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Naruto Uzumaki, 14 year old blond hair, blue eyed, orange wearing jinchuuriki for the Kyuubi no Kitsune sat in the desk beside Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno after accidentally getting shoved into a kiss from behind into Sasuke and now the Chunnin instructor Iruka was reading off the names of the team...

Iruka said "Team 6 instructor will be Genma. Now team 7 will be Naruto Uzumaki, and this is strange, according to this Naruto, your to meet your other 2 teammates and instructor at the Hokage office."

Naruto looked confused as everyone looked at him and he got up and started toward the door.

Iruka said "Now as I was saying Team 8 will be Kiba, Hinata, and Shino under Kurenai Yuuhi. Team 9 which is still in service from last year will have Kiba added to that team to replace a member who was transferred. Now Team 10 will be Choji, Shikamaru and Ino."

At this point Sakura and Ino who both had brain farts recoiled and said at the same time "WAIT, WHAT ABOUT SASUKE-KUN."

Iruka blanched at their screams and said "Well, It says here that Sasuke will be taken as an apprentice. Now everyone, your instructors will be here after lunch and Sasuke, I would get a book to read if I were you." as he left.

Naruto walked up to the Hokage secretary who smiled at him as one of the few who liked him and said "The Hokage is waiting to see you Naruto, go on in."

Naruto nods and walked to the door and opened it before stepping inside and the third looked at Naruto and said "Ah Naruto, good to see you got my message. Sorry to pull you away from the academy but you see, I was requested by 2 different individuals to have you placed on a partner trained team under them and after much debate I agreed. Your team has already gotten everything from your apartment you will need and are waiting for you at the front gates. I asked you to come here before you met them because the 2 who asked for you are both very skilled fighters even if they don't look it. I got this scroll for you as well with some jutsu for you to work on while your gone."

Naruto said "Wait, what do you mean gone and who are my teammates."

The third said "Naruto, for the next 9 months you and your team will be gone on a secret training trip. Even I do not know where you are going but both men are very trust worthy and have treated you well over the years. You won't be returning until then. In fact your only returning for the Chunnin exams and then most likely leaving again."

Naruto was shocked and said "But what about my apartment, and my friends, Ayame, old man ramen, you. I won't see you all and I wont be able to eat Icharuka Ramen. Why."

The third sighed and was silent for several moments and said "Because your going to learn about your parents." as he sat down in his chair.

Naruto froze and was wide eyed and whispered "my parents."

The third said "The 2 men who are going to be your senseis are probably the only 2 other then Kakashi, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and myself who knows who they were. I was not suppose to tell you until your 16th birthday but both men told me that if I did not give into their demands to have you on their team then they would kidnap you and take you away from Konoha never to return because they are sick and tired of the way your have been treated. They waited until now because before now the council could have stopped them and you but now that your a ninja you fall under my control and not the councils so I really did not have a choice on the matter. I am sorry I lied to you about them before now but because of who they were your life would have been in even more danger then having Kyuubi in you."

Naruto swallowed and asked "Who were they. I assume by talking in the past tense their dead."

The third nod and said "The 2 men who are taking you on this trip will tell you who they were Naruto. That was the final request because they know more about your parents then I do. They want you to know everything so they asked me not to tell you."

Naruto looked down and said "Do you really trust these men."

The third said "Yes. If they were like Mizuki they had more then enough chances over the years to harm you if they wanted to but they never did. I trust them."

Naruto nods and looked at the third and said "Thanks for finally telling me a little about my parents. At least I know that the reason their not here now is they are dead."

The third sighed as he got up and walked around to Naruto and wrapped him in a hug and said "Now Naruto, please listen to them well and do as they say. I promise you that everything will be ok. I care for you like I do Konohamaru so hurry back."

Naruto who had tensed a moment when he was given the hug finally broke down and hugged the Sandiame back.

Several minutes later he let go and smiled a true smile and said "Don't worry old man, when I get back I will take that hat of yours. Believe it." as he pumped his fist into the air.

The third said "I hope so, I really do Naruto. Now here is the scroll I told you I made for you. It has around 20 jutsu for you to learn and I believe they will help you greatly. You better go, I don't want to keep your team waiting any longer.

Naruto asked "How will I know who they are and who are my teammates."

The third said "Just follow your nose. It will find them. As for your teammates its a suprise."

Naruto grumbled and said "Well I better go...damn it, I don't have time for any Ramen."

The third shook his head and said "You couldn't get any Ramen anyways, you left your wallet in your apartment this morning but your team has it. Good luck Naruto."

Naruto eyes were wide and screamed "NO, GAMACHAN...CYA OLD MAN." as he ran out of the office.

The third thought as he saw Naruto leave "I hope I made the right choice. Neither of those 2 men are Ninja but they are as deadly as Minato and Kushina. Some called them the 6 deadly sins because of their abilities. To think the last 2 are taking their children to learn their fighting style. Minato, the yellow flash, brains and speed, Kushina, The Red Death, the most powerful sword skills with the ability to heal any wounds almost as good as Tsunade, Dustin, the Artic Dragon, can turn any battle field into an artic tundra in the hottest of desserts, his wife Emi, the mystical magician, able to summon weapons out of thin air, Teuchi, Strong Arms, said to be able to rip a man apart with his bare hands, and last but not least Isis, Kami Archer, said to be able to hit a target up to a mile away with holy arrows that would literally travel around any obstacle. sigh back to paperwork."as he pulled a piece of paper and read "Request for Naruto Uzumaki to be placed on team with Hatake Kakashi...denied."

