Chapter 1

Severus Snape sat alone on the couch of his family Manor. A clock somewhere in the Manor chimed three. He heard the front door opening, and the rushed voice of his wife. "Come on Serenity," Callivera hissed tugging at the small four year olds arm, "we must be quick so we can leave before daddy gets home."

Severus stood abruptly making his eyebrows furrow. "Now we can't have that can we?" He sighed. Severus peered into the long hallway and saw Calli throw her travelers cloak on a chair also abandoning her bag there as well.

"Go wait in the living room Serenity." She said hastily running up the Manor stairs.

Serenity knew what her mother was doing and she hoped that her daddy would be home soon so it would not happen. However Serenity had always been taught to respect adults and knew she had no choice but to comply and wait in the living room for her mother. As she walked she began taking her fingers through her long red hair. To this day he still did not know where she inherited such gorgeous features. Certainly not from himself and as for her mother…well, Severus knew it was not her looks that made him marry her.

"Daddy!" suddenly Severus found himself being tackled by his little girl. He engulfed her in a hug and pulled her up into his arms. "Hello ladybug!" he said kissing her cheek.

"Daddy…mommy says that she is leaving and you don't want me…and-"

"Hush; darling…I will not let her have you! She has proven herself many times to be an unfit mother…do not worry honey you are not leaving this house!"

"I bed to differ." Snape turned and saw Callivera standing there with her bag in her hand. "Give me my daughter." She spat.

"Hmmm…let me think about that…ah, no!" Serenity could sense the tension in her father's voice and wrapped her arms around his neck and squeezed it very tightly.

"Severus, give her to me!"

"Woman you are soft in the head if you think I'll just hand her over. She is mine and you will NOT TAKE HER FROM ME!" Serenity shuddered at her father's raise in tone. Quickly Snape rubbed her back in assurance that everything would be alright.

"It's over, Severus." She whispered. "Over."

"WHAT!?" he spat. Suddenly Snape could feel warm wet tears drip down his neck. Instantly he stopped yelling and attempted to calm himself. "You cannot have her; I will never let you take her from me!"

"Don't worry, you'll see her…when you come to drop off the child support check!"

"WOMAN YOU WILL NOT GET A DIME FORM ME, BECAUSE YOU CANNOT HAVE HER!" Callivera smiled and pulled out her wand.

"Give her too me or I'll do it."

"Fuck you!" Snape said so coldly that Serenity shivered.

"Fine!" Callivera pointed her wand at a beautiful family portrait and said, "Reducto!" the portrait shattered and sent billions of glass shards everywhere.

Snape could hear Serenity's voice whisper in his ear, "Daddy…I'm afraid."

Snape knew that she could not handle this type of situation right now or ever for that matter. He needed to get her to a friend and keep her there until this could be sorted out. "You will not win this and our daughter will not be here to observe it." And with a very loud CRACK Severus and Serenity were gone.

Serenity absolutely despised apparation, especially when she was not ready for it. Severus massaged small circles into her back to relax her breathing and walked up the path to the Hogwarts gates. He knew that if anyone could keep his daughter safe it would be the Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. He ran up to the castle and opened the large doors to the warm entrance hall. When he got inside he was extremely surprised to be greeted by James Potter. "Sev, what are you doing here?"

"Calli chased me and Serenity out!" he spat.

"What did she do?" James asked following them up to Dumbledore's office.

"The crazy wench tried to take Serenity and sneak out of the manor without me noticing and then take me to court so I would have to pay child support."

"No good bottom feeder…but why are you here?"

"Because I need someone to watch Serenity while I sort this out and get a bloody restraining order on her." James smiled and stopped Severus from going any further.

"Why don't you let me and Lily baby-sit the little tyke for you? I'm sure Harry would enjoy the company."

"But aren't you guys in hiding from…you-know-who?"

"We have wards set up all over the house and believe me if old mold even thinks of coming to my home it will be the last thing he ever does." Snape sighed and pulled his baby away from his neck.

"Daddy…I don't feel good…I want to stay with you…"

Snape sighed. "Okay James if you don't mind I'd like for you to take care of my little girl." Severus pulled Serenity from him and handed him to James.

"Oh, my! Don't you want to stay with me?" He kissed her cheek and smiled. "You do remember me don't you?" he asked still smiling.

