With Orihime, Battery, and Naruto, Orihime ran into a cave carrying Naruto with Battery following behind her. Once they entered the cave Orihime looked around and Battery said "Clear."

Naruto who Orihime had set down on the ground stood up and nods to Orihime who nods and pulls out a cell phone and said "Orihime here. Phase 1 successful." before hanging up as several figures stepped out of the shadow of the cave.

In earth country a figure was hiding in a cave and heard a beeping noise and picked up a cell phone and said "Sakura here...right." before she turned to several figures dressed in black and said "Assassination squad, Begin phase 2."

The unnamed members of the 2nd squad quickly disappeared in blurs leaving Sakura there who bit her lip and thought "I can't believe we are doing this." before she heard the sounds of explosions."

In Fire country Ino who was hiding in a cave inside the Hokage monument hung up her cell phone and said "Begin phase 2." as over a hundred unseated Shinigami said "Hai." before running out of the cave and the sound of fighting could be heard.

Ino thought "Please let this work."

As the fighting in the elemental nation began, in soul society the Shinigami captains and vice captains who were not related to Naruto stepped through the archway into soul society only to find themselves unable to move.

Tousen stepped out in front of all the captains and vice captains and said "Hello everyone."

Byakuya who was struggling to get free said "What is going on here Tousen."

Tousen said "Jericho must have forgot about me. Naruto found me and changed me back when I was in water country. He had me hide in the Central 48 until the time was right."

Kyoraku said "Why can't we move, not that I'm complaining."

Tousen said "It was actually a pair of girls named Sakura and Ino who came up with the idea. Ino family had the ability to take over the body of others temperarily. The more chakra they had the longer they could hold it. Even though we can't use chakra Sakura got the idea of finding a way to mimic Ino family jutsu. Research and development been working on the seal you see under your feet. We set it up that anyone who comes through this gate will be unable to go any further unless they are released and the best part is the seal is powered by your own spiritual energy meaning it is as strong as you are."

Mayuri said "But how did you know we would come in this gate."

Tousen said "Because we were so short on members Naruto ordered that only 2 gates could be used. The first gate can only be opened from this side while the other gate could only be open from the other side. That is why when Naruto brought people back here he always had us open the gate on this side for people to come in. Anyone who opens the gate from the other side has to come in this gate as a security precaution. Now why don't you all relax. Your not going anywhere."

Byakuya said "While this seal may stop us it does not stop the fact that not everyone is here. Those related to the Captain Commander are currently killing everything they come across."

Tousen said "That's actually better then we hope for."

Kyoraku said "What do you mean Tousen."

Tousen said "Naruto suspected that Jericho would wait until he thought Naruto was at his weakest and then send someone here to attack Soul Society. That was why nearly the entire battle in Lightning country Naruto has been acting like he was fighting while it had been Ishada who was actually fighting.

Ishada walked up looking extremely tired and said "Did I hear my name Tousen."

Tousen said "Yes. I was just explaining Naruto plan."

Ishada said "Jericho assumed that Naruto would use his Zanpakto to return everyone back to life from being hollows but we kill hollows all the time. The only difference is Naruto can do it before they return to Soul society. Of coarse we had to make it believable so Naruto would give me just enough energy to fire 5 shots out of every 50 I made to make it appear that we were turning people back instead of just sending them here normal."

All the Captains and vice Captains were shocked hearing what was going on and Kyoraku asked "But what is he hopping to achieve."

Tousen said "Right now every Shinigami is in the elemental nation killing all the hollows as quickly as possible while using Hollow bait to attract them. Naruto is having Battery recharge him. After he's recharged he's coming back here and using the gateway you so graciously opened for us and take it right back to where ever Jericho was hiding with..."

Just then Naruto appeared with Kenpachi over his shoulder and in a flash was gone causing the cloths of everyone to ruffle from the wind of his flash step as Kenpachi landed in the seal the other captains were in.

Everyone was shocked and Ishada said "He's definately faster then before and with Jericho sending all of Naruto family away to other area's that means they can't be used as hostages."

