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Chapter i: All of my memories keep you here

"I will not marry anyone but you." His face appears to illuminate and it seems as if he wants to pose me the question this very moment. "Off course not now," I hurry, "I'm only 18 and we have plenty of time. It's time for me to fulfill my destiny and establish my kingdom."

I gaze at the thorns of the bloody roses that stung my ring finger. Blood, the same color as the rose, drips lonely and exasperatingly slow on the green grass.

"I know you didn't want me to, but I can't wait anymore."

"You have loved him with great passion and kindness, for the time that was necessary. I am very sorry dear child, but he does not need you anymore."

"God I love you so much." A certain timbre of his voice frightens me and makes it sound as if it was the last time he can say this to me. I swallow hard and pull away.

"You leave me no choice."

"I love you too, Sky."

I look at the rose as it shines vividly on my night closet. I shake my head, trying to get rid of the negative thoughts and feeling of an anxious foreboding.

"How can you call yourself a human-being?"

"So… we were just a lie to you? A pretty waste of time?"

That's where she left me broken.

"And what are you going to do? Kill me?"

"Bloom, what's wrong?

"Try me."

I don't want my worst memory perpetuated in my bedroom.

"I don't love you."

I am only surrounded by darkness, there is nothing else anymore. No memories. No pain; I have forsaken my identity, my birth. I will no longer be Bloom, the Crown Princess of the royal kingdom of Sparx. I have given up my ever-lasting love for Sky, it will be suppressed. I have bound my magic, it's ready to be unleashed at the right moment. For my vengeance.

"I should've known you were to weak."

"But… I have given him up. I love him!"

"No, I love him, he is my son." A blow. I feel I am colliding with the hard shingle. The last thing I perceive are her eyes, that turned pitch-black, that disgrace the ever-glistening rubies decorating her ears. They're red.


My eyes flash open, my heart beats twenty times to fast, racing racing like it will never cease to pound . It feels as if I'm waking up for the first time after a year-long time. For one moment, -only this moment I realize- everything is so obviously clear to me. Everything is perfectly lucid. I breathe heavily, it seems as if… someone ripped my chest open in order to release me.

Still, through the pain, the dizziness, the fuss that all the doctors and nurses make, I only remind myself of one thing before I let myself drift off again: 'Destroy her.'