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I know Jane's a real bitch, but every villain has a backstory and we never got hers. So here it is!—ei

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"Ha, ha, ha," He laughed, his head still bent forward. He looked up slowly, his eyes bright with excitement. "That was fascinating!"

Alice smiled dryly. "I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"To see the things you've seen, especially the ones that haven't happened yet!" He shook his head in wonder.

"But that will," She reminded both he and Edward, calmly.

I gritted my teeth. Why not just kill her now and save everyone the trouble?

"Yes, yes, it's quite determined. Certainly, there's no problem."

Caius looked sour and began to complain.

I bared my teeth and glowered at the hideous girl. She was too busy watching him to notice.

"Aro," Cauis began.

"Dear Cauis" Aro smiled. "Do not fret. Think of the possibilities! They do not join us today but we can always think of the future. Imagine the joy young Alice along would bring to our little household..." Furious, I let out a soft snarl. Alice turned to me slightly, smirking. Aro touched my arm and then continued, "Besides, I'm so terribly curious to see how Bella turn out!" Edward grimaced.

"Are we free to go?" Edward asked.

No, please don't go. I was terribly reluctant to let him out of my sight.

"Yes, yes," Aro said pleasantly. "But please visit again. It's been absolutely enthralling!"

"And we will visit you as well," Cauis promised, "To be sure that you follow through on your side. Were I you, I would not delay to long. We do not offer second chances."

Beside me, Felix groaned.

"Ah, Felix. Heidi will be here at any moment. Patience." Edward jumped slightly at the sound of her name.

"In that case, perhaps we'd better leave sooner rather than later."

"That's a good idea. Accidents do happen." They did and in my present state, I was likely to cause one right here, right now. "Please wait below until dark, though if you don't mind."

"Of course." Aro took Felix's cloak and tossed it to Edward.

I watched him stretch to don it, his bare chest gleaming in the candlelight. I longed to clothe him in it but I quickly looked to Felix's bare chest so that he would only read revulsion on my mind.

Aro sighed happily. "It suits you."

Edward began to laugh but when Heidi's flock started to sound down the hall, he quickly departed.

"Goodbye young friends," Aro said blithely.

"Let's go!" He said, anxiously. They started to run, and he held the girl close to his chest, letting her feet fly by the ground as they fled.

As they exited the room I slammed a hand down on the nearest armrest of Aro's chair. The glance he had given her, the way he held her, the resilience he had in protesting her, and the whole reason he had come to us, infuriated me. The warm, tender gaze he reserved, the hand that might easily break her neck so docile and gentle. And in the end, he would give his life for her.

How disgusting: he loved her.

I started to cry, venom dripping like acid on my face.

"Jane," Aro drew me into an embrace.

Felix gave a cough, which might have been hiding a snigger. I glared daggers at him and he flinched, ready for an assault, but Aro wouldn't let me. He smiled kindly at me and I lowered my tone, out of respect. "Aro." A sob tore my throat.

"I understand your pain, little one. The one you have desired all the years. And on the eve of your return, too. What a heart-breaking disappointment."

"He had me at hello," I whispered, thinking of his agonizingly beautiful face.

"Actually, Jane, dear, I believe his first word was a vulgar imprecation." I didn't laugh.

"You do not see how it pains me to hurt him. I did not intend to," I said defensively, in a raw voice. "If only he had moved out the way. I wanted her!"

"He was protecting the one he loved."

"Why her?" I asked in a whisper. "What does he see in her?" He shrugged.

"The course of true love never did run smooth. I saw it in your eyes, did I not? The first time we laid eyes on him. I respected Carlisle and he was a dear friend, so I forgave the boy. He was young and callow. And all of us go through that stage; his was only made worse by that he is forever troubled by adolescent angst."

"When I joined you promised me the world, Aro. You took me as your daughter. And yet, what father does not want to give his child's hand to someone worthy. Since that night, I have thought of no one else. And you have not fulfilled your promise and give me what I want. Or rather…who I desire."

He sighed heavily. "Your desire will cause much pain in their household."

"The lack of fulfillment of my desire causes me pain within my heart."

"I do not like to see you unhappy," He admitted. "But haven't you understood, Jane? Edward is not one to be swayed by pain. He will not bend to you for something so petty. The bond that they have is something quite unlike what I have seen before."

"Aro, it has been many years since my birth. And many more since I have last seen him last. But I have not said a word of reproach to do my duties for you. But now I cannot wait any longer. My heart demands retribution for my long lonely years."

"Even if you took her away, you know what he would do. He would return to us, for death. Not for you. And yet, if you used Heidi, to coerce his heart...what kind of a relation would that be, Jane? You would never be truly happy." He shook his head, tiredly. And for once he look the old man he should have been.

The doors down the hall bolted open, and I could hear Heidi's enchanting voice drawing the humans near.

"My beloved, you are, no doubt, the biggest benefactor of my affection, and as my daughter, I will do all in my power to keep you happy. But this is something I cannot grant. I have given my promise to the both of you. But to you, I must break it. Forgive me."

I turned to go, tears rising up once again.

The screaming started.

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