rose and I are going to be wearing similiar outfits. And where we are going, we will blend in perfectly," Alice explained, beginning to bounce up and down again. I didn't answer, I just turned away to walk towards her bedroom door. Or stumbled. I made a complete fool of myself as I made my way over to the exit of the torture chamber. I opened the doorknob, and the first step I took towards the hallway was a complete mistake. I tripped over my own feet, but an ice-cold hand caught me before my face could make contact with the floor.

Edward was leaning against the wall, next to Alice's bedroom. He pulled me up and steadied me.

"I think those shoes are going to be a problem," he said, gesturing to the death traps on my feet.

I blushed. "Do you know where I am going for the bachelorette party?" I asked innocently. Edward nodded, and I thought he was going to tell me right then, but Rosalie and Alice interrupted. They both were in different outfits, their beauty intensified by the new make-up that they wore.

Alice was in all black. The contrast of her outfit against her skin made her look lovely. She had a black tank top on, with black leather pants. Her heels were black, with what looked like real diamonds on the straps.

Rosalie was in red and black. Her shirt was tight, and the neck-line plunged all the way down to her waist. She was also in a black skirt, similiar to mine. Hers was about three inches shorter, exposing her beautiful and perfect legs. Her shiny, red high-heels look ten times more dangerous than mine did. And I was thankful that I wasn't the one wearing them.

Alice was now holding three tickets in front of her, all spread out like a fan in her hand.

"The Mirage Hotel!? In Las Vegas!?" I squeaked. Rosalie coughed to hide a laugh, enjoying my reaction.


She handed me a ticket and I began reading about the Mirage Hotel.

The Mirage Hotel is a truly elegant hotel casino and as one of the first of its kind, it still remains one of the premiere favorites among visitors. Greeted outside by an erupting volcano, visitors of The Mirage are invited to escape to a tropical paradise. Upon entering the lobby guests view a 20,000 gallon coral reef aquarium featuring sharks, puffer fish and angelfish, nearby a verdant indoor atrium filled with palm trees and pools. The Mirage provides an atmosphere of lush tropical foliage and waterfalls, exciting attractions, relaxing accommodations and extraordinary service.

My jaw dropped. "This is totally unnecessary!"

"Sure it is! We already bought first-class plane tickets," she said handing me another ticket. I groaned and slapped my hand up to my forehead.

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