Skip Beat! is by Yoshiki Nakamura and is licensed in the United States by Viz. I encourage everyone to purchase the manga. I think of fanfiction as free advertisement. There are many things I've bought because I enjoyed fanfiction that crossed into a new fandom.

Takes place in volume 13, could be spoilers through volume 18.

Heart Stamp Epilogue

Normalish Kyoko:

"Wow," Kyoko said. "That's quite a head rush." Kyoko looked around herself. She was standing in her own room and not 5 years in the past. Various items around the room confirmed that. A giant sized picture of Sho on the wall from one of his newest publicity posters. There were other things most definitely recent around the room. "I'm home…" Kyoko smiled and grabbed her phone from the nearby table. "I'm going to call Tsuruga-senpai… Kuon, I can't believe he's my fairy prince, I suppose I should confess to being Bo, kind of make us both even. I'm going to help him escape Dad's shadow and we'll see how it goes between us as it goes." OH! That other Kyoko gets to call him Dad for real. Maybe someday I'll get to add that reason to calling him Dad too.

Goth Kyoko:

"Wow," Kyoko said. "That's quite a head rush." Kyoko looked around herself. She was back in her dressing room from the movie shoot she'd just finished before her trip back in time. Kyoko reached up and streeeetched. "OH! That feels good. I wonder what they were talking about before we returned… Oh!" Kyoko exclaimed as she caught sight of the time on the wall clock. "I better hurry or Sho will go to the club without me!" Should I tell him about what happened? No… He'd never believe me, and maybe the next time we break up I can get some 'help' from Tsuruga-senpai.

Hippie Kyoko:

"Wow," Kyoko said. "That's quite a head rush." Kyoko looked around herself. "I'm in the kitchen? OH! I was heating up some milk for Ren, I'd forgotten" Kyoko jumped as she heard a scream. "Ren!" Kyoko ran out the room and into the next room. "OH!"

"Kyoko. Where were you? I was worried. You never leave Ren alone when you don't have to."

"Oh Kuon! You'll never believe the story I have to tell," Kyoko said as she walked forward and took Ren, who was crying, from Kuon's arms and into her own and leant up against Kuon whose arms came forward to wrap around her.

I love them both so much…

Original Kyoko:

"Wow," Kyoko said. "That's quite a head rush." Kyoko looked around herself. "It was almost blinding for a moment there." The other Kyoko's were gone. It was just her and her co-workers, well and the scientists too. Kyoko paused as her gaze caught onto Ren's. They stared at each other as they thought about what the extra Kyoko's had said. Maybe… Maybe it would be alright to risk my heart… As long as I have people to help me if things don't go well. Kyoko took a couple of steps towards Ren.

"Sorry about this," interrupted Hitomi, the female scientist. "But you can't remember any of this."

"What?" asked the people gathered in unison.

"Yeah. Sorry," said Yuki.


"You never met other versions of Kyoko. This never happened. Please continue about your lives."

"Getting ideas from movies was so the best idea I ever had," said Hitomi to Yuki as they left the room. "You did remember to flashy thing the others when they left for the restaurant earlier, right?"

"Of course. No one else will remember this happened except us."


Author's Notes:

Flashy thing was from Men in Black.

I didn't really want to flashy thing people at the end, but I wanted this to sort of remain cannon. I also sort of wanted to scream "NOOOOOOOOO!" after I wrote that part…

Someone wrote in a review that there were typos, sorry about that. I try to proofread stuff a couple of times before posting, but I only really checked the last chapter for continuity. It can also be really hard to catch your own errors.

I really enjoyed writing this… Maybe I should write a sequel…