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It had been sometime before Angelo made an appearance. He didn't know how much time had passed because no one had told him and when he had asked they chose to ignore him.

He was sitting at the table after being thrown into the cell again. They had taken him to the Sim lab to see if he would do any Sims, but he had firmly told them no and they led him back to the cell again.

Angelo kicked the vent open and hopped down. "Come on."

"Angelo, what are you doing here?" Just as he said that two heads peeked out of the vent and he went to them.

"He told us that he knew you and we should follow him to take us out of here." Jasmine said as she nodded towards Angelo's direction.

"Jarod happy?"

"Yes, Jarod is happy. Thank you Angelo." He hugged his friend and climbed into the vent. "We have to hurry before they know that we have left."

After crawling through the vents they finally got out. "Come on Angelo."

"No, stay here. Keep eye out for daughter, Sydney and you."

"Thank you, Angelo for everything. Thank you for helping me get Kyle out and for helping me now."

"You're welcome." Angelo said just before he disappeared.

"Come on, let's go. They will know that we escaped pretty soon and I want to be away from here when they do."

"What was that place, Jarod?"

"As soon as we are away from here and are safe I will tell you everything." He promised her as he gave her a hug and a kiss.

She nodded and followed him. They had gotten a ride from a stranger and had finally put enough distance between the Centre and themselves. He told her that he was kidnapped as a child when he was Jason's age and taken to the Centre. He told her that he was a pretender and when he found out that the Sims that he did at the Centre was being used for the opposite of what they were intended to be he escaped. He told her of the things that he had done and discovered since his escape. He told her that he had cut all ties with the Centre after falling in love with her. He told her all of this and that it wasn't enough. He had the let them go and they had to have new names because the Centre might go after them again to bring him back.

He watched as she had left in the car that he had brought for them. He waved one final goodbye and then wiped the tear off his face. He felt like every time he had something good it slipped though his fingers like sand.

The End