"Yes, you are my uncle, and you're my daddy's friend."

"He's my best friend love." Snape said smiling gratefully.

"Okay, well I guess I should take her back to Godrics Hollow and you should be taking care of your soon to be ex-wife."

James had brought Serenity back to the house and Lily was more than furious to hear about the situation that was taking a hold of this innocent child's life. "What does that woman think she is playing at by taking Sev to court?"

"Not to worry love, I know Severus will win. Especially with Albus on his side." Lily nodded and just as she was about to start dinner Harry shot into the living room. "Daddy, Ren is sad!" James quickly stood from his chair and ran up the stairs to the bathroom. He could hear Serenity crying and did not wait to be invited in. "Uncle Prongs…I want my d-d-daddy!" James sighed and bent down to the small child.

"I know honey, but your dad needs to sort some things out before he actually gets to keep you."

Serenity nodded but continued to cry. "Oh, love hush! I will find a way to contact Severus but you will have to stop crying for me!" he picked Serenity up and carried her back downstairs. "Lily, I know we can only use the fireplace to contact relatives every once in a while, but would it be okay if Serenity uses it to call her daddy?" Lillian sighed, it was always a great risk to make Floo Calls but right now she could see that the child really needed it.


Snape was dealing with a very hostile Callivera at the moment and as things were being thrown and cruel words were being spoken the fireplace lit up. Snape quickly got to the fireplace but Callivera saw that it was James and now she knew exactly where to find her daughter. When things were done being broken Snape went over to the fireplace. "Daddy." Serenity said happily.

Snape had missed his daughter even though they were not gone that long but now he hoped that this little conversation wouldn't end in James' demise.

Calli knew she would not be able to get to her daughter by herself, so she sought outside help and she knew just what she would bargain for.

"So you will give the half Simplashian all your Simplashian powers and you know the whereabouts of James and Lily Potter?"

"Yes, my Lord." The hooded man she was with smiled and laughed cruelly.

"And what is it you want in return my child?"

"I want you to kill Severus Snape." Once again the shrouded man laughed.

"That can be arranged also…very well, you have my word."

"Thank you my Lord, thank you!" she kissed his hand gratefully and bowed her head low. "You are welcome my child…now leave me!"

Lily had been trying to get Serenity to eat something but no matter what she refused. "James I don't know what to do…she claims that her belly hurts and I gave her several potions but nothing seems to work!"

"She's probably just Sev sick." He said chuckling slightly


"I'm not joking love; she is so attached to that man! She probably is working herself up about him." Lily nodded and dumped the chicken broth down the sink.

"Well I guess we better put the children to bed. Did you make up the couch for our little guest?"

"Yeah, I think I'll sit with her a bit just to make sure she is comfortable." Lily nodded and went up the stairs to Harry's room.

"Mummy I'm not tired!" he complained.

"That's what you say every night, but as soon as you are in those covers you are asleep like there is no return." Serenity sighed and got down from the window seat that was so comfortably arranged with pillows and blankets.

"Serenity, you can take down one of those blankets if you'd like?"

"Thank you Aunt Lily." Serenity looked through the pile and found a blanket that was black and had the Slytherin emblem on it. She took it from the pile and immediately Lily noticed.

"When you were younger you and Sev would stay every now and again, that is the blanket your dad would use…I bought it for him as a Christmas present. I bought James a Gryfindor one last year." Serenity nodded and left the room where James stood making her bed ready.

"Hey peanut!" he said helping her up onto the couch.

"Will my daddy be coming to get me soon?"

"Maybe sweetie, I really don't know when Sev is coming back." Serenity nodded and allowed James to tuck her in. "I'm going to sit with you for a while until you fall asleep." That didn't take long at all Serenity was asleep only a few minutes after James had spoken. "I guess I should head upstairs and check on-." just as James was about to finish his sentence the door burst open and a shrouded figure came into the room. "LILY RUN, TAKE HARRY AND SERENITY AND RUN! SERENITY WAKE UP!" instantly Serenity's eyes popped open and instantly she jumped to her feet. "You will regret helping Snape, Potter! AVADA KEDAVRA!" Serenity heard a thud and quickly ran to James aid. "Uncle Prongs…!" she looked at his face and saw that his eyes were blank and his hands were cold. "Wake up…WAKE UP!" Serenity placed her warm hand in his but was pulled away by her mother. "NO! NO, I HATE YOU…NO!" Callivera laughed and shook her daughter violently.

