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Disclaimer: Naruto made a promise to Chiyo-Baasama to take care of Gaara, and he will. About two months after Gaara's resurrection, he returns to keep the promise he made after receiving a note from Temari and Kankuro expressing their worry for their younger brother. A friendly hug turns into something more serene and passionate, something they both needed even though it wasn't planned to happen the way it did. If you don't like explicit man to man action, don't read!

Pairing: Naruto/Gaara

Author comment: Well, since you all who posted a review wanted more, I give you more My muse poked me and told me she wanted to write a bit more about these two! Please read and review this piece as well! Any criticism is welcomed, even bad (but please be gentle o.O;;) that way I learn how to improve myself in the style of writing!

Rating: M (Yaoi, explicit writing)

I don't own Naruto (Man do I wish I did though!), or the characters in this story. The story itself is however mine but has nothing to do with the series of Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden what so ever except the past being mentioned from episode 129-132 (plot started at ep102) about Gaara's death and resurrection from Shippuuden.

Copyright of the characters and the world belongs to Masashi Kishimoto

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Gaara had a calm sleep almost during the rest of the night but unfortunately for him, it wouldn't last the entire night through. He started to dream and not any kind of good dreams. He stirred in his sleep and huffed restlessly as well as he twisted and turned back and forth, awakening Naruto from his sleep while doing so.

The blonde slowly mumbled in his sleep and opened his clear blue eyes with a drowsy look. At first he wondered what the sound was but he soon realized it was Gaara beside him inside the small cave. Naruto had carried Gaara inside after about one hour of sleep; he had woken up and realized it was a bit too cold outside in the cold damp wind of the desert. It was incredible how cold a desert could become during night time. The sleeping bag had come very much in handy once he had settled the sleeping redhead down on it; the blanket which was rolled up into it together with a pillow had served well as a cover for both of them.

"Ssh...ssh…" Naruto hushed and gently ran a hand over Gaara's cheek, making the redhead frown and whimper before he turned his head away. It didn't seem to be because of his touch, more because of his nightmares which he didn't seem to be able to wake up from. Naruto hushed again and pulled Gaara closer to him and turning his head towards him while letting Gaara's head rest on his left arm, embracing him in a warm hug underneath the covers under which they were still naked, their clothes were laying in a pile beside them where Naruto hadn't even bothered to even try to fold them. The desert could be disgustingly cold at night and disgustingly hot during the days but to be honest, who wanted to stand butt naked in a cold desert at night folding clothes? Naruto wasn't one of those people.

"It's alright…ssh… you're safe here… ssh…" Naruto hushed quietly in Gaara's ear and pulled him even closer than before, embracing him with his own warmth and comfort as much as he could. It seemed to work; the Kazekage calmed down after another stirring whimper before he nuzzled his head into Naruto's shoulder and his nose came closer to the slope of his neck, seemingly searching for the scent of security he so desperately needed while his hands soon landed on Naruto's chest as if he wanted to make sure he was really there. How on earth had this happened? How on earth had he ended up with Gaara in his arms and the redhead being there willingly? … It didn't really matter, all Naruto knew was that he was perfectly content to stay exactly where he was now, holding Gaara close and even daring to inhale his scent of sun-kissed skin and warm sand. With a smile, Naruto fell asleep again while holding his secret love in his arms, the redhead now sleeping safe and sound again.

Several hours later, Gaara woke up by a soft stream of golden light piercing his eyes from a small opening of the cave wall the side of it, it was small and not larger than a finger nail but it was enough to wake him up. He groaned slightly and closed his eyes again. He was lying on his left side in a lazy form of fetal position with his legs pulled up about 90 degrees from his chest, facing away from Naruto. Wait… Naruto? … was it a dream or was it real? Did he dare to turn around to look? Before he even managed to think the thought, he heard a slight mumble from behind and a slight stirring under the blanket he had pulled up to his nose during the night. It didn't take long before a golden tanned arm came around his waist under the piece of fabric covering them; he was pulled closer to Naruto's warm body by the sleeping blonde.

At first Gaara just sighed into the feeling of being embraced, trying to analyze the feeling he got but the closer Naruto got, the more he realized it wasn't a knee resting just below his bum. He blinked and froze in his thoughts as well as motion. It wasn't a dream last night, was it? Gaara slowly lowered his hand to check if he was wearing any form of underwear… he wasn't. A non-existent brow frowned before Naruto moved even closer, staking Gaara almost between his legs with his morning erection.

