The Clash of Realities

The Clash of Realities

Prologue: Beyblade

Creator: Thundercracker417

Helpers: Genroththe1 (He is giving me ideas)

Rated: PG

Disclaimer: I don't own Beyblade or any of the characters from it. I only own the OC's that are in the story.


"Lalalalala." Yes, I hum to myself when I'm bored. Currently I'm walking down a street to go back to my apartment that I was staying at alone. My apartment was right next to a hospital on this street. I also was currently reading some mail that I had received earlier today, but hadn't ha d the time to read. The first one was from my mom.

To: Salima Valkov

From: Linda Valkov

Dear Salima,

I wish that I could have told you this before, but I was never able to get over this. You have an older brother that was about one year old when you were born. You two have never met because while you were being born, he was kidnapped by some man named Boris. I am telling you this now because your brother is currently in the hospital that you live next too. His name is Tala Valkov and he has red hair just like you and I. Please, if you get the time, stop by and see him for me. Plus, I think it would be good for you to finally meet your own brother. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you this in person.



My world suddenly stopped. I had a brother that I never knew about. And he was in the hospital right next to my apartment. That was kind of ironic.

'Well, I guess I could stop by and see him. I mean he IS my brother.'

So, I started on my way to the hospital. While I was walking into it, I saw some other people going in as well. I recognized them as the Bladebreakers and ran to catch up with them.

"Hey guys!" They all turned to see me. All of them were surprised too. "What are you guys doing here?"

"Well, we came to check on our friend Tala. Why are you here?" Ray says. Out of all of the Bladebreakers, Ray is the only one I actually cared to see.

"Well, I'm here to check on my brother Tala. The Tala you guys are going to see wouldn't be Tala Valkov would it?"

"Actually, it is. I didn't know you two were related." Ray says happily.

"Well, nor did I until I got some mail from my Mom. Do you guys know why he's in the hospital?"

Then Tyson and Max explain the whole thing about BEGA and Tala and his teammates standing up against it. They also added information about Boris, the guy behind all of this.

"Hey, my mom said some guy named Boris kidnapped my brother when I was born. Now I'm starting to understand everything that is going on."

The Bladebreakers continue to explain what Boris did to those under his command at the abbey and I started to feel sick. 'Boris treats people like property! That's wrong!' I think as they continue to talk. We all start to walk towards my brothers room and out of no-where a bright light appears and I faint without a clue as to what's going on.