"This will hurt."

Suddenly she made her eyes and hands glow and the feeling burnt Serenity's insides she felt like someone had thrown her into a fireplace. As the pain continued she could hear her mother talking in some other language and then the burning ceased.

"Is it done?" the hooded man asked.

"Yes, it is done."

"Good, experiallmus!" Callivera was sent back.

"But we had a deal!" she yelled.

"And in what part of that deal did it state that I would let you keep your daughter?"

"WHAT?!" the man laughed and raised his wand.

"Say bye to mummy, love. AVADA KEDAVRA!" just like James Callivera fell limp with death.

"NO…YOU ARE A BAD M-M-MAN…A VERY B-B-BAD MAN!" the man continued to smile at her and motioned for her to come closer.

"No…no!" Serenity continued to refuse but her body would not allow her.

"Don't you touch her!" Lily came over with her wand raised and ready to cast. "REDUCTO!" the man was sent into a wall.

"Come Serenity, quick!" Lily grabbed her hand and led her upstairs to Harry's room. She locked the door but knew that that would do absolutely nothing to help them.

"Harry come here…I love you." She kissed her son all over and hugged him tightly. "Mummy, where is daddy?" tears fell from her eyes but she continued to try and hide the children successfully.

"Serenity, I know that it doesn't make any sense right now…and it probably won't when you are older either but you are destined to do great things…great great things!" she kissed Serenity's head and took out her wand.

"Remember that we love you and promise to never forget us." She whispered a spell which sent both of her children into another room and hid them from the human eye. "Harry, shh!" Serenity could hear Harry crying and was sure that whoever that scary man was he would be able to hear.

And regrettably she was right.

"Hello my Dark Angel."

He took out his wand and made the door in front of the wall blow open. He then pulled Serenity up and looked at Harry. His eyes were streaming with tears and he took in a deep breath and sighed. "Good-bye, Ren…I'll miss you!"

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" and just like all the other's Harry was dead.

"NO…NO YOU ARE AN EVIL-…H-H-HARRY!" tears fell down from Serenity's cheeks like rivers and her breathing came in gasps.

"Oh, would you hush…now unless you want your father to be next I would suggest you shut up!" Now she felt livid.

Her eyes began to glow as the man put his wand on her wrist suddenly a tattoo of some sort formed there. It was hideous, a skull with a snake coming out of its mouth…what a Dark Mark. Suddenly she felt her hands glow and the man screamed in pain as it became brighter and brighter. Finally the screaming stopped and the man was gone…gone forever, or so she hoped.

Snape had only heard the news a couple of minutes ago and he was racing to get to Godrics Hollow. When he got to the house he could see a body on the ground. Quickly he ran inside and found James on the floor.

"James…James! Don't you dare be dead…where is that Gryfindor will!?"

He took his pulse several times before he realized that there was no other answer then death. "Why did you have to be such a Gryfindor…you noble fool!" he said almost in tears.

When he saw Callivera's body he felt no sympathy for her. "You led him here…I will shed no tears for your death, neither will Serenity." With that he went upstairs and found the corpse of Lily and Harry. "Harry…that bastard truly was cruel…S-Serenity?" He had a strange feeling in his chest, he knew his child was alive he could sense her presence.

"Daddy?" Serenity had taken refuge in the closet…she could not bear to look at the bodies before her. Snape went over to the closet and when he opened the door he engulfed her in a hug and she cried into his shoulder frantically and began saying, "I'm sorry…I c-c-couldn't k-k-keep Harry quiet…and Uncle P-P-P-Prongs…"

"Shh...everything will be alright…" he cooed into her ear. They stayed in this position for quite some time before Snape decided it was time they go.

"Daddy…my wrist hurts…" Snape stopped and took in a deep breath. There was no way he could have done it…what reason would he have? But when Snape pulled up the sleeve to Serenity's pajama top he saw the Dark Mark staring him back in the face. Now he was really confused, had he gotten what he wanted?

"Did I make the bad man go away?" he heard his little girl cry.

"Yes sweetie…you made the bad man go away."