Before Gaara knew it, he had let a moan slip out and a wave of…whatever it was, whelmed over him as he suddenly remembered everything since last night. Naruto had… had… touched him in a way only he himself had allowed him to touch but, he had done it with such care and passion – and he had been allowed to. At the thought, Gaara let a light grin slide over his lips as his own member slowly awakened by the memory and by Naruto's slight nudging of hips, causing the visiting shaft between Gaara's legs to tease and taunt the back of Gaara's sack with a gentle touch.


Gaara whispered, but there was no answer, he was still sleeping, wasn't he? Naruto mumbled something again and stirred some more, this time and somehow managing to get his shaft in between Gaara's cheeks, the red head in turn gasped at the sensation as his pulse picked up speed and his own member awakened even more by the tease of the sleeping Naruto. He really was a heavy sleeper, just like he always said… wasn't he?

Gaara closed his eyes not sure what to do or what to think, all he knew was that Naruto once again stirred up feelings within him and he didn't want them to stop either so, with that in thought; he remained still while trying to figure out what it was he was indeed feeling in the current situation at hand.

Naruto once again mumbled something incoherent, waved his hand in the air as if trying to get a fly away and moved his hips once more the shaft getting closer to Gaara's entrance and lingered there with light movements, every slight thrust in Naruto's sleep stirred something even deeper within the redhead. Gaara slowly pulled his legs up a bit more towards his chest so his cheeks spread a bit more, whatever Naruto was dreaming about, the movements he made caused Gaara to feel and he liked it enough to not move away, besides what was the harm? For all Naruto knew, the redhead could be asleep too, right?

Naruto chuckled slightly in his dream and once again bucked his hips, something slightly sticky seemed to have left him, Gaara's guess was possible pre-cum but he didn't mind. The sensation by his entrance was burning and with a hot desire of wanting to know more about the feeling. The hard shaft poked more and more by his entrance and it became more and more sticky as time passed, of course not without Gaara moaning quietly to himself by each movement, trying to be quiet so he wouldn't disturb whatever dream his friend had.

The blonde pressed his shaft harder and harder towards Gaara's entrance and somehow, Gaara felt more and more relaxed down there even with the pressure of having Naruto's erection in such a place. He gasped and his right hand slowly traveled down to his own erection just to try and soothe the aching need that the blonde provided while he was sleeping. He gently stroked his length with light fingertips even though it wasn't the same as when Naruto did it, he felt so much more with the blonde's hand there instead of his own, but it would have to do for now.

All of a sudden, Gaara gasped loudly, moaned and gasped again when Naruto had gripped his hips with his right hand and bucked right into him, the tip of his shaft entering him. It was painful, really painful but at the same time there was some form of pleasure in there as well. He breathed fast between clenched jaws while his pulse was racing in his chest, pausing his stroking movements over his own length in the process.

"… Mguh? ….Oh God! Gomenasai!! I-I didn't mean..!"

"Iie! Don't stop!"

Naruto was about to back away once he woke up by the tight embrace around his shaft, Gaara stopped him by quickly moving his hand from his own erection to Naruto's hip and by that, preventing him from exiting his entrance. Gaara swallowed before he dared to open his mouth where they both lay, frozen in motion, Naruto still within him. He closed his eyes before he dared to speak the words that rolled off his tongue, hiding his face in his left hand as if trying to pretend he wasn't saying what he did.

"Please… more"

"You... sure?"


He had a hard time forming words at the time but Naruto seemed to get the drift after the shock of actually hearing Gaara beg for something if not counting the situation they were in at the moment. Only a few seconds later, Naruto leaned closer to the redhead, wrapping his arm around his hip and the left one, which Gaara was still resting his head on still, wrapped over the boy's collarbone and chest, reaching his nipple perfectly with the thumb. The blonde swallowed before he placed his hand in a good grip on the hip before he slowly pressed his length into the entrance which by now, was more than ready for him. With all the pre-cum Naruto had so willingly given a lot of, there was no problem with the glide to get in either.

Both boys gasped loudly, Gaara a bit more in pain than pleasure between clenched jaws the first inhale but when Naruto stopped to just be in him, the pain soon eased up and there was only pleasure left. When the blonde felt the Kazekage relax both in body and around him, he slowly began to move out, then thrust in slowly, yet again, both boys gasped and moaned by the sensation.

"So… tight..!" Naruto gasped.

Gaara couldn't get a single word out but instead exhaled a loud moan of pleasure while bucking his hips towards Naruto and by that, granting him better access. The redhead's face was somewhat flushed but if it was due to embarrassment or lust or perhaps just heat of the moment was untold. The boys soon found a good rhythm to steady themselves in. Naruto pushed forward, Gaara followed by pushing towards him in a calm pace.

