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Just an idea I had one night. It shows the Doctor's feelings if Rose really had been sucked into the void forever. I split it into three scenarios, three reactions the Doctor might have had. Which one is true to him? You decide. Are any? Very angsy. 100 – 150 ish words each.

Calm Tears

"ROSE!! "

His lungs gave out a piecing scream of her name. But it didn't bring her back. She fell, falling faster and faster into the void.

For those last few seconds she screamed for her life, and for the Doctor, until she was sucked into nothingness and her screaming was cut forever.

The void fell through and a silence that raged out for all it was worth to the Doctor was left in its wake.

His fingers unclamped themselves from the magnet. His face as white as a sheet, he walked slowly into the middle of the room.

The never-ending whiteness of the room spelled innocence to the Doctor. The silence laid like a blanket among his ear drums. It was like a mocking cavalry of colour and noise, laughing at him. And all he could do was stand.

And cry.

Listening to the sobs as they echoed around the mocking, white room.

Angry Tears

"ROSE!! "

He screamed for her. Giving his hearts and lungs all they could as she fell, down and down, until she disappeared into the nothingness. Her cry ringing in his ears, her scream staying with him, it was drumming around his head.

He let go of the metal. Striding to the wall, he stared at it for a moment, his eyes as black as coal; but oddly wet too. His breathing was heavy and distorted. His mouth gritted together and his teeth stung down against each other.

He was shaking furiously. "N - no ," he whispered gently, voice shaking and choking in his throat. His eyes burned and his hands crashed the wall suddenly, lashing out. "NO!! "

The scream went on, echoing throughout the room.

Confused Whispers


His eyes were wide and terrified, and even as she fell, falling and falling, he wouldn't believe it. Couldn't believe it.

Her screams vanished into nothing as she disappeared into hell forever. He stared at the wall after the void sucked in on itself, closing.

Willing her to return, he waited.

And waited.

Frozen in shock he stood in the same place, his fingers still plastered to the metal magnet.

Finally, he let go of the bar, walking very quietly to the place before the wall through which she had disappeared.

"Rose?" whispered an unfamiliar voice. It was only moment later he realised he, himself, had spoken. "Rose?" he heard himself repeat in the same whisper.

His eyes were wide and a gentle brown, a terrified shape.

Then epiphany hit: She was gone.

"No," he whispered, his head shaking. "Oh, no, no…" His voice quivered and his eyes grew wider.

"No ," it was barely a whisper.

Too quiet to leave an echo.

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