Kyoraku said "Tsk. Captain Commander has his grandfathers luck."

Byakuya said "Don't tell Ichigo or we will never hear the end of it."

Just then Ikkaku and Yumichika ran up and Yachiru said "Baldy-kun, is Ken-chan going to be happy when he wakes up."

Ikkaku said "No. Captain Commander appeared behind him and knocked him out with a single blow while we distracted him.

Yachiru said "Poor Kenny...Oh my god, you hurt Kenny you bastard. Kick his ass." as she pumped her fist into the air.

Everyone blinked and blinked again and Ishada said "You can move."

Yachiru looked around and said "Oops. Does that mean the games over."

Ikkaku eyebrow twitched and he asked "Game sir. What do you mean game."

Yachiru said "Kenny took Jericho's bite for me. He told me to pretend I was under his control like everyone else."

Yumichika said "You mean you could have escaped and come help us at any time..."

Ikkaku and Yumichika looked at each other and Ikkaku said "Get her."

Yachiru began to run away with both Ikkaku and Yumichika chasing her and Tousen said "Why didn't the seal stop her like everyone else."

Ishada said "She never actually touch the seal. She was always being carried by someone."

Meanwhile Naruto appeared in front of the village of Suna and said "I'm coming for you Jericho." before flash stepping into the village.

Jericho clenched his teeth before slamming his fist into a map of the elemental nation and soul society said "Damn it, what is going on. Why isn't Soul Society being destroyed. Why haven't I gotten any reports from those damn Shinigami's."

A voice that caused Jericho to freeze said "I'm sure you will find the Shinigami are a little tied up at the moment Jericho."

Jericho turned and said "Kami...What are you doing here."

Kami said "Oh, I just came to tell you that you should know not to mess with me or those under my protection. That is why Yamamato and his wife were seperated in the first place. You used my pets, the Bijuu as part of your revenge. How is that any different then what those 2 mortals had done."

Jericho said "You can't touch me Kami. No direct influence in the life of mortals. I'm not immortal so you can't do shit to me."

Kami said "True...I can't directly do anything to you but that does not mean I can't do anything indirectly. Tell me, why is it that Naruto kept getting powered up and that his abilities became even a mystery to you."

Jericho glared and said "It was you."

Kami nods and said "Naruto blades of light have the power to restore a hollow back to a regular soul while Naruto black blade has the ability to restore a soul."

Jericho said "So his black blade has the same ability as his white blade."

Kami chuckled and said "No Jericho. I said his black blade can restore a soul. He can stab a soul with his black blade and repair any damage done to it...like the damage that is done to a soul when you take a bite of it to control them."

Jericho's eyes widen and said "You..."

Kami said "Yes me. I knew always what you were doing but I have a confession...you never had control of Kyuubi or the other Bijuu. They were pretending to follow your orders as a request to me."

Jericho frowned and said "And why would you have your PET'S pretend to be my slave."

Kami said "Simple, so that when they were sealed inside a human they would learn to control chakra. As we speak those you sent to attack the elemental nations are being captured by the Bijuu while Naruto secretly had his Shinigami that he freed slaying the Hollows here and sending them to soul society...You were right about me wanting the humans in this world gone and I do not appreciate the idea of killing the patient in order to cure the disease...but since you were so kind as to kill everyone anyways it doesn't matter. Naruto black blade will allow him to repair the damage to all the souls that were effected by Aizen."

Jericho said "That boy is nothing but a failure who..."









Jericho coughed as he went into shock and looked at his chest where an arm covered in spiritual energy stood with Jericho's heart beating in it in the hand connected to the heart.

Glancing behind him Jericho saw the eyes of Naruto which were dead cold and Naruto said "My friends and family are the light of my world. Without them I am nothing but darkness that consumes everything and yet I still exist...Even then darkness itself...DIE." as he clenched his fist crushing the heart as his arm was covered in spiritual energy again burning the arm as well as Jericho's body.