After a while of just being in the incredible feeling which was tickling both mind and body, Gaara couldn't help but moan by each thrust inside of him and Naruto wasn't far behind on the breathing part. It felt like everything around them disappeared; it was only them in the entire world of existence, there was no city to protect, no desert, no other people, no cave... The realization brought tears to the redhead's eyes while flickers of beautiful light filled his heart as well as his eyes.

Naruto suddenly moved out of him and didn't return with a thrust causing Gaara to whimper in protest just before he was turned to lay on his back instead of his left side as the blanket fell to the side. He complied with no fuss but didn't open his eyes since he felt Naruto's warmth moving around him to place himself between his legs instead. It took mere seconds before they were once again connected with a soft thrust which caused Gaara to arch his back with a moan, grappling the blonde's lower arms since Naruto was leaning on his hands to hold himself up that way. A few more pleasurable thrusts were given before Naruto paused and whispered softly with concern.

"Gaara… I'm not hurting you, am I?"

The redhead glanced up with dazed eyes, realizing Naruto were referring to his tears trickling down his cheeks, dampening the sides of his hair just above his ears. He quickly shook his head and wrapped his legs around the blonde's waist and forced him to push into him. With a moan he closed his eyes again while yet another tear broke free.

"I….nh! … feel!"

He gasped quietly and swallowed, causing a bright smile to splay on Naruto's lips as the golden tanned boy leaned down to rest on his lower arms instead of his hands. His arms were now resting neatly by Gaara's sides letting skin touch skin, hands cupping the redhead's shoulders from behind as his lips came to touch the redhead's neck with feather light kisses all the way to his mouth, causing said redhead to shiver in pleasure. Their lips met and opened at the same time, letting their tongues dance with each other all while Naruto gently thrust and pulled back in a good rhythm, they could both feel the intensity of the slowly building pressure in their groins. At the same time, neither of them wanted to go too fast, but to just linger in the feeling they both had. Even if Gaara seemed to have gotten the better part of that stick, Naruto didn't mind. Gaara needed it and surely deserved it too.

Naruto shifted his angle and in turn caused Gaara to gasp and almost scream in pleasure, bucking his hips towards the blonde's by arching his back as far as he possibly could quickly followed by a moan and grasping of well trained golden tanned upper arms. Gaara saw white spots in his vision when he flicked his eyes open, moaning by each thrust. Whatever it was that Naruto had hit, it was pretty damned intense!

"Do that… ngh!.. Again!"

As requested, Naruto tried to hit that same spot again even though he wasn't sure where it was or how on earth he had found it, but he tried to find the same angle again. Soon enough, he hit it once more and Gaara reacted basically the same way once again. A few more tries and Naruto had found the angle well enough to be able to hit it every single time he thrust into the Kazekage. In turn, by every thrust, Gaara also tightened causing Naruto to moan loudly, forming a two man choir of pleasure in the small cave they were in.


Gaara squirmed and his leaking hard shaft bobbed between the two while the pace had quickened when both boys began to lose control of themselves due to the intense feeling this entire ordeal was giving them. Naruto began to feel the tightening sensation more and more by each fast thrust, he could feel himself grow even harder than he thought was possible and with gasping of Gaara in his ear, his climax wasn't far away.

A hand wrapped around the Kazekage's member and in turn shot a shiver down Gaara's spine, the well groomed fingers gripped tighter around the blonde's upper arms and the legs of the redhead which had been resting side by side of Naruto's waist, wrapped around his waist all together and locked behind him with the feet when he began to stroke the hard shaft up and down in the rhythm of the passionate thrusts that became more and more needy than before.

A few more thrusts and strokes of the same kind and Gaara stopped breathing for a few moments and came violently with a loud groan deep down his throat and basically lifted himself up from the sleeping bag in spasms, spreading his seed in pulses all the way up to his chin and neck and over his chest as well as on the blonde's. Naruto came with a loud moan only seconds later when Gaara's orgasm caused him to clench tighter around the his shaft. The orgasm was hard and it seemed never to end; the pleasure of feeling something pulse inside of you was incredible just as it was feeling yourself in someone else while pulsing in pleasure. Both boys groaned with their hearts in their throats, the redhead ending up in a sobbing lump of trembles. He was lightheaded and couldn't pull one single thought together even if he tried. Naruto was still cuming several breaths later, emptying himself inside Gaara while they both gasped, trying to catch their breaths, the blonde slightly moving to tease himself just a little longer.

The Kazekage's legs fell to the sides of Naruto from being locked around his body but when Naruto tried to move himself out once the orgasm had faded, Gaara stopped him by pulling him closer with his legs again before they fell to the side once Naruto stopped in motion, Gaara still with his eyes closed.

