The Clash of Realities

The Clash of Realities

Prologue: HALO

Creator: Thundercracker417

Helpers: Genroththe1 (He is giving me ideas and Hunter-136 is based after him.)

Rated: M for mature. I rated it this because of swearing and gore.

Disclaimer: I don't own HALO or any of the characters from it. I only own the OC's that are in the story.

The Human-Covenant war was over. 'So many people have died' thought Lloyd-147. He took a look at his teammates.

Hunter-136 was to his left also looking at the memorial of the people that had died in the war. Hunter was the strongest Spartan there ever was. He wasn't tall, but he was very stocky. He also was very loyal to his allies and friends. The two had always been allies and the two had quickly become friends along with their other ally, James. Hunter was quick tempered, a unique effect from the augmentations that the Spartans had gone through.

He imagined James as he used to be. He was always happy, and always wanted to make others laugh and feel better. Since he was gone, morale had dropped slightly. He was medium height, and medium build. He also used to be the third fastest Spartan, after Kelly-087 and himself respectfully. He was launched into space when his jet pack was hit by multiple needles from an enemy needler.

He looked to his right where two other Spartans were. The taller of the two, Kelly-087, was no doubt the fastest Spartan. 'She could outrun any living thing' her old ally John-117 used to say. It was a running gag that everyone knew she had a crush on John, except for him himself. She had become depressed when she learned after being saved from ONYX, that he had become MIA and likely KIA.

The other, Linda-058, was slightly smaller. She was most definitely the best Spartan at sniping and she rarely missed her mark, if ever. It was not news to Hunter and Lloyd that James had feelings for Linda, as they used to blackmail and joke him about them. It hurt thinking about the old times when they were the fearsome trio, all of the making up for each-other's weaknesses.

Lloyd sighed. He missed James and so many other Spartans that had died during the war. He decided to take a look at the memorial. The first picture he recognized was that of John-117.

John-117 had gone missing recently which saddened everyone, even their old enemies, now allies, the elites. Even Grunts showed their respect to him.

John-117 was, in Lloyd's opinion, the greatest Spartan. He was a natural born leader and he single handedly destroyed three HALO rings, wiped out multiple Covenant armadas, and destroyed the Flood. He was pretty well rounded for a Spartan, not the fastest, not the strongest, but definitely the bravest.

Lloyd decided to look around a little bit more on the memorial. He saw two similar names on it: Captain Jacob Keyes and Commander Miranda Keyes. Both ha perished during the war, and although he had never officially met either of them, he felt sorry for them because he knew the way both of them died.

Captain Jacob Keyes was a brilliant man. He was the commander of The Truth and Reconciliation and was respected by many. He lead his troops from the front line in the battle on the first HALO ring and was successful in defeating many of his enemies. Later, he was brutally absorbed into the flood and was tortured by the Flood. They made him become part of their Gravemind, and his life was ended when the HALO ring the Gravemind was on was destroyed. It was a horrible way to die, being slowly mutated until you're a monster.

Commander Miranda Keyes was Captain Keyes daughter. He had heard stories of her and he had quickly learned of her "shoot and ask questions later" attitude. When he had first heard that, another Spartan joked that it was as though she was like one of them despite her "human inability". 'Human inability my ass. She could command 300 normal marines and could beat an armada of 10000 brutes and the other Covenant that haven't reformed, if she was still alive.' he thought, remembering her battle records. She had died during a moment's hesitation to kill Sergeant Johnson and herself, and she was then shot repeatedly with a Brute spiker.

Lloyd-147 signaled to the others that it was time to go. They all were free to do whatever they wanted to, as they had done so much in the war it was going to be hard for any of them to be "normal".

The remaining Spartans had a mission: to find their lost friend and ally, John-117, and prove that Spartans never dieā€¦