As Naruto approached the gates he saw the 2 guards were in the guard house and both were 2 chunnins Naruto liked and he said "hey guys, what you do this time to get guard duty."

Both men looked at Naruto and one with a bandage across his face said "Hello Naruto, this time it was trying to put rat poison in a fish for Tora."

Naruto shivered at that name and said "I swear that cat is Kyuubi reincarnated. I mean come on, how the hell can that cat do so much damage to gennins, chunnins, jounins, and not die from all of the attacks."

The other one said "I think your right Naruto."

A voice said "No, the cats just smarter then everyone thinks." making all 3 look to where the voice was and Naruto said "Hey old man, what are you doing here."

The man said "From now on Naruto you will refer to me as Teuchi-sensei. As you already know my daughter Ayame, your first teammate."

Naruto was wide eyed and both Chunnin were shocked knowing who Teuchi was from the ramen stand having treated him once themselves and left with empty wallets.

Ayame smiled and said "Hello Naruto-kun."

Another voice said "Dad, whats going on. Why was I pulled from my team and we packed up everything in our shop." from a bun haired looking girl with a Chinese shirt looking at a man who looked to be about the same age as Teuchi with his arms crossed and his eyes closed and he said "Its a long story you will find out when we reach our destination. Its good to see you again Naruto. I know its been a few years since you last saw me but my name is Dustin, and as of now your second sensei. Beside me is your third teammate, my daughter, Tenten. I have all your things in scrolls on me so don't worry about that. Its good to see you again Wookie. If you can't understand the joke there watch star wars episode 4 and remember the description of Teuchi."

Teuchi said "Like wise Frosty." as they both smirked before locking arms in a firm shake.

Everyone looked confused and one of the 2 Chunnins asked "Whats going on here, what do you mean by Senseis."

Teuchi sighed and pulled out a scroll and said "Here are the official orders from the Hokage. Team 7 here is going on a long term training trip at an undisclosed location. As for the Sensei part Dustin and I are both trained fighters in ancient fighting styles that the Hokage decided would be best to pass on before we do so that way they are not lost. Naruto, Ayame and Tenten are all going to be trained in those styles. Now if you will excuse us we have a long trip ahead of us." as he started out the gate.

Ayame shook her head and stepped beside Naruto and said "Come on Naruto-kun. I don't know whats going on either. Dad said he would explain it once we reached our destination."

Dustin said "You heard her Tenten, lets go." as he walked quickly up to Teuchi and then to the surprise of the 3 teens behind them started down the road speeds no civilian could match.

The three teens quickly caught up to the 2 men and Naruto looked at Ayame a little shocked and she saw the look and said "I may not have went to the academy but I do know how to use chakra and dad makes me run all our deliveries on time limits. If I make it to a house in 12 minutes today there and back, the next time I deliver there I have to be back in 11 and a half minutes. I can out run Lee and Gai in a mile run however I don't have super stamina like they do. My speed is all short burst."

Tenten was wide eyed at this and said "No way."

Naruto blinked and said "You know fuzzy brow and super fuzzy brow."

Tenten snickered and said "Yeah, they were my teammates. How do you know them."

Naruto said "Well Gai showed me a trick about a year ago to help me figure out what was wrong with one of my pranks. He showed me speed was the problem I had on it."

Dustin smiled hearing them talking while running and said "Naruto, I want you to think about what to say later. Before Teuchi or I tell you and the others about whats really going on or who your parents were Naruto you are going to have to tell both Ayame and Tenten the truth about your entire life."

Naruto was wide eyed and paled and Teuchi said "Hes right Naruto. There will be no secrets on this team. Ayame, Tenten, your both also going to have to tell Naruto everything about your life as well. When were done with you 3 your going to know each other inside and out better then some husbands and wives know their spouses so think of how and what to say. We have about a 4 hour run before we are catching a boat. Starting now I am no longer your father Ayame, I am Teuchi Sensei and the same goes for you Tenten with Dustin. The rest of this trip will be in silence but I want you all to pay attention to your surrounding as well as thinking about what to say later."

Naruto sighed to himself and thought "why do I have to tell them about Kyuubi."

For the next 4 hours they arrived at a small boating village and Teuchi lead them through the village and they approached a shack near the docks and a man with tattoos on his arms of a woman dancing said "Hello Teuchi, what can I do for you and Dustin."

Teuchi said "Hello Raine, its been a long time. You still have Goldrunner."

Raine smirked and said "Yeah, you want her."

Teuchi nods and Raine walked into his shack and came back with a scroll as he walked along the dock and he bit his thumb and wiped blood across a seal in the scroll and threw the scroll out toward the water and a puff of smoke covered the area on the water and then a long 50 foot yacht appeared.

Dustin said "Thanks Raine, We will be back in less then a year. Come on kids, lets go." as he climbed on the boat.