"I knew what was going to happen

"I knew what was going to happen. You knew this was what was coming. But we still had to go and fight him didn't we. Well it wasn't much of a fight, just us beating him up. But it was just so we could see his pain first hand wasn't it?"

"Bella, I'm sorry," apologized Edward. "You know my temper. Anyone who does that to you deserves to suffer the way he is. Anyway, you're the one who gave me permission. I'm sorry you changed your mind before it was too late."

I turned back to Jacob, bruised, bloody, and unconscious. I continued to gently sponge at some of the worse wounds, him flinching in his sleep with each touch.

"At least I was careful not to kill him. I could have easily done that, but I didn't. I would never let that happen, Bella, if I knew you didn't want that. You did most of the damage with that crow bar of yours anyway! I just held him down and broke his jaw, even though his jaw has already healed…" he trailed off, eyeing Jacob's face with disgust.

"You're right," I sighed. "I guess he deserved it…and you were somewhat nicer than you had to be."

I put the damp and bloodied cloth on the bedside table and positioned myself into Edward's lap, so I could watch Jacob as he slept.

"As soon as he heals he's going to get it from me though," I said. "But only words of course."

"Oh Bella, it was only a kiss! And you did allow me to break his jaw, finally, so I think that he has gotten enough. And we also all know how forgiving you are."

"What's this?" I asked sarcastically. "Taking the mongrel's side? Well that's a first. And besides, this is the fourth time that he has done this, ruining the moment, abusing our relationship, and this time trying to make it something even more!" Edward stiffened against me at this statement. "You're lucky you got there when you did. If only Alice could see the dogs," I said using Edward's names for the wolves, "Then you could have been there even sooner. Then this," I gestured to Jacob's unconscious body on the bed, "Wouldn't have even happened."

As I said this Jacob shuttered, just as he does when he is angry, about to shift into wolf form. Edward was out of the room with me in his arms before I could even realize this was what was taking place. I looked through the doorway and saw that Jacob was still trembling, though less violently.

"False alarm again," I said, remembering how he had done this a few hours before. "It must help him heal or something," I thought aloud.