And they left the house, hoping to never have to step one foot into it again, hoping that the man that had done such evil things remained missing. But all they could do at the moment was hope and pray that nightmares would not haunt them for the rest of eternity.

Snape had taken Serenity with him to discuss the situation with Dumbledore. "It would seem, Severus that your little girl's Simplashian powers activated to quickly."

"But it does not work that way, Albus! Even if they did activate she would have to be the one to…well turn them on in a sense." Dumbledore looked at Serenity; she was staring out the window up at the sky.

"Serenity," he called. At first it was as though she could not hear but then she turned her head, "come here, child." For the first time Serenity was hesitant but she did as requested in respect for her elders. "When the bad man came to you did he say anything to make you angry?" Serenity looked at her father and nodded.

"What did he say, honey?"

"He said that if I didn't…be quiet…he would k-k-kill daddy…" Snape sighed.

His daughter destroyed the Dark Lord by becoming angry that he had threatened him. "I wasn't going to let him hurt you daddy…not like…like…" she broke into tears at the thought of James, Lily, and Harry. Out of instinct Snape scooped her into his arms and rocked her back and fourth in an attempt to give her some comfort.

Once Serenity had calmed down Snape thought it wise to put her to bed. He laid her on the couch in Dumbledore's office and requested that they talk somewhere out of ear reach. They went into the hallway seeing as the students were in their dormitories. "What do you make of it, Albus?"

"Just what you would Severus…her love for you destroyed him." He said simply

"But…it just seems too-"

"Simple, most hard situations come with a simple solution." Snape nodded but still felt like there had to be more to the story.

"Headmaster…there has to be a catch! It was all too simple, there has to be some type of way he benefited from this!"

"Would you please stop fishing, Severus?" Dumbledore said still maintaining his cool composure.

"I'm not fishing; I just think that a little girl of four destroying the darkest wizard our world has seen is a little difficult to comprehend!" Dumbledore pulled out a lemon drop from his pocket and popped it into his mouth. "That is because you try to make more out of every situation. Severus, as far as I can see the only catch to her killing the Dark Lord is that she will bear his mark." Snape was about to accept that answer when Dumbledore continued. "And when he returns, he will probably seek to recruit her."

"WHAT!?" Snape yelled forgetting his volume. "You mean to tell me that that no good mad man wants my daughter to be his own personal-"

"Weapon, yes." Snape was lost for words…what was he supposed to tell people when she came to school?

"Albus, is there anyway to hide the mark? I don't want her to be ridiculed all her life."

"Unfortunately, no. I don't think the Dark Lord put that on her for her to be ashamed of it. It probably won't come off unless the Dark Lord himself sees fit to remove it." Snape rubbed his eyes, he could feel the beginning of a really complicated life set in. "Why…why…why my daughter?"

"She is the only one hundred percent Simplashian besides you Severus-"

"Wait…Serenity is merely half."

"Did you not say that you saw Callivera there as well?"


"Is it not possible that when she set out after Serenity she gave her Simplashian powers at the request of Voldemort."

Snape was furious, his wife planned the demise of Lily and James and caused his daughter her childhood! "I'd kill her if she wasn't already dead!" he spat viciously.

"There is no sense in crying over spilled milk, my boy."


"Serenity is still alive isn't she? She still has her father? You did not fail to see to her aid…she still has her childhood Severus, it will just be a little more difficult than a normal one might be."

Snape still felt like hurting someone and his hands were clenched so tight that he would need to use pliers to open them.

"Now, Severus. I assume that you are going to want to have her live at the school with you?" Snape nodded. "Very well, then I might suggest that tomorrow you make your spare bedroom ready."

"But what about-"

"I'm sure that Remus would not mind helping you as well as Sirius." Snape smiled and then frowned. "Did anyone tell them?"

"Yes, and do not worry my boy they do not blame you. They were actually concerned

about your daughter's life and well being." Dumbledore placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled. "Now, my dear boy! You look extremely exhausted; you should probably take little Serenity and go to bed."

Snape went back into Dumbledore's office and was just about to carry her out of the office when her Dark Mark caught his eye. Snape's had faded, do to his downfall but Serenity's looked more vivid and real than ever. "I will not let it change the way people look at you! I swear to God, you will have a normal childhood."