Once Jericho's body turned to ash Naruto closed his eyes as a tear fell down them before he fell forward only to find himself being caught by Kami who gently wiped the tears off Naruto cheeks and said "Peace be to you child. You have done well..."

Naruto asked in a streighned voice "Why.

Kami said gently "Just like every generation is tasked with surpassing the one before them, every generation has to deal with the consequences of the ones before them also. Every life is precious. Even the evil ones. In life there is only balance. Jericho forgot this long ago and believe that his position made him the exception to the rule. That is why when Yamamato and his wife first appeared I created a system of balance to make sure that others would not fall into the same mindset Jericho had. Just like you have responibilities when it comes to those before you, I have them as well...I have to make sure that the next generation has the tools they need to deal with the consequences of the ones before them and the potential to surpass those as well."

Naruto asked "Why can't you make it where there is no pain and suffering. Why make things hurt so bad." in a pain filled voice.

Kami said "Because the greatest gift you have is the freedom of choice. You have the ability to choose for yourself but you must also deal with the consequences of those choices, both the good or bad. How else will you grow and be thankful for the things you have and cherish them instead of becoming complacient."

Naruto was silent for several moments and said "Are...is everyone alive and safe." in a quite tone.

Kami said "Yes though they are still under Jericho's control...but if you will let me borrow your power for a moment I will use your blade to free everyone."

Naruto said "Take it. Do what you must...power means nothing if you are alone."

Kami smiled and said "You are far wiser then many centuries older then you Naruto. I knew you were the right choice I made to bring everything back into balance." before taking Naruto Zanpakto and it began to glow before everything was covered in a black light.

When Naruto opened his eyes he found himself back in his room in soul society and thought "What the...how did I get back here."

A knock on Naruto door caught his attention and he frowned and got up and walked toward the door and said "Who is it."

A female voice said "Didn't I teach you to detect spiritual energy."

Naruto eyes widen and quickly opened the door and saw Siofon standing there along with Ayame and Tenten.

The next moment there was a thud as Naruto found himself on his back on the floor with all 3 girls holding him tightly with tears in thier eyes.

A cough was heard from the door and Yurouchi said "Am I interupting something."

Siofon said "Yes." causing Yurouchi to laugh and she said "In that case you should just let me deliver my message so you won't be interupted anymore."

Each of the girls frowned but got off Naruto who pouted and said "Did you all have to let go. I missed you all damn it and I don't want to let you go again."

Siofon said "As soon as she's gone you won't ever have to let go again." as she shot a glare at Yurouchi.

Yurouchi chuckled and said "I just came to tell you that Kami has brought back to life Captain Commander Yamamato and his wife along with everyone who died due to Jericho."

Naruto frowned and said "That's good I guess but I got the feelings that's not all."

Yurouchi said "Kami decided you've earned some family time and time for yourself after everything you've been through. The pocket dimension that the Bijuu were in has been restored to the way it was before we sent the humans there."

Naruto said "That's good."

Yurouchi said "I suppose so but that's not all. Kami has left this for you and said it was your choice what to do." as she held up a scroll.

Naruto frowned and took the scroll and opened it.


I want to thank you again for all that you have done. You have earned a break so I have given Yamamato back his life with his wife so that he could continue to be the Captain Commander until you feel you are ready to take over. Everyone in Soul Society remembers what you have done. I was asked by Kyuubi though to give you a gift for everything you done as well as for the pain and suffering that you went through. It's a choice. If you accept Kyuubi gift then I will stop time for everyone in the elemental nation and send them back to the real world and start time again so that they will not realise what has happened until they die. To them it will be the day after you left Konoha with Ayame and Tenten. Kyuubi thought that you would like the chance to prove yourself to them without Jericho. If you decide not to accept this gift then you can just stay here with your family and friends and start your life as a soul reaper here. It's your choice. Choose."

Naruto blinked and looked at the scroll and said "I...I choose..."


Which will Naruto choose. If he chooses yes then there will be a sequal. If he chooses no then there won't. I hope you enjoy this story and good day.