Tony had decided within five minutes that he didn't like Baghdad. The hot dusty country was not a comfortable enviroment and he couldn't wait to get home. Agent Jardine seemed more at ease than he felt, the other agent's OCD for cleaning apparently being related more to germs than actual dust. Either way Tony wanted to wrap up their mission as quickly as possible so that they could get back to Washington. It was for that reason he was struggling to sleep despite the fact they were leaving the following morning. They'd been working around the clock and he hadn't had a decent nights sleep since they arrived.

The other people in his tent were sleeping but he was lying awake staring at the open entrance. That was how he caught sight of the people moving around suspisciously outside. Slipping his hand under his pillow he wrapped his fingers around his gun and continued to watch. He could make out snatches of what they were saying and it didn't sound like it was English. The men seperated, each going to a seperate tent. There was a dull light in his tent, illuminating the figure who entered and he was able to see the bomb strapped to the man's chest. Noting that there wasn't a dead-man's switch on the bomb he shot the man. A single shot to the chest and the man fell. The other's in the tent shot awake as he slipped out of his bed and to the entrance.

An explosion ripped through the camp and the same voices as he'd heard earlier called out - one of the terrorists had set his bomb off early. Knowing that there were more terrorists with bombs, ready to take out the camp, Tony quickly began moving, managing to subdue most the men with the help of the soldiers who weren't frozen in shock. Two more bombs went off and there was sceaming. The officers' tent had taken a hit and with no one else around to do so Tony immediately took charge, directing soldiers to put out flames and move the injured to the medical tent. The soldiers, even those who still seemed frightened, rushed to do as instructed and helping them carry the injured Tony turned to Jardine.

"Agent Jardine," she blinked, and turned to him, seemingly in shock. "Get a satelite feed to SecNav and MTAC, we need to brief the higher uppers."
"Yes sir," she rushed to do so.

Whilst she was working away at their laptop he continued to help move the injured, barking orders whenever neccessary. The camp was in chaos. There were too many casualties for the medical camp and the barracks ended up being used for the less badly injured. Although the soliers had mostly got control of their fear they were still looking to Tony for their orders and the special agent was run off his feet helping and directing.

He was helping carry a corporal, with a piece of metal in one leg, to what had been his bed when agent Jardine called him over. She'd managed to get the satelite feed up and running and had filled those listening in on the details of what was going on to the best of her ability but they wanted to hear from him. Sighing he leant over her shoulders, ignoring the fact that he was covered in dirt and blood and looked at the webcam. On the laptop screen was the SecNav, and MTAC were the director was with Gibbs and the team.

"What's the situation there?" the SecNav demanded.

"Unknown number of casualties," he sighed. "From what I can determine all of the assailants have been killed or apprehended. I have the soldiers on alert."

"Who's in charge there?" Director Sheppard wondered.

"Umm, me at the moment," he admitted. "The officers barrack took a bad hit, they're the most badly injured. We're gonna need air evac and reinforcements though."

"I'll arrange it," the SecNav cut off.

"DiNozzo," Gibbs spoke up. "Any of that blood yours?"

"No boss, I've been helping move the injured," he assured. "We should get back, theres a lot to do."

"Alright," they nodded. "Keep us up-dated."

"Will do," he signed off. "Jardine, I need you to offer whatever help you can to the medical staff and keep an eye out, I don't think they got on base without help."

"Yes sir," she scurried away.

Sighing he ran a hand through his hair, oblivious to the fact he'd smudged the blood and dirt into it, before going to help with the casualties. As he did so he noticed a lower ranking soldier heading towards the perimeter of the camp, near one of the entrances. his gut telling him that something was going on he followed to see that there were at least twent Iraqi insurgents heading towars the camp and that the soldier had already damaged the gate to the point it couldn't be closed to keep the attackers out. There was going to be a fight. Turning Tony ran towards a group of soldiers, telling them to get ready for an attack. The message quickly spread through the camp but not everyone had been warne when the attackers burst into the camp. Tony led the soldiers to fight.