"Stay… just….just a while… longer."


Naruto smiled and leaned his head up and kissed Gaara's cheeks and in turn removing some of the tears which were still falling from Gaara's dark painted eyes which Shukaku had made sure to leave once he left. The redhead sobbed still and couldn't help but cry even though he didn't want to, the feelings completely overwhelmed him all together, the loss of Shukaku, the bottled up pain and agony, the feeling of being abandoned… and so many more. Sometimes it did happen that feelings just bubbled up to the surface during an intense orgasm, Naruto had heard that before but he was still concerned. Gaara let go of Naruto's upper arms and hid his face in his hands while slightly shaking his head in disbelief, embarrassed for crying in such a moment. Naruto just smiled in turn.

"Ssh... it's okay. Just let it out, let all of it out…" He whispered and ran his left hand over the oxblood colored hair in comfort, kissing one of Gaara's hands covering his beautifully pale face.

"Gomenasai… I- I don't mean to… I "

"Ssh... I said it's okay, Gaara." Naruto said softly with a heartwarming voice. He got a slight nod back followed by a sob that Gaara had rather wished to hide. The blonde wrapped himself closely around the Kazekage to hold him as much as he possibly could while he vented his agony which must have been bottled up for so many years now.

The blonde slowly slipped himself out of Gaara a few moments later and he let him this time. Naruto kissed a trail of fairy kisses along the redhead's neck and up in front of his ear and up to his forehead where he let a kiss linger longer upon the "ai" tattoo on his forehead, the very tattoo which meant Love in kanji and which said redhead had made during his young years when he had decided only to love himself and no one else. Times were changing.

Naruto moved over Gaara's right leg and ended up beside him before he pulled his dearest friend closer to him while the Kazekage shook slightly by the unwilling tears being shed, in turn pulling the blanket over their hips and thighs. He was pulled close to a warm chest which now had a warm soft pulse of the heart that told him that nothing but trust could come out of the boy holding him; trust, support and loyalty.

After a while of silent sobs, Gaara soon calmed down enough to just lay there with sobbing gasps now and then. Not once had Naruto's caring arms wavered, not once had he backed away even though the redhead had, in his own eyes, shown weakness in front of him. A soft voice barely louder than a whisper entered the air and broke the silence.



"W- why do you… why don't you leave me?"

"Huuh?!... Why should I Gaara?"

There was a silence for a while when Gaara thought of the answer to the question, glancing down at his own hands which were resting on Naruto's chest, somewhat with fingers entwined with each other.

"…..because… everybody else does sooner or later…"

"I'll never leave you. I told you… I'll always be here for you. Let me be your strength."

Naruto paused before his right hand came to rest on Gaara's chin as he gently tilted it up so he could look the boy in the eyes before he spoke again.

"Let me be your strength when you're not strong enough. Let me be your courage when you don't feel brave enough… let me fight your demons when you don't dare to… let me be what you need in your heart. Let me be the one to teach you how to feel when you are numb… but most of all, let me be your friend that doesn't leave when you need one… let me be the shoulder you can cry on whenever you feel you need to."

Gaara furrowed his eyebrows and looked directly into Naruto's glimmering blue orbs. Another tear fell from his right eye and landed on the blonde's upper arm on which he was resting his head. Gaara did not dare to think on how to answer what the blonde had just said… such strong words. He was touched, truly. But before he could reply, Naruto had already sealed his promise with a tender but deep kiss, promising to bring down the moon for the redhead should he so wish it and without a doubt in his mind that he could, it was Naruto we were talking about after all.

By now, the sun stood high in the sky and the golden rays were basking inside the little cave from the opening, warming the boys' feet which were outside the blanket. The fabric barely touched anything else but from their hips down to the middle of their thighs but it didn't matter. No one would come here anyway.

"We should find a place to get cleaned up…" Naruto whispered after slowly breaking the kiss, leaning his forehead against Gaara's.

"There are natural cavern pools inside the mountain… we can bathe in there…" Gaara said quietly. "But… let's just stay like this for a while… can we?"

"Mhmm… yosh. "

"…. Naruto?"


"What… did you… dream about earlier?"

Naruto hesitated before he answered. "….. You, Gaara… I was dreaming about you."

A moment of silence.


Gaara blushed but a light smile teased the outer lines of his lips as he nuzzled closer to Naruto, inhaling his scent by the slope of the blonde's neck once again while realizing his heart felt a bit lighter and not so heavy anymore. Naruto placed his chin on top of Gaara's head. Both of them just…being in the moment – free of the worries of the world.

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