Title: Horrible Acts

Rating: M

Summary: Athena Snape watched as her parents were taken to Azkaban because another child hadn't been born. So did her best friends, but what if there was a chance to change the future by visiting the past. They take a visit to a strange shop and meet its strange owner. Now Yuuko, the space-time witch, joins Athena, the most powerful sorcerer in the world, and her friends to find a way to stop such horrible acts. Harry Potter/xxxHolic/Cardcaptor Sakura crossover.

Chapter 1

(Italic Athena speaking in her mind)


No one deserves to be sent to Azkaban, my parents are included in this. But Minister Fudge had them sent there because my mother failed to have another magical child. I really hated him for that especially seeing my mother's screaming when she was told where she would be going. My father looked like someone had punched him in the gut, but they went away and I was only five when it happened. Janet Lupin's parents went as well along with several others. I don't remember who they were as I was only five when it happened.

I was raised by my grandparents and they loved me dearly. But by the time I was ten I had already done what most fully grown wizards couldn't, I created a new kind of magic. I called them the Clow Cards, powerful cards filled with the power to create or destroy, and the Guardians. Kero always slept on a soft pillow and Yue was explained as my father's cousin, who I had found out about. They accepted that and I was glad. My powers were growing at an alarming rate and I felt like I could prove myself at Hogwarts with just my loyalty, courage, and smarts.


"So where going to Japan," Janet Lupin said.

"Yep," I answered. "And I hope that this trip doesn't have my grandparents asking to buy stupid things."

Janet laughed and then stopped when she saw someone that all of them hated. Fudge.

"What's he doing here?" I snapped.

I really hated the man ever since he had locked my parents up in Azkaban. They hadn't been out in six years and when I had gone to visit them my mother didn't even know me. My father had been worse. He just looked at me as though he had lost something. All of them were like that, except Remus, who retained a lot of his wolfishness. I wanted Fudge to burn in hell.

"Hello, Miss Snape," Fudge said, beaming at us.

"Don't give her that, sir," my grandfather snarled. "It's your fault that my son-in-law and my daughter are in that horrible place."

Fudge gave my grandfather a heated look.

"Sir, they knew the law. And they broke it," he explained. "It's not my fault that their in Azkaban."

I felt like killing him.

"Hay, what about my parents," Janet protested. "They-."

"Knew the law," Fudge finished. "Now excuse me."

And he was gone.

"How can he just say that?" Morgana Malfoy asked. "My parents are in Azkaban as well."

I knew it was for the same charges. Failure to comply with Ministry law.

"Don't worry, we'll get our revenge on him."

"I hope so," said Alice Dumbledore.

Her father, thankfully, had died before going to Azkaban. I figured that it had something to do with a broken heart.

The trip to Japan didn't take as long as I thought. By the time we landed we were already whisked to our hotel room. My grandfather left us to ourselves and we decided to go out sightseeing. I brought Yue with me just in case I ran into trouble. I had a lot of enemies since I had created a new kind of magic and I needed all the help that I could get.

"So what do you want to do first?" Janet asked

"How about fortune-telling," Alice suggested. "I find the seers here fascinating."

I did to so we decided to go to a fortune-teller.

Of course we never ended up at one. We passed by a strange house and at once we were drawn in. There we met Yuuko and she looked at us with interest. She was a very pretty woman, but I sensed that there was more to her then met the eye.

"You've all lost something and need to find it," Yuuko told us. "And I can do it, for a price."

We all looked at each other.

"We haven't-."

"Your parents are lost in a dark place," she said, cutting Alice off. "One died due to things that we're beyond his control and the rest are just lost."

At once I knew she was talking about all those souls that had been placed in Azkaban.

"I can bring them back to you," she added.

I stared at her, shocked.

"What do you mean, you can bring them back," Janet asked.

She smiled at her.

"I'm a space-time witch!" she stated. "I can send you all back to when your parents, those that had to marry half-bloods or purebloods, were in school. I will join you, of course, and there you can change the past. However, you might not live if this happens."

I sighed. Everything that I wanted would come at a price, my life or the life of my friends.

"It is your choice, my dears," she said.

"Lets do it," Janet hissed. "I want to see dad and not the shell that he is."

She looked at me with pleading eyes and I knew this was something that had to be done. I looked at the others and they all nodded that they wanted to do it. I looked at Yue and he nodded.

"Very well, we'll do it," I told him.

She smiled at me and then got up.

"Then we leave now," Yuuko told us.

And in a flash we were gone.

To say that going through time is something that is easy, well I'll let you know that it isn't. You seem to go around and around in circles until at last you think your mind is going. When it stops you think that your going to land somewhere that you don't want to be. Well I landed right into Yue's arms, his feet were planted firmly on the ground, and we were in the Great Hall; which was packed with people.

"Right on time," Yuuko said, grinning. "I do like it when things happen on-time."

She gave us her smile and then turned to the staff. I had to stop myself from screaming when I saw them. My father was behind the table with Professor Lupin by him. I had to admit that they looked better this way.

"Hello, Albus," Yuuko said.

"Yuuko, what are you doing here?" Dumbledore asked.

This surprised me. They knew each other.

"Well, I was in the space-time area and decided to visit," she said. "I have some clients that I'm serving and the conditions of my bargains states that they have to be here. I hope you don't mind."

Dumbledore grinned at her.

"Not, at all," Dumbledore said. "So these-."

"Are all children that are eleven," Yuuko added. "I hope they'll be allowed to be sorted so that they can do their studies. I would hate them to be unable to pay me."

Dumbledore grinned and I wondered if I wasn't the only one that was confused with how she talked.

"So what brought them to your shop?"

Yuuko face went grave, I could sense it.

"To stop a horrible act," she said. "An act caused by Fudge which landed their parents in Azkaban just because they failed to follow the law."

Dumbledore frowned.

"Who failed to follow the law?" asked a witch that I had never seen.

"Why, almost all your staff, some students, and their friends," Yuuko answered.

I had never seen a wizard go pale in all my life.