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Chapter 4, Day 2

"In 5…4…3…2…"

"Hello, world! Welcome to iCarly!" Carly said enthusiastically. Sam smiled at the camera.

"I'm Sam!"

"And then I'm Carly!" Carly looked surprised, and Freddie laughed behind the camera. Sam frowned and glared at him for a second, then the bright smile returned. Freddie's, however, disappeared, only to be replaced by a puzzled look. Too late now; She was back to normal.

"So, I'm sure you watched us last week," Carly began.

"And that means you most likely saw me faint," Sam added. Freddie had a pained look on his face. He didn't know how she could talk about what had happened with a smile still on her face. When he thought of it, of Sam lying broken on the floor, he felt sick and…somewhat guilty. Like he could've stopped it somehow. Stop being stupid, Freddie. You couldn't have done anything, it just happened...He shook his head and focused on the task at hand: iCarly.

"Well, Sam and I have some bad news regarding that incident," Carly said, suddenly looking very serious. "Sam?"

She looked at Carly. Carly saw something on her face, but she was unsure of what it was. Then Sam looked at Freddie, who nodded as if to say Go for it.

Sam took a deep breath and finally said, "Well, it turns out that I have leukemia. A type of cancer. Um, stomach, I think…"

"Blood, Sam," Freddie corrected. "Whatever, I'm sick either way!" she snapped. "Anywhoo, I'm also sad to tell you that I have only the next six months…to, uh…I have…six months to…" She couldn't say it. She didn't know why, but she just couldn't. Carly watched her in concern. "Sam?"

"I'm alright, Carls." She glanced at Freddie, ashamed of herself. I'm making myself look like a wimp in front of the King of Wimps himself! That can't happen…so why can't I say that I'm dying in six months' time?! She took a deep breath. C'mon, old girl. You can say it, you did before.

"In six months, I'm gonna die," she said finally. Her eyes felt hot, and she immediately looked away from the camera. She refused to let the tears fall. She wanted to show Carly, Freddie, and the world that she wasn't afraid to die. She looked at Carly, and saw that she was trying not to cry, either. She glanced at Freddie from the corner of her eye and saw him wiping his eyes with his sleeve. She laughed a little out of relief. She wasn't the only scared one.

Carly laughed a little, too. "What's so funny?" Sam pointed at Freddie, who looked teary-eyed. "The dork. He's upset that I'll be gone."

Freddie looked incredulous. "Of course I'm upset!" he said indignantly. Sam opened her mouth to retort, but Carly put a hand on Sam's shoulder. "Uh, why don't we finish this later?" Sam looked annoyed, but she dropped it. Freddie muttered ''whatever''.

"Right, well now we're going to call up my brother Spencer, and—""Hello!" Spencer bounded out of the back room. Carly looked at him, confused. "What were you doing back there?"

"Oh, well, I was just…um…what are we doing today, Sam?" he asked. Sam looked at the camera, "We're going to do another segment of:" Freddie clicked a button on his belt, and the screen did the little jingle we all love, "Hey, What Am I Sitting On?"

Carly laughed. "So now, our tech producer Freddie will help out here while I take the camera." She went behind the screen, and Freddie popped out in front, next to Spencer. "Thank you Carly. By the way, I love you, and—" Sam pulled him away by the collar of his shirt. "Yeah, yeah, we know."

The camera focused on Spencer, who said "Now, our lucky sitter today is…"

"Me," Freddie said dully, then groaned. "Oh, man…I don't like this…"

"Tough nubs, you volunteered," Sam said, patting his back. "No, I didn't! You made me!"

"Oh, yeah…whatever. Spencer! The blindfold!"

"Blindfold!!" Spencer echoed, handing it to Sam. She slipped it over Freddie's head, careful to snap the elastic back. "Ow!" Freddie cried. She made sure it covered both his eyes, then asked "Can you see anything?" He shook his head, still fuming.

"Good! Now to the Chair Of Wonder!" Spencer said dramatically. He took hold of Freddie's shoulders and guided him to said chair. "And the secret item of the day is…" Sam rushed over to the camera screen, "A plate of spaghetti,'' she whispered into the lens. Carly laughed, but managed to keep the camera steady. Poor Freddie, she thought. Sam ran over to Freddie's side. "Ya ready, Freddo?" She asked, smirking. Freddie could tell she was smirking, even if he couldn't see her; that's how well he knew Sam Puckett. He shrugged. "Uh, I guess…"

Spencer put the plate of spaghetti on the Chair, while Sam backed Freddie into position. "Nope…a little to the left…forward a step…there! Okay, sit!" He did, slowly, and groaned as he did. "Ew…"

Spencer bounded over to him. "Okay, remember: you have 20 seconds to guess, 'Hey, What Am I Sitting On?'" he said excitedly, with the jingle doing its respective part.


He moved a little. "It's squishy…is it a food?"

"Uh-huh," Sam answered. He moved around a little more. "Um…raw hamburger meat?" he asked, gripping the sides of the chair.

"Eeeeeeh!" Spencer said loudly, like a buzzer.

"Um…" "5 seconds left!" Spencer shouted.

"It's a……plate of spaghetti!" Freddie shouted at the last second, as the buzzer rang.

Sam clapped. "Congratulations! You've won!" He took off the blindfold. "Cool! Wait, what did I win?" he asked suspiciously, raising an eyebrow.

"This." She smacked him lightly upside the head.

"Hey! That wasn't—"

"I know, I know, 'That wasn't very nice Sam.' But since when do I care?" she interrupted. Freddie opened his mouth, but Carly whispered from behind the camera, "Guys!!" Freddie quickly closed his mouth, not wanting to upset Carly. He frowned and walked out the door. "Where are you going?" Sam yelled to him, while Spencer cleaned up the spaghetti. "To put on a clean pair of pants," he yelled over his shoulder. Sam shrugged.

--One pair of pants later--

"And that's all the time we have tonight, good people of Earth," Carly concluded.

"But don't forget to come back next week for totally awesome, crazy, insane stuff!" Sam chimed in. Both girls looked at each other, then at the camera and yelled "See ya!" Then Freddie put on Random Dancing.

"And, we're clear," Freddie said, signaling them to stop dancing randomly. "Awesome show tonight, guys!"

"I know! I'm gonna make some fruit kabobs to celebrate. Back in a few minutes," Carly said. "Oo, fruit kabobs! Yum! I love to have me some fruit!" Sam said in a weird accent. She pulled out her drawing pad and sat on the nearest beanbag. Freddie set up the equipment for the show next week. He watched her draw for a few minutes, her face scrunched up in concentration. Suddenly, an idea hit him. He just hoped Sam wouldn't. "That's it! Hey, Sam!!"

She jumped. "What?!" She snapped, "You almost made me screw up!"

"Sorry. But here's an idea—"

"You're finally going to stay quiet when we have our meetings?" she asked irritably. Freddie frowned. "No! I was saying that we could put your drawings up on iCarly! I could put them on the 'Gallery' section, and people could leave comments, and they could vote on the drawing for the week!"

Sam looked thoughtful. "Not a bad idea, Fredward…maybe you do have a brain underneath all that dorkiness," she smiled. Freddie rolled his eyes, and they went back to what they were previously doing. As Freddie continued to watch her, he started to think about how pretty she looked. Frddie was shocked to hear himself think that about Sam, but he couldn't deny it. He sighed quietly. Besides, nobody can compare to Carly, he thought. He felt a little better after that. But for some reason, he felt confused. He did know, though, that it had to do with Sam. Darn you, Sam! He glanced at her and saw her smile in satisfaction. Eh, I'll let it go for now. I have a little while to figure it out anyway.

Carly came back up in the elevator, a plate of fruit kabobs in her hands. "Hey, guys, guess what!?" she asked. Clearly, she was excited about something.

They looked up—Sam from her drawing, Freddie from Sam—and gazed curiously at her. "Huh?"

"Spencer said that Dad called. He's stationed in Florida for the summer! And he gave me and Spencer plane tickets to go down there and see him! Isn't that great!?" she shrieked, setting down the plate carefully and jumping up and down. Sam hugged her, joining her in the jumping of joy. "That's great, Carls!" Freddie grinned. "Awesome," he said at the same time. Nothing made Sam or Freddie happier than seeing a happy Carly.

Sam's face fell, and she stopped jumping. "Oh, shoot…" Carly looked concerned, as she stopped jumping, too."What?"

"My mom and her friends are going to Vegas for the rest of summer, and I told her I was staying with you! Now what?"

Carly thought. "Well…what about your Dad's house?"

"Nah, he lives too far, and the rest of my family is in jail, so…no."

Carly frowned and thought some more. "How about…Freddie!" she looked at the boy.

"Huh!?" Both turned and stared at her as if she spoke Latin. Carly smiled. "Yeah! Freddie, let Sam stay with you. It's only for a couple months, and she has nowhere else to go," she said. "Please, Freddie?" Freddie just looked at her. Wow, her hair is shiny…No! Focus, Freddie…okay, um, well…

"I don't know, Carly. My mom freaks if I'm with a girl past 9 pm. What makes you think she's going to let Sam stay the night for two months?"

"I'll ask her," Carly shrugged. Sam hadn't said anything yet, so Carly glanced at her. "Sam? D'you want to?" She looked at the two of them, then rolled her eyes. "Well, what other options do I have?" Freddie expected a frown to come, but instead he surprised himself by smiling.

"M'kay, I'll go ask Mrs. Benson," Carly said, smiling in relief. Hopefully, those two will get along better after living with each other for awhile.

"Fine. Hey, while you're with your dad, we'll keep iCarly going, and call you guys every time!" Sam said, grinning. Freddie just looked amused. Girls are so confusing. One minute they're a ball of sunshine, the next they wanna rip your head off. Carly laughed and headed downstairs. A few minutes later, she came back. "You're all good, Sam. I'm not leaving 'till Saturday, so we can pack tomorrow." They each grabbed a kabob and toasted each other. Tomorrow, they had work to do.

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